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Have enough faith in yourself to walk away from anything that no longer enriches your life, anything that no longer helps you to grow and anything that does not make you happy. You have done what you could and the time has come to move on and something better is waiting for you.

~ Karen Kostyla

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ArchAngel Raphael

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Information On The Raven

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The highly intelligent Raven has been dreaded as a bird of ill fortune; destruction and darkness. But in the spiritual world he brings protection. His association with destruction does not make him the bringer of it, but the messenger. By heeding his warnings one is able to possibly change the impact of a situation even though they may not be able to change the inevitable. Countless cultures point to the raven as a harbinger of powerful secrets. Moreover, the raven is a messenger too, so its business is in both keeping and communicating deep mysteries. "To have a raven's knowledge" is an Irish proverb meaning to have a seer's powers.

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Sometimes our path in life can be very difficult....that is when you must be your strongest and persevere…you can do it.... be strong.....we never walk alone in this life... ask for Angels and the light of God to empower you.... you will be o.k.......
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Victorian Cherub

Note:This quote comes from Lauren C. Dole.

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Victorian Cherub

Note:This quote comes from Lauren C. Dole.

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Storytime Promo!

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‎"Laugh in the face of angry words and witness the vast weakness of a hateful spirit" ~ Dori Roberts ♥

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‎"AVOIDANCE is key ~It is a state of allowance ~ allowing others to walk their own path ~ percieve their own assumptions. The focus is to always be on YOU" ~♥

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‎"Today's Positive Affirmation: I am grateful for my sense of humor and my own laughter" ~Louis Hay

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‎"To create the life of your dreams, the time has come for you to love You. Focus on Your joy. Do all the things that make You feel good. Love You, inside and out. Everything will change in your life, when you change the inside of you. Allow the Universe to give you every good thing you deserve, by being a magnet to them all. To be a magnet for every single thing you deserve, you must be a magnet of love." -The Secret: Daily Teachings

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Quote From Dori Roberts

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"Poverty lies not in an empty wallet or bank account, it lies in the cold darkness of an empty heart" ~ Dori Roberts ♥

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No matter what we say out loud to anyone, what is lying deep and silent in the soul, is everything we are, and what we truly believe.~ Dori Roberts ♥

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How black magic can cause paranormal phenomena

This article was found on

It was written by Chung Yuen Keong

Created on: January 14, 2012 Last Updated: January 20, 2012

When we mention ‘black magic’, a familiar scene pops up in our mind: An evil witch-doctor, wearing a grotesque mask, is dancing in a trance. As he trots around the leaping flames, he is swinging his staff wildly in the air and chanting some incoherent gibberish. His body shakes vigorously; he draws a dagger; he screams; all those who are in the ceremony shout loudly. When the beating of the drums stops, the shouting stops and the evil witch-doctor pushes the dagger into a straw doll.

Even today the practice of black magic is still found in Africa, Haiti, South America and South East Asia. Many people fear this evil sorcery; however, others regard it as mere superstition and doubt the existence of it.

Black magic is practiced not only by primitive tribesmen but also by modern Chinese living in Malaysia. The Malaysian Chinese are greatly influenced by their long-standing tradition and their legendary lore. Even the Chinese themselves cannot define what their real religion is. The ordinary Chinese worship the Buddha, the Taoist deities and their ancestors. They believe all supernatural beings have the mysterious power to help them and give them the needs and wants. Nevertheless, the term “black magic” is not used by the Chinese in their beliefs even though such sorcery is being practiced in their community.

In China black magic is known as ‘ku”. However, the ordinary Malaysian Chinese know little or have no knowledge about ‘ku’. Some evil Taoist priests, therefore, start their own Taoist sect practicing ‘ku’ in the rough-and-ready Chinese community for their own benefits. These Taoist priests, address themselves as ‘Si-Fu’ or ‘master of the religion’, claim to have the transcendental power to communicate with their gods and their goddesses. They say that they can remedy the irrecoverable loss of wealth by their supernatural power granted by their deities. They also advertise in the newspapers that they are able to reconcile a broken marriage by the use of spells and talismans. The street-level Chinese are completely mystified; they will worship the gods that can protect them. So those who are in great desperation will resort to getting help from these Taoist Priests.

