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Case Review - Private Residence - Wausau, WI.

Here’s a case report from WPRS. To read the case report, please click on the link.

Private Home Case Report

Apartment West Side of Wausau

Here’s a case report from WPRS. To read the case report, please click on the link.

Private Apartment Case Report

Rogers Theatre, Wausau, WI

Here’s a case report from WPRS. To read the case report, please click on the link.

Rogers Theater Case Report

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House in Western Marathon County

Here’s a case report from WPRS. To read the case report, please click on the link.

Private Home Case Report

Children and Ghosts

Article from The Shadowlands

by Tina (

The existence of ghosts has been debated for centuries. It is only in modern times with technology having advanced to it's current stage that we may now capture on film and audio what many believe to be images of the supernatural. The questions of why some can and yet others cannot see or sense the presence of these entities has been contested with numerous theories both for and against the subject of spirits. One such cause for speculation is do our children see and sense what many adults either cannot or will not see?

One theory is that children have not had years to adjust their thinking and have not had the time to train themselves as to what to accept or not accept as reality like adults have. Adults program their thinking and consequently refuse certain images, noises, and feeling as real simply because in our minds we cannot accept impossible or unproven science.

Some parents unknowingly start to teach and train their children at a very young age to block these images. They do it out of protection and misunderstanding of the situation. How many parents have tucked their little ones back into bed with the words that they thought were reassuring; there are no such things as ghosts, you just had a bad dream, it wasn't real, it was just your imagination? I think most parents are guilty of this including myself. How many parents are guilty of telling their children that their imaginary friend is not real, maybe not realizing that not only is that friend real but a ghost? I am sure it has happened before. Do you ever wonder if any of those bad dreams, those images seen in the night, those imaginary friends how many may actually be ghosts that for whatever reason have shown themselves to a child?

When we tell our children it was just a bad dream we may inadvertently teaching them to mistrust what they may have actually be seeing. Eventually training themselves to block what they have been taught cannot be real. Where as the opposite side of this theory; the parent who teaches their children that sometimes for whatever reason, a spirit may linger after death, is leaving a space in that child to be able to accept the vision, the noise or the feeling of the supernatural. Could this be why some people are able to accept the supernatural with an open mind and yet others cannot? Does the door get shut at childhood or can it remain open? This is just one of the may theories used to explain why children see more of the supernatural world then adults do. Comments are indeed welcome!

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Elk's Club Wausau, Wisconsin

Here’s a case report from WPRS. To read the case report, please click on the link.

Elks Club Case Report


Here’s a case report from WPRS. To read the case report, please click on the link.

Residency Hall Case Report

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Communicating with Ghosts

Article from The Shadowlands

by Tina Carlson -

A question that often is asked in Shadowlands email is "How Do I Talk to Ghost? I want to contact them."
I usually advise waiting until a ghost contacts you. There are several ways that a ghost will do this. Through our dreams being one of the most common. When we are asleep our mind is open to many things that we may not consider possible while awake. Ghost communication is one of these. Many times a spirit will use this avenue as it is less frightening to us also. So if you dream of a past loved one with a peculiar message, they might actually be visiting you in your dreams. We have also received stories of ghosts using others means to communicate beyond our dreams. Phone calls are becoming more common from the afterlife, sometimes without us even knowing the loved one has passed yet. These phone calls are generally short and to the point giving information, love and hope in times when we need it most. There are many other ways that a ghost tries to communicate with the living from a feeling of not being alone, to messages being written, or words being whispered in the night.

The thing to keep in mind however is to try to be patient and wait for the ghost to contact you, which they will if they have a message for you, or you are involved in the reason they are still here and haven't moved on to the next realm of existence. If you feel a loved one is trying to communicate you and find you cannot wait please do not try to take matters in your own hands. Find an experienced and highly recommended psychic or medium to help you make contact. It is never a good idea to use devises or rituals that manipulate ghosts such as Ouija Boards, séances, or automatic writing, all these procedures can be dangerous in untrained hands and can attract the attention of someone or something other than the loved one you are trying to contact. Psychics, and mediums know the proper and safest ways to use these tools and can help you make the contact with the proper ghost in the huge world of the afterlife. If you feel the ghost is not a loved one but you still wish to find out who it may be or why, then please do research into your home or area to find out what events may have transpired to lead to who and why a ghost is still here. Many times just checking with your local library or newspaper will give enough information to help you determine who may be haunting a particular area.

