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Paranormal Investigation Techniques

Article from W-FILES.COM

This is an antiquated list at best. We will be updating this section to better focus on procedures, such as the scientific method when resources allow. Until then, enjoy what someone wrote for us a decade ago!

There are many things to take into consideration when doing an investigation. I will do a basic walk-thru of what works for me. This is the ideal. As we are all aware, the ideal is usually not the norm. We must remain flexible as each case is different. Each group of investigators find what works best for them, and you will need to do this for yourself as well. With so many theories about ghosts and hauntings out there now, you will find some of us at opposite ends of the spectrum. However, I feel that this can be a good thing. It is documenting different aspects in different ways. I would really like to stress that you should read over the other articles here relating to tips, equipment, spirit photography, etc. I will not go into depth here about any of those individual areas, but they are certainly extremely important to know before going on an investigation.

Once contacted about doing a ghost investigation, you need to determine the necessity. Is an investigation warranted? The easiest way to do this is with a phone interview. That way you can get a better idea of the activity going on, and the person requesting the investigation. I try to get some basic details to see what activity is occurring. This can help to rule out natural occurrences, or possible classify the type of activity by any patterns that their may be. If the activity was a one-time occurrence, you would not need to go on an investigation. I like to find out why they contacted me and what they expect to happen. Are they looking to end the activity? I also find out about other witnesses to the activity. I then ask that a journal is started to write date, time, weather, activity, etc. If an investigation is warranted, we than move on the first step of the actual investigation.

The first and most important thing to remember is to arrive (with prior written permission) with open-minded skepticism. Start by proving the "not." Search for and rule out any natural causes. We need to be aware of natural occurring events that can mock paranormal activity. Misinterpreting normal sounds can happen quite easily. The foundation of a building should be checked for shifting and cracking. Plumbing needs to be ruled out. Leaking, rattling pipes, or even air pressure in pipes, can cause odd noises, wet spots, faucets that seem to turn on by themselves, etc. Electrical problems can often appear ghostly in nature also. Weather conditions should be checked. Also the soil content can make a difference. If there is a large content of clay and/or chalk, settling can occur after wet weather causing odd noises and shifting. Underground water sources, tunnels, mine shafts, etc., have been known to echo odd ghostly noises. Banging water pipes, shutters, and design faults in structures can also mimic scary noises.

Nearby railroad tracks can cause rattling that can make objects appear to move. Squirrels nesting between walls or in the attic, or even other rodents and/or insects can make odd noises. If natural causes are ruled out, then we move on to beginning an actual investigation.

Before going to the location of an investigation, it is important that each member present knows what their position will be for the evening.

Equipment is delegated to different members. If it will be a long investigation, positions can be traded off so that everyone gets a chance to do each position and use the equipment. This is also a way to get corroborating evidence. I like to have one group who knows the history vs. one who doesn't. In the group that I am currently working with most often, Wisconsin Ghost Investigations, members mostly have their own equipment. However, if there is a member who has two of something, or more than they can handle, they often hand off something to someone who does not. It is extremely important that each member really knows the equipment that they are using. People are divided into groups with team leaders. We then decide who will be driving and riding with who. That way we don't all show up in our own vehicles at a location looking conspicuous.

Upon arriving at the location, the group as a whole meets with the property owner. They then divide up into the groups. One group is in charge of an initial walk-thru of the premises. I like to have a "sensitive" type person in the group walking around. One member makes maps of the location, the "sensitive" person marks locations of interest to them, and another takes initial readings of time, temperature, humidity levels, emf readings, etc. All natural sources of energy are clearly mapped. Stationary equipment can be set up at this time. Another group is with the persons requesting the investigation. They are signing papers to give permission to do the investigation and to post evidence collected. An interview is then conducted of those people involved with the suspected haunt. All information possible is obtained. The interview needs to be recorded and detailed notes taken. Try to get full and complete details. Events that have occurred should be recreated if at all possible to rule out any natural causes. One example of this may be a door that mysteriously opens when you walk towards it could easily be a loose floor board. If there is a pattern to activity, measures should be made to document the area at that time. Try to do as many field experiments as possible.