Believers are willing to pay whatever price for the help they receive if it is effective. A believer expecting miracles should make a generous donation to the Taoist deities. The Taoist priests always belabor the point to believers that their generosity shows their sincerity and respect to the gods and goddesses; the more one gives, the more help he will receive.

A jealous wife is also getting help from the evil Taoist priest. Casting a curse on the hair or finger nail cut from the husband's mistress will put her under a spell. Insects, worms and poisonous snakes are often used in evil charms. Those making such an evil request are always asked to make a solemn vow to the deities; breaking the vow means death.

The practice of black magic or ‘ku’ is bizarre; it is against the laws of nature. These evil Taoist priests are bribing the divinities for help. The believers are, of course, satisfied with the help given and they reward the evil Taoist priests and their gods.

Despite the punishment for their evil acts, people turn to black magic for miracles, overnight success and instant wealth. They are overwhelmed by black magic because it can cause paranormal phenomena.

Paranormal phenomena of the Philadelphia Zoo

This article was found on

It was written by Shannon Farlouis

Created on: January 13, 2012 Last Updated: January 14, 2012

The Philidelphia Zoo is known to be one of America's oldest zoos. This zoo was built on an Indian burial ground. The oldest building on the site is called the Solitude. This building has a long history that dates back to 1784. The basement of this building has an old tunnel. The Treehouse is another building that has kid exhibits. There are two more buildings at this zoo and they are just office spaces and the buildings are the Shelley and the Penrose. Investigators who have used audio technology have recorded voices and footsteps in these buildings. Many investigators also claim they have felt cold spots, seen lights turning on and off, and apparitions.

In the tunnel area, voices and music were heard. One investigator was using an athermal camera to record events and it was knocked over by an unseen force. This happened on the stairwell that lead to the attic. The investigation team did have EVPs as evidence that there were spirits. Many workers at this zoo state that they have seen spirits that hang in and around the zoo pretty often. The attic of Solitude House has things that move around on their own. One zoo board member admitted to seeing a strange, misty figure in the tunnel that is under Solitude House. The workers at the zoo continue to report many weird happenings. The Philadelphia Zoo opened the gates for the first time in 1874. This zoo is now a Philadelphia landmark that has over 1.1 million visitors per year that come to see over 1300 animals. Some of these animals are rare and endangered species that roam the grounds. If you ask any of the staff that work at this zoo if it is haunted, then you will get a definite yes.

The investigation team arrived to help the staff better understand the zoo hauntings. When staff are giving tours to visitors, they claim that they often see a woman in a long dress standing at the top of the staircase. The tunnel that use to lead to under the house is now closed off. Orbs are often in pictures that are taken. These orbs have been seen in the room that the tunnel leads to in the house. The tunnel was built so during the cold winter months the owner did not have to go outside in the cold to feed the animals.

How your emotions affect your paranormal investigations

This article was found on

It was written by Jennifer Shipp

Created on: July 21, 2009 Last Updated: July 27, 2009

Paranormal activity has not been officially indoctrinated into science yet. Because studies into the paranormal have not yielded consistent, replicable results (paranormal events are, by nature, unpredictable, after all), paranormal investigation has not been given the same scientific status as physics or geology in the world of science. But, if there is ever to be any hope for paranormal investigations to gain credibility among the general public and among scientists , it is imperative that investigators put the scientific method into practice to the greatest extent possible in their investigations. As such, emotion must be quelled during paranormal investigations.

On television, paranormal investigators are primarily entertainers. Producers choose people for television shows based much on their personality and their ability to produce drama within the show's format. And ghost hunters or paranormal investigators on TV work in groups to produce interesting social dynamics that are worth tuning in to watch each week. Often, these shows can and do arguably record paranormal activities within the context of a real-life social drama. But the fact is, these television shows include an emotional element in their paranormal investigations that lead the study of the paranormal further and further away from science. The emotions that come out during paranormal investigations on TV often obscure the events themselves. And some would argue that emotional outbursts may even fuel so-called paranormal events.

