Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Paranormal Activity At Its Peak?

p>Posted on Paranormal Newsbreak by Amanda

It seems as if this field is growing by the day. So why is this? If you think back to about ten years ago, this field was very small. So what is bringing on all the new investigators, and teams within the field? The answer to that question differs with each person you ask. So what do I think?

In my opinion, I believe that, right now, the paranormal activity has peaked, and is at its highest in years. What causes this? Could it be a sign of the whole 2012 theory? Or are people just finally opening up to life after death?

First off, I do not believe in the whole 2012 theory. If we think back, it seems like every ten or so years there are some type of rumors going around about the world coming to an end. A very wise man whom I've had the pleasure speaking with about this subject said it very nicely 'Our physical world will end, but the world as a whole will not.' I could not agree more! Every so often our world experiences changes. Whether it's with the weather, or what have you. It only takes one person to say the world is going to end, for a million more to take it seriously. However, I am not here to change anyone's beliefs.

So, the main question stands. Why is it that the paranormal field is rapidly growing? I have two answers to this question. 1) More and more people are beginning to experience things they cannot explain, and go out on a quest to try to explain, and document these experiences. And 2) Fame hungry. We all know these types of people. For every one team who is in this field for the right reasons, two are in the field for the wrong reasons. I'm sure all of us have come into contact with at least one team, or individual like this. However, I do have to say that I truly believe that paranormal activity across the world has peaked. Maybe it's because we are becoming more receptive towards the activity, or maybe it's because of all the earthly changes. Either way, more and more people are starting to pay attention to the unseen forces around us. Hopefully with all the growth, we will all be able to document some type of paranormal activity, and be able to make more skeptics believers.

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