The interview is very important. It is important to ask pointed, direct, in depth questions. Some sample forms and interview questions can be seen at Troy Taylor's site. It is on the links page here. Look for patterns in activity. Repeat important questions to look for consistency. Rule out any doubts that you may have. You need to make the people involved as comfortable as possible. Keep your personal intuitions to yourself and keep the media uninvolved as it can tamper with evidence. Witnesses can be often be unintentionally influenced. Take detailed notes, it will help when writing the report later. If you believe that it could be a hoax, they are lying, unstable, or whatever, try to rule that out also. After the interview, this group does a walk thru, noting areas on the map where the people involved have had experiences, and any variances in readings of equipment. It is interesting to see how this can correlate with intuitive feelings of the other group, as well as equipment readings. The entire thing should be documented on film. EMF readings need to be taken, temperature and humidity readings documented, photos taken, camcorder walk-thru, other equipment used and documented, etc. Stationary equipment is watched and checked on often. Details should later be checked. A historical research of the building can also be done later if necessary either by you or the family involved. Public libraries and local historical societies can be a huge help with this tedious activity.

The last thing that is important with the investigation is to follow up. Follow up calls, repeat visits, further investigations, and a timely report need to be given consideration. The journal that the owners had started can be checked for any further activity. We also like to give the family ideas to peacefully coexist if a haunt is suspected. Further assistance is offered only thru support and names of people we know in the field who may be able to help. Then comes the fun part. Sorting thru all the evidence and photos for any type of anomalies to study. It is important to have others look at everyone's stuff too to make sure nothing was missed. Then reports are given to the people and posted on the webpage.

I know that this seems like a lot of information. I did not cover how to use the equipment here, or tips on how to use them or how to be on an investigation. Please see the other areas on the web site for that information. I do not claim to know everything, or do it the way that others do. I am merely sharing with you the way that I have found to work the best for me. And by all means, if this is your hobby, don't forget to have fun!

Happy Hunting and Hauntings!

Ghost Ships

This article comes from www.examiner.com

May 25, 9:23 AM by Kathie Kessler

Ghost not only lurk in old spooky houses, decaying, abandoned buildings and creepy cemeteries. Wisconsin's Lake Michigan shoreline, and the Great Lakes have their fair share of Ghost Ships!

The waters of the great lakes have always been treacherous travel.. one of the more recent and most famous sinking was of the Edmund Fitzgerald, memorialized in the 1976 song “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot, just one year after she went down. She went down, along with her entire crew of 29 men in Lake Superior on November 10, 1975. Witnesses have reported seeing this large hulking ship over a decade after she sank.

But many other ships that have wrecked along the shores of Lake Michigan. Some met the “Witch of November” who's furious gale storms are well known to pull ships to their watery deaths... some of these ships seem to still roam the dark, turbulent waters of the great lakes!

Le Griffon - Le Griffon was owned by Robert Cavelier de La Salle in 1679, and built to take him and his men across the great lakes to the wilderness of Wisconsin. The vessel was 60 feet long and weighed the equivalent of 40 tons. The Iroquois prophet Metiomek thought the ship was out to destroy the great spirit and put a curse on her. Le Griffon set sail on August 7th 1679 headed for Wisconsin. The journey was rough but they made their destination. They loaded the ship with furs and supplies for their return trip, although La Salle did not join them as he took a canoe to search for a passage through to the Mississippi river. This decision would save his life.

Le Griffon was never seen again after it's departure from Washington Island on September 18, 1679, with only a crew of 6 on board. It seems Metiomek's curse came true, since he also said that La Salle's blood would stain those he trusted, and after hearing of the disappearance of Le Griffon, he was killed by his own men.

Washington Island has some of the most treacherous conditions on Lake Michigan. Your passage to the island takes you through Port des Mortes, or "Death's Door". Hundreds of wooden shipwrecks litter the lake bottom in this area.