Paranormal researchers are typically not willing to accept occult theories about the paranormal. Typically they are also unwilling to be constrained by the scientific method. Which, again, leaves them to work only in the realm of entertainment. A paranormal investigator who dabbles even superficially in occult lore knows that emotions can affect all sorts of unexplainable phenomena. People in primitive societies ritualistically will work themselves into different emotional states in order to achieve certain spiritual and material goals and effects. In psychology, we know that transference or the feelings that are transmitted from client to therapist can have important effects on the progress of treatment. Emotions drive social relationships of all kinds that take place right under our noses, every day, at work, at school, at home . To the extent that paranormal investigators are seeking to study paranormal events that often appear to involve a human or human-esque consciousness, it is rather daft to assume that our emotions, as investigators will not cause an important, if not dramatic, shift of events during an investigation.

As one who primarily studies folklore as it concerns the paranormal and new trends in paranormal phenomena in various communities throughout the United States , I find that the way people describe what they've heard or what they've seen or experienced or heard about other people experiencing is often strongly affected by the overall tenor of the community's acceptance of the paranormal. The way a person describes their personal opinions or experiences of the paranormal is even more strongly affected by the social dynamic that surrounds their storytelling in real time. If they are surrounded by people who are mostly against the idea of the paranormal, the storyteller will usually be very quiet and succinct as they tell their tale. In contrast, if the storyteller happens to be surrounded by one or more supporters or people who have heard similar stories or had similar experiences, the tales told will become more wild, harder to believe, and seemingly more subject to the imagination of the storyteller.

On location, investigators are subject to the same phenomenon described above. By going into a supposedly haunted location with a group of believers or people who will automatically believe the investigator if they have a personal or recordable experience, investigators are skewing their own results. Indeed, the fact of having someone support a personal experience can seriously affect the investigators own memory of the personal experience, making it difficult for the investigator to think about the event objectively at all.

And yet, there are stories, that I've found that have features that suggest that they are true stories of actual paranormal events. For example, experiencing a paranormal event that took place while a person was on location for some reason other than to investigate paranormal events, lends credibility to a tale. The mere desire for a paranormal event to occur can activate selective perception such that every sound or shadow moving seems to be a paranormal event to the one who is seeking to experience a paranormal event.

Scientists are required to create null hypotheses in their scientific experiments and seek to disprove their hypotheses. By creating a null hypothesis, the scientist is theoretically inclined to be more objective in their experimental endeavors. But paranormal investigators are not required to set out to not find paranormal activity, per se at haunted locations. Some paranormal investigators do try to debunk paranormal activities, using the null hypothesis as their starting block during investigations, but often, the null hypothesis and debunking enthusiasm will wax and wane for television ghost hunters and for ghost hunters who are unskilled in the use of scientific methods. This waxing and waning of debunking activities and enthusiasm has to do with an ebb and flow of emotion on the part of the paranormal investigator. Unfortunately, this ebb and flow and wax and wane destroys in many ways the credibility, reliability, and validity of the scientific endeavor to collect information about that which is paranormal. When emotion becomes involved in an investigation, we are no longer studying the paranormal, we are studying psychology.

And so, in summary, although it is difficult to pin down precisely the way that emotion effect paranormal investigations, it is fairly easy to say generally that is does have an impact on the results of an investigation. It would be nearly impossible to remove all emotion, as an investigator, from a paranormal investigation. Indeed, removing emotion from a paranormal investigation would require us to remove humans from paranormal investigations altogether. Rather, paranormal investigators must learn how to control emotion as a variable in paranormal investigations. They must acknowledge that emotion is a variable and seek to control it or control for it or both in order to produce the most rock solid evidence possible for scientists and for the general public to observe.

Investigating paranormal phenomena Part 2

This article was found on

It was written by Judy Merrill

Created on: October 30, 2010

From a scientific point of view, the paranormal organizations are the first front on which the paranormal can and maybe needs to be investigated. The weights and measures with recording devices serves to show that something is certainly in the atmosphere. What that is can often be dismissed and/or understood by the weights and measures.

Remaining respectful to whatever the causes may be of the disturbance is one of the important factors of a good investigation. If it is something stuck in the material energies, then challenging or yelling at it will not make it go away. If anything it may just raise its ire and you may have a poltergeist on your hands.

We are all aware of underground water that causes some disturbances on the surface. And as the earth is made up of plates that fit together to form the solid ground, some people are sensitive to their shifts and movements. These are the most common of events that are often mistaken for paranormal activity. Knowing the ground area is often as important as the actual disturbance.

