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FRANKLIN, KENTUCKY: John Zaffis “The Godfather of the Paranormal” from the Syfy Channel’s hit paranormal TV show “Haunted Collector” and Bruce Tango from Syfy’s “Ghost Hunters” will be joining fans at the Octagon Hall Museum in Franklin, Kentucky outside of Nashville on September 10, 2011 for a weekend of lectures, events, meet and greets and a Live Ghost Hunt.

“This event gives the opportunity for fans and ghost hunting enthusiast alike to spend a weekend with the stars of hit television shows as well as participate in a live ghost hunt with them.” says event host and promoter Chad Morin.

Octagon Hall Museum, originally built in 1847 as a private plantation home has had over 160 years of tragedy including being occupied during the Civil War by both Union and Confederate Armies as a field hospital and morgue, as well as the location countless deaths and suspected murders. All of these events have fueled the reports and rumors of ghostly activity in and around the property.

Guests of the event will not only get to meet and greet the celebrities, but they will be able to take photos with them, receive autographs, attend lectures and classes, dine and then go on a active ghost hunt with them as well.

The Octagon Hall Museum is located at 6040 Bowling Green Road, Franklin, KY 50 miles North of Nashville. For more information about this event you can visit their website: or call 1-866-559-4741

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