It is said, if you look out onto Green Bay Harbor, on a foggy night, you can see the outline of the ill fated Le Griffon, right before she disappeared under the waves.

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Meredith Vieira Hunts Ghosts


August 24, 2011

For five years, America woke up with Today show co-anchor Meredith Vieira, but now she's going to prevent the country from falling asleep thanks to a guest spot on Syfy's spooky series, Ghost Hunters.

On October 26, Vieira joins hosts Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes at the Veteran's Memorial Hall Playhouse in Staten Island, NY and ETonline has your first look at the trio at work! Their investigation is aimed at learning the truth about the town's mysterious woman in white, a spirit who has continually made her presence known -- and felt -- as she is often seen lamenting her lost love.

But Vieira isn't just appearing on the fellas show -- both Wilson and Hawes will participate in a special edition of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, airing (appropriately) on Halloween!

Ghost Hunters premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on SyFy.

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How Does a Ghost Show Itself

This article is from Ghost Investigations

There are two basic processes that a human spirit can go through to bring about its own materialization. One way requires a human presence; the other does not.

Surrounding the body of every living being is a bioluminescent glow caused by a natural discharge of energy from the body. From this aura, the ghost draws small amounts of energy which collect as small pinpoints of light. This light energy, combined with electromagnetic energy in the room, is what a spirit uses to manifest.

There is another way in which a ghost can manifest. On very humid days with a lot of rain or fog, or on stormy nights when there is electrical energy in the air, a ghost is able to build itself from the energy in the atmosphere.

Ouija Board's Evil Spell Still Lives in Our House

Article from The Shadowlands

By Dale Kaczmarek

(National Examiner, 31787 by Robert Stamper)

I invited a foul horror into my house with a Ouija board. My brother and I got no results when we started to use the psychic device, but suddenly the message indicator mysteriously began to move. The first thing the board told us was that the message was being sent by Seth. Then I made the tragic mistake of telling the board to prove it was real by doing something supernatural. The results were startling and scary. The board told us that the grandfather of one of my best friends would die in a week. The chandelier in the room began to shake violently and the chimes rang like pieces of metal being smashed together. The room became as cold as ice and we were shivering, though the thermometer read 70 degrees. The horrible stench of death filled the room and we couldn't stop gagging and coughing.

Suddenly, the noises stopped and the room was as quiet as a cemetery in the middle of the night. My brother and I looked at each other in terror. We opened the windows to get rid of the stink or rotting flesh and told each other we'd forget the whole thing. But a week later the grandfather of one of my best friends died just as the board has predicted! And from time to time the chandelier would rattle, the room freeze and that awful smell return. I couldn't take it any more. I threw the board away and told my mother about the experience. She told me that once you tamper with a Ouija board, its evil spell will remain forever. And to this day, those terrifying tremors shake the house and the stench of death fills the room.

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Paranormal Activity At Its Peak?

p>Posted on Paranormal Newsbreak by Amanda

It seems as if this field is growing by the day. So why is this? If you think back to about ten years ago, this field was very small. So what is bringing on all the new investigators, and teams within the field? The answer to that question differs with each person you ask. So what do I think?

In my opinion, I believe that, right now, the paranormal activity has peaked, and is at its highest in years. What causes this? Could it be a sign of the whole 2012 theory? Or are people just finally opening up to life after death?

First off, I do not believe in the whole 2012 theory. If we think back, it seems like every ten or so years there are some type of rumors going around about the world coming to an end. A very wise man whom I've had the pleasure speaking with about this subject said it very nicely 'Our physical world will end, but the world as a whole will not.' I could not agree more! Every so often our world experiences changes. Whether it's with the weather, or what have you. It only takes one person to say the world is going to end, for a million more to take it seriously. However, I am not here to change anyone's beliefs.

