Thursday, June 23, 2016

Number Signs

I keep seeing the number 5 everywhere lately.  Along with the numbers: 7, 6, & 8.

According to Doreen Virtue's Angel Numbers they mean:

5: change is coming

6: let go of material worries/cares focus on spiritual 

7: luck

8: infinite, your prayers have been heard and are being answered.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

My Gift

Yesterday I saw in my mind my Grandma, her face was older (as I knew it to look), but her hair & body was younger.

She was playing baseball with her brothers & her cousins, and just as she did in life when they would play, she was pitching. 😃

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Personal Experience

My Mom and my Cousin (the one who can communicate with the other side) have both been hearing Polka Music in their minds.

According to my Cousin, she's been told the music is being played by my Grandma, Grandma's Brother, and some of my Grandma's cousins.

I've heard some of the same type of music, but not as much or as often as my Mom or my Cousin have.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Personal Experience

On the way home from work Mom heard the same type of music & singing that she heard the other day.

Personal Experience

Two days ago, while at work, my Mom heard old time Polka music, in the style her Aunt & Uncle would have played it, in her head.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Personal Experiences

My Mom the other morning, early heard knocking three different times, single knocks each. She found out later that one of the three spirits that where hanging around across the street with the spirit of my biological grandfather, came back and rushed into the yard. So the relatives protecting us, basically fought this spirit, and their fighting is the knocking my Mom heard.

Over Memorial Weekend, we went to visit the graves of family members. We stopped at this small, forgotten, old cemetery....I mean its not totally forgotten, someone mows the grass, but no flowers are ever placed, the stones are left to rot...

But we stopped there because my Mom believed we had family buried there (we didn't). Spirits followed us home, some good some bad; and were circling our house. That night and the next morning our puppy was going well as we were getting on each others nerves....yelling & snapping at each other & the puppy for no reason.

So that next morning after our visit to the cemetery, while the spirit of my family members cleared out the unwanted spirits, my Mom, myself & our puppy got the heck out of the house and went for a long drive.

Two days ago, my gift expanded even further. While watching my cousin who is a musician, perform, I saw black curtains around him. Then yesterday, while he was performing again, I saw those same black curtains close in front of him.

He's in his 70's and hasn't been in good health lately.

My other cousin who can communicate very well with the other said, said (after I told her about the curtains) that this musician cousin, is the next to pass on, according to our family on the other side.

This gift is not all its cracked up to be.

Also yesterday, during his second performance, I saw his parents, who were also musicians, performing on stage with him, and they passed on years ago. My Mom also felt a cold breeze go past her during one of his performances, and there was no logical source for this breeze.

I guess its a good thing that my gift is growing...but I'm not sure I like how its growing.

A few weeks ago, my puppy out of the blue turned towards our fireplace & started doing his "I see someone" bark & growl. I knew someone had 'popped' in. Same thing happened three times last night.

When that happens I say out loud, "please introduce yourself to Po (our puppy), and could someone he recognizes appear please to reassure him this new person won't hurt us. Please and thank you (I always say please & thank you when dealing with my family spirits....just because they're dead doesn't mean I shouldn't have good manors or not be respectful.)."

Our Puppy is very sensitive to spirits and weather. And the increased activity with my cousin's potential passing, and spirits protecting us, and change in the weather...he's been going a little bonkers lately. Only thing that seems to calm his down is car rides. He falls right to sleep....too bad gas is soo expensive.