The unseen world is a mass of energies. Some of those energies can be measured on a recorder and some are too fine to be measured and recorded. Some of the energies that accumulate from the use and/or abuse of the ground itself, can be negative or positive.

The reason they are most often negative is that a disaster to human life has been the cause of the disturbance. Around a place of a famous battle or event many negative energies accumulate. Unfortunately history is written on our negatives not our positive events.

From a spirit point of view, a medium will not investigate the area first. Maybe that can come later as proof of their findings. What they are seeking to do is to identify if there is a spirit cause to the disturbances. A medium will want to know that all physical, material causes are eliminated before assuming it to be spirit input.

When we consider that there are as many spirit who find their way into the light as that remain around the earth plane, it is actually surprising there is not more activity of spirit presence around people, places, things. Perhaps it is just that we are not living in the spirit enough to actually know the spirit is around.

Investigating paranormal phenomena

This article was found on

It was written by Jacob Woods

Created on: October 08, 2010

It is a common and very appropriate belief that investigating the paranormal is a waste of time and energy. The reason this is so is because the field is not approached in such a way that it adds any value to the human purpose other than some entertainment. The area of paranormal investigation is approached unscientifically and generally for entertainment purposes that attract a profit. However if those working in the area were to approach the subject in which they study spirits systematically through science, they may find some interesting activity that may enlighten its viewers as to what happens when we die.

It would not be a surprise to see on the Discovery Channel a documentary on the process of death or something similar. But what is striking on the Discovery Channel is the show A Haunting. More and more on television there are these genres in which cross-sectionalize their boundaries. For example Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel and Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. It would be more appropriate if these shows appeared on proper channels like science fiction ones. But the reason why this occurs is because these channels need to be drawing viewer traffic so they can stay on air and make more profit off from advertisements. In essence they are trying to find more entertaining shows that appeal to a broader audience. What better to do this than a show on ghosts, ghouls, and psychics who read minds.

Now that there is a reason to why there are so many entertaining paranormal shows with these seemingly scientific paranormal investigator groups “studying” the bizarre; what makes these people phony? Simply put, they don't follow the scientific method in which they make a hypothesis based on past knowledge, they don't test it systematically accounting for variables, they do allow their emotions to impede their ability to approach the field unbiasedly, and they get a paycheck to entertain as compared to find true discoveries.

In order for any true scientific discovery to take place in the field of paranormal research, the scientific method needs to be put in place. Short stories do not count as scientific. However what would count as scientific would be comparing a spirit neutral cemetery to a cemetery that has been reported to have lots of spiritual activity. In order to account for variables the cemeteries would have to be the same in size or at least close. Or another possibility for this would be that a small cemetery is compared to a large cemetery. The hypothesis being that a larger cemetery, because of its size, would contain more paranormal activity. Only once someone approaches life after death with this approach and captures consistently similar results can anyone believe or claim the existence of ghosts as compared to just coincidence, poor judgment, and pure entertainment.

Ethical standards for paranormal investigations Part 2

This article was found on

It was written by C. Ann Cunningham

Created on: January 11, 2012

In any part of life, you have to deal with people. You should always strive to be the kind of person you yourself would like to deal with in any given situation, someone who is going to be honest, scrupulous and ethical. In personal experience, nowhere is that more necessary than the role of a paranormal investigator.

Dealing with the public can be difficult in itself in an ordinary situation. With the higher stress level of someone who believes themselves to be the recipient of a haunting or paranormal activity, it is imperative that you and the others that are involved make no allegations that will make the situation worse. Don't tout yourself as being a ghost buster of the type from the movie starring Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis. You cannot cross laser beams and suck up ghosts, and pretending or willfully declaring that you can could be hazardous to a potentially fragile mind already disturbed by the goings-on.

Do not proclaim yourself or any member of your group to have "mystical powers" or to be able to use any form of perception that you do not actually have. By all means, if you are one of those that is sensitive to fluctuations in EMF fields, learn to use that to your advantage. If you have a member who is a proven psychic or clairvoyant, then absolutely, utilize those abilities. But do not go around claiming to be a Ghost Whisperer or go into a trance while proclaiming yourself a medium and scare the bejesus out of someone by filling them with falsehoods about their home's history.