So, the main question stands. Why is it that the paranormal field is rapidly growing? I have two answers to this question. 1) More and more people are beginning to experience things they cannot explain, and go out on a quest to try to explain, and document these experiences. And 2) Fame hungry. We all know these types of people. For every one team who is in this field for the right reasons, two are in the field for the wrong reasons. I'm sure all of us have come into contact with at least one team, or individual like this. However, I do have to say that I truly believe that paranormal activity across the world has peaked. Maybe it's because we are becoming more receptive towards the activity, or maybe it's because of all the earthly changes. Either way, more and more people are starting to pay attention to the unseen forces around us. Hopefully with all the growth, we will all be able to document some type of paranormal activity, and be able to make more skeptics believers.

Paranormal Activity and Moon Phases Linked?

p>Posted on Paranormal Newsbreak by Amanda

lunar cycle

Does the moon phase affect how much paranormal activity will happen? In my research, and in my experiences, yes.

When the moon is full, and at its brightest, it gives off more energy. And, as well all know, spirits need energy to manifest, or to communicate with us in any way.

Take this in mind, if you will. Consider the moon, the sun, and even the weather has an 'organic' source of energy for spirits. Most Paranormal Investigators love to use a little piece of equipment that is called an EM Pump. The EMF's that this Pump lets out is not a natural source of energy, therefore, some spirits may not know they could use it, depending on the type of haunting that's taking place. However, the moon is a natural energy output that the spirit(s) do not necessarily know how to use, it comes natural.

What are the different moon phases, and how many are there?

There are eight complete moon phases, which are: New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter, and Waning Crescent. Examples of each phase of the moon can be seen here.

Conclusion: The moon may very will increase paranormal activity.

The History of Ouija Boards

Posted on Paranormal Newsbreak by Amanda

The Ouija Board, also known as the 'talking board' looks innocent enough. So, what is the history behind this board, that draws the attention of many?

The Ouija Board was first introduced by businessman Elijah Bond on July 1, 1890. It was regarded as an innocent parlor game, unrelated to the Occult until the American Spiritualist Pearl Curran made it popular for it's use today during World War 1.

In 1901, the 'talking board' was taken over by William Fuld, who started his own series of the board, under the name 'Ouija'. In 1966, Fuld's estate sold the entire business to Parker Brothers, who continues to hold all trademarks.

Are Ouija Boards dangerous? You can ask this to any person you would like, and leave with different results almost every time you ask. Some say that the board may open portals to the other side. Portals that you cannot control, and that could lead something very evil into your life. While others will tell you that the Ouija Board is nothing but a hoax, and is simply a game. Who is right, and who is wrong? I do not think anyone is right, or wrong. Everyone has their own beliefs. Some have negative experiences with the board, that will make them never to look at one again. While others, use the board almost daily, with nothing at all happening.

What do you think? Do you think the Ouija Board is dangerous? Is it nothing but simply a game?

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The EVP Guide

p>Posted on Paranormal Newsbreak by Amanda

EVP's have been prominent since the 1840's. So, how does a person begin to try to capture EVP's? And are some recording devices better than others?

I suspect that if a person interested in learning more about how to capture EVP's asked several teams how they do it, the answer would be different every time. So this is just my guide to EVP's, and how my team and I have gotten great success.

First, lets start with recording devices. There are several different ways you can try to capture an EVP. Some prefer to use analog recorders (the big recorders that take cassette tapes), so lets start there. The first thing to remember when recording onto an analog recorder is to never reuse tapes, and never tape on both sides of a tape. The reasoning behind this is: If you record on both sides of the tape, or even record over the one side you use, there is possible bleed through on the tape. So, the main rules to using analog recorders is to never reuse tapes, and to never record on both sides.

Next, we have digital recorders. Most digital recorders to come with a USB Port of some kind to make it very easy to upload all recorded files onto your computer. However, some do NOT come with the USB Ports. So when shopping for a good recorder, that is the first thing to look for. If you buy a recorder that does not have a USB Port, uploading the files onto your computer would be very difficult. The next thing to keep in your mind is: The higher the price, does not mean a better recorder. You can find recorders on EBay, Amazon, and other online stores. However, in most cases, they do put 'Ghost Hunting', 'Paranormal', or other similar phrases some where in the title, to help raise the price. I have noticed this in my research for paranormal equipment. The main type of recorder my team uses are RCA, which you can find at Wal-Mart, for very cheap. We have captured some amazing EVP's since we've began investigating with the RCA recorders. So always remember, price doesn't mean quality.