Above all if you feel you are involved with the reason a ghost is still here or they wish you to help them, they will let you know in their own time. The hardest thing to do sometimes is be patient while you wait for them to reveal their reasons to you. These are just some of my thoughts.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Ghosts of the Living

Article from The Shadowlands

by Dave Juliano

Often we hear of cases in which a person sees an image of a person they know while they person is really miles away at the time, alive. That's correct, alive and breathing. This type of apparition is called a crisis apparition and it is often studied by ghost researchers due to the similarities in these apparitions and ghosts of the deceased. This phenomenon can also manifest in the person hearing a voice of a friend or loved one with some message or warning while the person who is heard speaking is no where near and totally unaware that this has occurred. Most of these crisis apparitions occur when a person is in some form of danger or pain. It appears the person in danger makes psychic contact with a loved one miles away to let them know something is not right. The person in crisis is not aware that they are doing this. Here are a few examples of phenomenon:

December 1943: Mrs. Violet Almond was awakened by an apparition of her husband that floated above her for a few minutes. She learned later that her husband, who was on a battlefield in North Africa, was being shelled heavily and was praying to God to save him so he could see his wife again at the exact time she was seeing his apparition in their bedroom.

1951 - Helen Crone saw an apparition of a close friend who was alive miles away. The agitated apparition instructed her to go check on her baby. When she did this she found her child had managed to open a drawer full of sharp knives and was about to play with them.

These crisis apparitions may help us understand how and why we see ghosts., especially deceased human ones who are earthbound or just visiting. The person in crisis some how projects an energy to another person. The receiver's brain translates the energy into a human like figure that resembles the sender. Is this the same energy that is left behind or accompanies a deceased human spirit? Some people who are more "in tune" with a particular spirit's energy may see a full bodied apparition just like in many crisis apparitions. Others may not interpret the energy the same or at all and just see a light, a mist, or nothing. We can apply this theory of the spirit energy interpretation to spirit photos as well. The majority of photos are not full bodied apparitions but what researchers believe are spirits energy that the camera translates into the form of orbs, mists, vortexes and light rods. I view crisis apparitions as more proof that there is a part of us that can leave the physical body or live on without it and still make contact with others, accomplish tasks and operate as an intelligent entity. I think this is what we call the soul.

How to conduct a safe ghost hunting trip part 3

Article from The Shadowlands

Step by Step Procedures

Here's a condensed version the most popular procedures for conducting outdoor ghost hunts:

  1. Have everyone meet near the location and decide who will work each piece of equipment and divide into teams if necessary. Pick a person or leader that will talk to anyone who comes in contact with the group (i.e. Police, Reporters, etc.)
  2. Enter the site and either privately or as a group ask for blessing or protection for the duration of the hunt. You can use this time to put yourself in a positive frame of mind. It does not have to be a religious thing so everyone can do this in some way. I do encourage everyone to take the 10 seconds this takes and do this. What can it hurt? It's better to be safe than sorry. Many experienced groups believe that there are evil spirits in many areas such as cemeteries and by saying a 10 second prayer or making sure you are in a positive frame of mind you can safely go about your business without worrying about them. An experienced demonologist will tell you that by doing this in the name of God or whatever good deity you worship, you will keep any non human spirits at bay since they have to leave you alone when told so in this manner. The prayers I use are found here
  3. Walk around the area to get a feel for the surroundings and allow the spirits to get a feel for you. Do this for about 20 minutes. Log in your start time and weather conditions and any other relevant information. You can also begin to set up any stationary equipment like camera on tripods or motion detectors. Make note of any areas that may cause you to get false readings or false positive pictures.
  4. Now go out there and get some pictures and recordings. Be sure to note anything unusual that happens especially meter and temperature readings, visual sightings and strange sounds. Also make notes of any feelings or emotions you feel that may be odd or out of place. You can compare notes after the hunt and look for similarities in readings and feeling in certain areas or at certain times.
  5. Whether you stake out a spot or you walk around try to give everyone the opportunity to try everything and be everywhere. This keeps every one fresh and at attention. Rotate a few times during the investigation.
  6. When you are done have everyone meet in one spot and ask the human spirits here not to follow you home and to remain here. Tell the others they must remain here in the name of God (or other good deities). Again this takes 4 seconds, it's simple and it can save you some problems down the road. If we are wrong about these prayers at the beginning and end of the hunt and they are not necessary then you wasted 14 seconds of your time. If we are right about them, you saved yourself from allot of problems and grief.