It is truly unethical as well to make a confidentiality agreement with someone and then break it, by going and telling others that you conducted a paranormal investigation at a private residence and then spilling the beans about location, persons involved, and personal opinion about the alleged activities. If you are sworn to protect someone's privacy, then keep the information to yourself and make sure that your entire group also signs a confidentiality waiver.

If you do not have an experience in a place, don't make things up to make yourself or your paranormal investigation team look good , either. No one likes to be lied to, and if it comes out that you lied on one investigation, it can call into question everything that happened on every other investigation you have done or will do. That is not the sort of reputation you want to garner for yourself or those that you work with.

If someone is a skeptic, be they a member of your investigation group or someone that is involved with the situation in another way, do not draw them into an argument about what is happening and make them feel small or stupid by using words that are meant to antagonize. Remember, everyone has a right to their own opinion. If their skepticism is of such a magnitude that you cannot possibly deal with them in the course of the investigation, then by all means, find someone else that you can deal directly with, or assign someone who has a different temperament than you to take the forefront of the investigation.

Whatever you do, do not ever call someone at a site names or ridicule them. Some people truly invent occurrences just to gain attention for themselves, and those people can be dangerous. If anything ever feels wrong about a paranormal investigation, then don't do it.

Lastly, there are some groups that use Ouija boards, tarot cards, pendulums and other magical devices on investigations. If you like these methods, then make sure you are knowledgeable about their use and that you do not let a circus attitude take over the investigation. It is your reputation on the line, after all, and even if you are doing something unconventional such as hunting for the paranormal, the least you can do is act like a true professional and keep basic business ethics in mind.

What it means to be a paranormal investigator

This article was found on

It was written by Helium01

Created on: October 19, 2010

Have you ever wondered what a Paranormal Investigator is and what they do? A Paranormal Investigator is a person who gets together a team of ghost hunters and researches whether or not there is a haunting going on in various places that people claim to be haunted.

What equipment do Paranormal Investigators use?

Even you could do this, however, it is something that you really have to believe in. They have special equipment that they use, and it includes video cameras with both day and night vision , as well as special digital recorders which they use in capturing EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena); they also use EVP meters, and some Paranormal Investigators even use dowsing rods.

After setting up all the equipment, they make sure that there are no lights and they do their work in total darkness - only using the lights off of their equipment; that way they get no interference from any electricity as it is a known fact to all paranormal investigators that if there is a true haunting, their equipment would register it as it would register electricity.

What is the significance of “electricity” in Paranormal Investigation?

You are probably thinking to yourself: “Why electricity?” The answer to that is simple . If there was a true haunting at the location, the entity would register like electricity because they are feeding off your equipment and letting the investigator basically know that it’s trying to make contact.

When a paranormal phenomenon seeks to make contact, that is what makes the job a success getting the proof that there is actually a haunting and that when it comes to this, a Paranormal Investigator can get the proof of paranormal activity and advise the person who contacted them on it.

What are the pitfalls in a Paranormal Investigator’s work?

Don't get it wrong - not every job is a success and not every haunting that is submitted to a team of Paranormal Investigators has been real. The reason for that is because some people take paranormal activity as a joke to get some form of advertisement to their place or business, and this would certainly get any paranormal researcher very upset for they truly believe in what they do and don't like people who take advantage or make a joke out of their dedicated work.

Also notable is the fact that Paranormal Investigators and researchers in that nature do not get paid for what they do; they themselves pay for it. Which means that they find ways to make money to keep their equipment up to date and to keep it running right; else if they didn't do that then they wouldn't get such good results.

With Paranormal Investigators, just like it is with any other kind of investigator, solid findings mean greater reliability . What’s more, the better the results the better the researcher, and hence, the better the proof.

Why investigating paranormal activities can be fun Part 2

This article was found on

It was written by Tom Stewart

Created on: November 06, 2009 Last Updated: November 07, 2009

Investigating the paranormal can have some aspects of fun. Some of the more exciting parts would include exploring the history of interesting places in your area, the friendships and closeness you develop with your fellow investigators, and of course there is the actual discovery of paranormal activities. But if you ask any experienced paranormal investigator, you'll likely be told that investigating the paranormal is usually a boring and tedious activity and not nearly as fun as the television shows make it appear.