Now, we'll talk about techniques. In my opinion, there is no right or wrong ways to do things in this field. Everyone has their own opinions, and techniques. And a huge variety of things work differently for other people. It's all about experimenting, and finding out what works best for you, or your team. With my team, we try to ask as many questions as we can, no matter how 'silly' it may sound. We always space each question out at least 15 seconds between each other. However, we have also had very good luck discussing things we see/hear/feel during that moment, and have captured some Class A EVP's talking over us. So we always keep the rule in the back of our heads that if they want to be heard, they will talk over you. This does NOT mean you should be loud during EVP Sessions. This just means that if you're discussing things among yourselves, that the chances of you capturing good EVP's is still there.

Next, when doing EVP Sessions, always try to set your recorder on a flat surface. If you're holding your recorder, the slightest move can transfer onto the recording, and you could have ruined your best piece of evidence. Always try to set the recorder down, to eliminate the possibility of contamination.

The last tip I'll give is to always try to put your recorder some where where there will not be any type of interference. Many investigators have multiple recorders, so while they're at a location they can have one in several rooms, while they go to other parts of the location to investigate, leaving the recorder(s) on its own. You do not want to leave a recorder some where for several hours, only to find during review that half of your file was contaminated by someone's random talking.

Now that you know a few tips on EVP's, go out, and see what you can get, using these tips.

Experts and Professionals

p>Posted on Paranormal Newsbreak by Amanda

There are a lot of teams, and individuals who call themselves 'Experts' and 'Professionals' in the paranormal field. I'm writing this article to give my opinion on both of these terms, and the reason I stand firm behind my opinion.

Lets start with the word 'Expert'. This word within the paranormal field is one of the most annoying things to me. Why? In my opinion, there are no experts in this field. I firmly believe that someone can be a specialist in a few areas of this field. Such as equipment, EVP, Analysis, etc. The word expert says to everyone that you know everything there is to know about the subject in question. I strongly believe that this field is rapidly changing, growing, and new things are constantly being discovered, which to me says, no one can possibly know everything there is to know about the paranormal. There will always be people who have been in this field for ten or more years who will come across something that they had never come across before. Therefore, they cannot possibly call themselves experts.

Now lets move on to 'Professional'. Being a professional can mean several things. The first thing people think of when they hear the word professional is the person, or team in question has extensive training in the field, and know almost everything there is to know. So, lets begin there. Each team has their own way of doing things. They can train their new members on how they investigate. However, does this make them right in the way they do things? In my opinion, no. In this field, there is no right, or wrong thing to do things. No one is better than another, and no team is better than another.

I call my team professional. This is another meaning for the word. We are professional acting. You can go into a location, and be respectful of your surroundings, your client, the spirits that could be there, etc. This is the second meaning to being a professional. Again, this does not mean you are better than someone, or better trained. It just lets others know that you are always respectful during your investigations. Whether it be towards your client, the spirits you're investigating, etc.

Again, these are just my opinions. If you disagree, that's fine. I am only showing what I've learned since being in the field. We can all agree to disagree, if that's the case.

Do Home Blessings Help?

p>Posted on Paranormal Newsbreak by Amanda

We all know about home blessings, or any type of location blessing. But, do they truly help?

Before I start, I'd like to give you a few other terms used that have the same meanings. Those are location exorcisms, location cleansing, and location smudging, to just name a few. Do they work? In my opinion, yes, they do. However, proper investigation is needed to fully understand what type of haunting you, or your client is dealing with. For example; You do not want to conduct a Catholic blessing for a Wiccan family. Blessings or cleansings work best if you do one that the family will fully believe in. If you conduct a Christian blessing for a family who has no religious views, chances are, it will not be successful.