Some additional steps for a house or building ghost hunt/investigation

  1. Every investigator or team should keep a log of events/times - everything needs to be logged, not matter how trivial. You sneeze, log it in, it may have sounded like something else to another member elsewhere in the building.

  2. All members and owners if possible, walk through the location. One members map location noting: air vents, heater, electrical appliances, fuse boxes, computer, etc. Mark down the temperatures in the rooms and any EMF reading you get during this walk through. One member take 5-10 test photos during the walk through. Do not discuss the details of the case during this walk through.

  3. Any witnesses that have not been interviewed before should be interviewed by 1-2 investigators and taped/videoed if it's ok with the witness. The other members should walk around the location and record any feelings or observations. Only the interviewers will know the location of events and sightings.

  4. Make no conclusions. Share no conclusions or opinions with the witnesses or owners until all the reports, photos and tapes are reviewed. You need to see the evidence and correlate it before you can give an educated opinion.

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Please Pray

Please pray for the family and friends of Stephen E. Weinstock, he was called home to be with our Heavenly Father.

Stephen is the beloved father of Paranormal Cops investigator Austin Weinstock. So please keep Austin and his family in your prayers.

Wandering or Visiting Ghosts

Article from The Shadowlands

by Tina (

Many times we got stories or questions here at the Shadowlands that tell about seeing or experiencing ghosts once or for a matter of a few days never to see them or experience the same ghost again. I believe in many cases that this may be wandering or visiting ghosts.

Wandering or visiting ghosts are ghosts who are on their way to a certain place or area and they get distracted or curious about energy we may be releasing or an action we may be doing. They stop at our homes or areas until their curiosity is abated. Another thing that could cause these visits is the fact that ghosts know when a person can sense them. In a world where most people cannot or won't see a ghost this can make a ghost want to check in on the sensitive. These visits can last a few minutes to a few days depending on the ghosts and our reaction to them. Then the ghost leaves to continue on its path to wherever it was headed before it stopped to visit.

This theory could help explain why many ghosts are only experienced for a short time, or a haunting to only last days.

What are Ghost Lights

Article from The Shadowlands

by Anne Palagruto (

Usually in the shape of balls, ghost lights (also called spook lights or earth lights), are patches of light that appear randomly or in patterns at particular sites. They vary in size and may be active for short periods of time or for years. Most are white or yellow, but some have been reported as red, orange or green. They may change colors while being observed. Some reports of ghost lights can be explained naturally, for example car headlights or ionized gas escaping from faults in the earth. Ghost lights have been researched by the Ghost Research Society and their findings are that:

  1. (1) They are usually seen in remote areas
  2. (2) They can only been seen from certain angles and distances
  3. (3) Loud noises or bright lights may cause them to disappear
  4. (4) Sometimes they are accompanied by a humming sound
  5. (5) They are associated with hauntings involving accidents or tragedies involving loss of life
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Some of the most famous ghost lights are the ghost lights at Marfa Texas first reported in 1883. These lights bounce up and down and move across the ground like grassfire. Witnesses here have said the lights seem to be "playful".

More about the Marfa Lights: HERE
The Lights at Cohoke: HERE
The Surrency Spook Light: HERE