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Top 10 Most Haunted Schools in Illinois

Posted: 5/23/2011

At the Legends and Lore of Illinois, we know adolescence can be a particularly hard time in a person’s life, and that most of that time is spent in school. At some Illinois schools, however, homework, grades, and bullies aren’t the only thing students have to worry about. Some locker-lined hallways are stalked by the unseen. Which one will prove to be the most haunted?

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Problems in the paranormal community

by: Amy Hansford

Recently I have become aware of many groups bashing other groups and individuals within the paranormal community. I find this behavior childish and rude. We have enough problems with outsiders, so why must we pick on our own? We are all free to have our opinions, that is what makes our country great. We can express those opinions in ways that will not make others feel bad or immediately be defensive. We should not have to be defending our evidence or ourselves.

Our team puts evidence out there only because we have exhausted all other options and deem it to be paranormal. We are open to other peoples comments in hopes that they could or might see something we did not. We are like this with others evidence as well. We are not better than anyone else in this field and we do not feel that anyone else is better than us. We are all here for the same reasons so why are there fighting, name calling, and evidence bashing?

I can clearly remember the Golden Rule, "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you". What does this mean? In my opinion it means treat everyone how YOU would want to be treated. I know that I have written a similar article in the past, but I feel it is needed again. We, in the paranormal community must band together and stick up for each other. Sharing evidence and ideas is how we learn.

I feel like I am reprimanding a bunch of 5 year olds. You all know who you are. You are not superior to the rest of us. We are all equal in this field. So I guess what I am saying is, if you can't say anything nice do not say anything at all!

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THE FOLLOWING IS FROM paranormaldailynews.com

Neve Campbell (remember her?) says that her house is haunted

Scream actress Neve Campbell said her former house in Los Angeles was haunted and she used to see the woman that was murdered in the home throughout the house!

The 37-year-old told British Live magazine: ‘I know that ghosts exist because I’ve seen one. A few years ago I moved into a haunted house in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, with some friends. It turned out that it was inhabited by the ghost of a woman who had been murdered there in 1991.’

She added: ‘Doors would repeatedly slam, windows would open and ashtrays would fly off dressers. Then there were times when the ghost would actually walk into the room. After a while it just felt normal. I would pass her in the hallway and casually wish her good morning.’

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Demi Lovato — I’ve Seen a Ghost!!!

(TMZ.com) GHOSTS ARE REAL … so says Demi Lovato … who claims she can remember the exact time and place she saw paranormal activity WITH HER OWN EYES!

Demi dropped the bone-chilling news last night outside of the Nine Zero One Salon in L.A.

Watch her speak about it on video, HERE.

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Interest in London Bridge Paranormal Activity Heats Up

If Lake Havasu City’s London Bridge – the signature attraction relocated there stone by stone in 1971 – isn’t haunted, then nothing is. How do we know the bridge is haunted? Apparently, EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena) and abnormalities in photos and videos have been captured for years. EVPs are believed by paranormal researchers to be voice recordings of spirits. There is also evidence of so-called residual energy in slate and iron nails.

Ghost Tours Resume May 13 on Most Haunted Bridge in the World, Celebrating its 40th Anniversary in Lake Havasu, Ariz.

One man has studied paranormal activity on the bridge for eight years. Professional photographer and paranormal investigator Gary Asberry, 53, is about to resurrect his popular London Bridge Ghost Tours in time for the 40th anniversary of the bridge dedication planned in fall 2011. Tours begin Friday the 13th of May, 2011.

For years, amateur photos and videos of the bridge show strange orbs of light, where none existed to the naked eye. Asberry has a file of thousands of these himself, all unexplainable, all emanating from what his 2,000 hours of study leads him to believe is the most haunted bridge in the world.

Over 100,000 people are said to have committed suicide on the bridge when it spanned the River Thames since its completion in 1831, not to mention the bodies of executed criminals and pirates that were displayed on the span. Asberry believes corpses were stored inside and famed serial murderer Jack the Ripper even used the bridge as his escape route.

“Thousands of people have talked to me over the years from all over the world about their experiences with ghosts and paranormal activity on the bridge,” said Asberry who recorded his first EVP in a deserted graveyard when he was 17 years old.

Asberry says every tour results in something interesting. From guests who capture spirit energy in the form of “orbs” or “ecto” on their cameras, to others who feel spirits rushing by, he says many skeptics have turned believer by the end of his tour, especially when they know that the orbs appearing on their own digital images couldn’t possibly have been Photoshopped.

Interest in paranormal activity is expected to increase as Lake Havasu City organizers plan an elaborate celebration in October 2011 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of what has become the city’s signature attraction, considered the “world’s largest antique” by Guinness World Records. (For more information: golakehavasu.com)

About Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu City, three hours driving time from Phoenix, 2-1/4 hours south of Las Vegas and four to five from the Los Angeles region, attracts 750,000 visitors a year thanks to its dry, desert weather, more than 300 sunny days a year, a range of restaurants and lodging, and a boatload of special events.

For more information on Lake Havasu City, Arizona’s only waterfront resort destination, including a 2011 calendar of events, log onto golakehavasu.com or call 928 453 3444. Also find Lake Havasu on-line at facebook.com/lakehavasucityarizona and twitter.com/golakehavasu.

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