Another aspect to take into consideration is the type of spirit that is causing the activity. For example; If you have a demonic haunting, there is a special type of blessing that you would have to conduct to be successful. If you are experiencing a residual spirit, another type would be needed. That's why conducting a proper paranormal investigation is required if you, or the client wants to have a blessing done on their home or business.

Now we come to yet another type of blessing, and that is having a medium come into the location, to attempt to cross over the spirit(s). Most experienced mediums know how to do this. But again, the medium needs to fully understand what type of spirit you or your client is dealing with. Some teams work with mediums, or even have a medium or two in their team.

So what is the best method to conduct a blessing? There are several ways. Some people prefer burning a White Sage stick, while others prefer to burn a Desert Sage stick. I cannot fully say what the proper method is, as I do not know details of the type of haunting you, or your client are dealing with. However, I can say that the Desert Sage stick is best for blessing a home with demonic, or simply mean/negative spirits.

Remember, it is never stupid to ask for help!

Children and the Paranormal

Posted on Paranormal Newsbreak by Amanda

Being a paranormal investigator, I get asked the question often about children and the paranormal. So on this article, I'm going to cover a few aspects of this subject.

Let me start off with the question if it could be a harmful thing to take kids on paranormal investigations. In my opinion, I do believe it could be a bad thing for children to go on paranormal investigations. Of course, it also depends on how old the child is. I think that if they are younger than 12, it could be a bad thing for them to attend investigations. Why? In my opinion, children are too easy for a negative spirit to attach itself to him/her. Yes it is true that children could sense the paranormal easier than most adults. But would you want to take the risk of putting your child, or children in danger from something you're not sure about? There are some negative spirits who are 'tricksters', and will appear in any form to make you trust them. I do not think that children have the ability to tell the difference. Some adults don't even carry that ability.

Now the next aspect to discuss is why most children have the ability to see/hear/sense spirits, and must adults cannot. I believe that when we're born, we all have the ability. However, as we get older, and depending on the open mindedness of our guardians, depends on if we keep this ability, or learn how to naturally block it out for the rest of our lives. If your parent is putting it into your head that no type of ghost exist (with the consideration of the Holy Spirit of course), it's only natural that you learn how to block out your experiences, and eventually put up a wall that blocks out all paranormal activity. I believe this happens with most of us. I believe that everyone holds some type of sensitive ability. It takes training to rebuild it, and mold it into what you'd like it to be.


Posted on Paranormal Newsbreak by Amanda

FRANKLIN, KENTUCKY: John Zaffis “The Godfather of the Paranormal” from the Syfy Channel’s hit paranormal TV show “Haunted Collector” and Bruce Tango from Syfy’s “Ghost Hunters” will be joining fans at the Octagon Hall Museum in Franklin, Kentucky outside of Nashville on September 10, 2011 for a weekend of lectures, events, meet and greets and a Live Ghost Hunt.

“This event gives the opportunity for fans and ghost hunting enthusiast alike to spend a weekend with the stars of hit television shows as well as participate in a live ghost hunt with them.” says event host and promoter Chad Morin.

Octagon Hall Museum, originally built in 1847 as a private plantation home has had over 160 years of tragedy including being occupied during the Civil War by both Union and Confederate Armies as a field hospital and morgue, as well as the location countless deaths and suspected murders. All of these events have fueled the reports and rumors of ghostly activity in and around the property.

Guests of the event will not only get to meet and greet the celebrities, but they will be able to take photos with them, receive autographs, attend lectures and classes, dine and then go on a active ghost hunt with them as well.

The Octagon Hall Museum is located at 6040 Bowling Green Road, Franklin, KY 50 miles North of Nashville. For more information about this event you can visit their website: www.GhostHuntWeekends.com or call 1-866-559-4741

Sent in to Amanda by Chad Morin

Paranormal Playground


Reported by: Chris Womack Email: cwomak@cbs42.com

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT)- Rumors or a haunting? Mystery surrounds one Huntsville playground where some people claim ghosts come out for a little playtime.

Just outside the city sits Maple Hill Cemetery, the oldest and largest graveyard in the city. Nestled behind the cemetery is an interesting lot; a playground. To many, it's known as "Dead Children's Playground." Legend has it that after the sun goes down, interesting things happen.

"We walked down here and we get on the swing, and out of nowhere, you hear someone scream. When I say I ran like the fastest ever in my whole life, it was terrifying," says Rashad Deyampert. Reports of swings moving by themselves and children's voices floating through the air litter internet chatboards. There are many theories as to what causes the occurences. One rumor is after a string of child abductions in the 1960's, many of the kidnapped children's bodies were found on the playground. "I heard some kids fell off a slide, or someone died, a couple kids died in here, and they never leave. At night they'll come out, or whatever," said Deyampert.

So is the playground really haunted? You be the judge.

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Case Reports

House in Shawano County, WI

Here’s a case report from WPRS. To read the case report, please click on the link.

Private Home Case Report

Private Residence - Oneida County, WI

Here’s a case report from WPRS To read the case report, please click on the link.

Private Home Case Report

House in Lincoln County Wisconsin

Here’s a case report from WPRS To read the case report, please click on the link.

Private Home Case Report

The Rogers Theater- 310 N. 4th Street-Wausau, Wisconsin

Here’s a case report from WPRS To read the case report, please click on the link.

Rogers Case Report

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Types Of Ghosts And Hauntings

Article from W-FILES.COM

First and foremost let's establish the irony of having a dictionary of terms regarding the paranormal field or worse yet types of ghosts. Yes there are situations that call for it such as "EMF Meters" and "Charles Fort". The irony that I speak of is more for the definition of specific terms such as "ghost". Sure we can speak of the traditional beliefs held by societies no longer in existence, that is a safe route and less debatable. The irony that I'm heading towards I'll keep to three points.

First the complete lack of accepted scientific practices used to reach the belief that could then be easily included in the definition of "ghost." The second point works even if you hold the scientific method in great fault. With concluding what a "ghost" is and hence being able to construct a definition requires for most a reason that can be fairly debated and after still holding the greater likelihood of the current definition to be correct. While I have read and heard many definitions of "ghost," where the creator had no claim of connection to science, there has also been only subjective experiences, interpreted by the person making the definition. There is nothing specifically wrong with a person interpreting an experience, hey we all do it every day. There is however in my opinion something very wrong when this singular interpretation of an experience is then put forth as an indisputable fact that has only the one explanation.

Lastly whether you approach the definition of "ghost" with a stringent scientific method or completely subjective and metaphysical one, the specific and general understanding of what a "ghost" is or if a "ghost" even exists remains widely believed to be incomplete. In this reality how could we then make the supposition of defining something that remains unexplained or at best yet fully understood.

Why Does a Ghost Manifest

This article is from Ghost Investigations

When a ghost is responsible for a haunting, there might have been an emotional situation in the house that triggers a disturbance. For example, you have a house in which someone committed suicide a hundred years ago. In the meantime, a dozen families may live there and never experience anything out of the ordinary. Then one day someone moves in who is bent on self-destruction and immediately activity starts up. Here an emotional interaction has occurred.

Another reason a ghost will manifest is based on the need to communicate. In these cases the spirit is so caught up in its own tragedy or unresolved state that it will manifest to anyone in order to communicate its plight. That’s why lights will be switched on and off, or you’ll hear knockings, or see small objects move. Here the spirit is trying to gain attention.

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Storytime Guest & Special Episode

Join me on Sunday aug. 14th for a very special episode of storytime. Call in at 414-376-4718 ext. 3114649 or skype me at rusty.woehrle and share what haunting things are happening in your home and mark kerman well give you his expert opinion on what's going on. plus mark & i will arrange for a paranormal team to come investigate your home, for free. the results of that investigation will be shared on storytime on a later date.