If you're someone who loves doing research and learning about history then you will find this area of paranormal investigation exciting. But for most people, spending hours upon hours researching old books and newspapers in libraries and searching through property histories and ancestry records can be quite boring. But it is an essential part of paranormal investigation for many reasons. Before you can go into a reportedly haunted location you must first have an idea of what you might be dealing with. You must first uncover the history of the location and learn of any activities, tragedies, or deaths that may have occurred there. Sometimes the discovery of this information can be exciting, like a thrilling book based on a true story. But other times it can be mundane and uninteresting. Another necessary part of research is to find out the condition of the property and whether it is safe to enter; another important aspect of paranormal investigation.

Safety is your number one concern when being a paranormal investigator. And safety usually means - boring. It is unwise to just sneak into a cemetery or abandoned building without first considering your safety. First and foremost you should never enter a place without permission. Checking with the owners of a property will not only prevent you from getting into trouble for trespassing but will also help you be informed as to how safe an area is. As it turns out, spirits and ghosts cannot hurt you. Only you can hurt you. So you need to know if the areas you're entering are safe for walking, breathing, and investigating. Some of the information you need to know to be safe is: Are the floors and stairs are safe to walk on? Is there is any dangerous asbestos or dust particles in the building that you might unknowingly inhale? If investigating outdoors you need to know if there are any dangerous animals in the vicinity, or even worse, any dangerous humans who might be lurking and looking to cause trouble.

You should also never investigate alone. By working with two or more teammates you can watch out for each other and help each other if anything dangerous should happen. It will of course be more fun if you are working with someone who is a friend as you try to discover the unknown. But some other safety precautions you should take into consideration are making sure you tell someone where you are going and how you long you plan to be there. And make sure you have the proper equipment and that it is in working condition.

Another not so fun part of paranormal investigation is the equipment. Some of the more modern instruments used like K-II meters and infra-red cameras can be quite expensive. Of course your own five senses are the most important pieces of equipment needed when investigating. But you should never go out into a dark location without basic equipment like flashlights and cameras. Before heading out you need to make sure that all of your equipment is working properly with fresh batteries. There's nothing worse than being caught in a dark location and your flashlight dies on you. Always bring extra batteries and be prepared to use them as it is believed that spirits will sometimes drain your batteries for the energy they need to manifest. Naturally, if you get hurt on your investigation it will most certainly not be fun. So be sure you dress properly as well. Where comfortable rugged shoes, long pants, long sleeves, and warm clothing if you are outside. Weather can play a big factor in your investigations, so be prepared for anything from cold to rain or even snow in some places. Also make sure you take into consideration things like insects, snakes, and spiders. These creatures thrive in the places you'll be exploring so be prepared to meet them up-close, and be dressed properly to avoid being bitten.

For the most part paranormal investigation requires a scientific approach for the best chance at success. It involves setting up lots of equipment like cameras, microphones, computers, and hundreds of feet of cable in most cases. It can take several hours to set up everything before beginning an investigation. This is why it's a good idea to have a team of investigators with you, and to know what you're doing. Once you have finally set up all of your surveillance equipment, you can then begin to explore some areas on a personal level. This is where most investigators will begin conducting Electronic Magnetic Field (EMF) sweeps to help better find areas of distortion and possible locations for paranormal activity. It is also another long and boring procedure. Once this has been completed most investigators will choose a logical location to do what is called an Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) session. This usually involves an hour or more of sitting in the dark talking to spirits that you aren't sure are there or even exist. You'll continue to ask questions hoping that you will receive some sort of audible response on your digital voice recorder or handheld video camera. Contradictory to the television shows, it's very rare that you'll record a response on your recorder, but when it does happen it is very exciting.

The most boring part, but best chance for excitement, is during your evidence review. After you have conducted an extensive investigation of a haunted location you must then spend hours upon hours reviewing the audio, video, and photographic evidence you have gathered. You can't take any shortcuts during this procedure or you might miss some of the most compelling evidence of your investigation. So if you recorded 6 hours of video, you must sit and intently watch all 6 hours of this video. And the same goes for the hundreds of photographs taken and hours of audio recorded. However, for the most part this is where the fun part begins. Occasionally you will catch some strange voices or unexpected sounds on the audio. Even more rare but not unlikely you might see something strange on your videos. When this does happen it is very exciting because it's quite possible you found evidence of a spirit making contact.

There will also be some very rare occasions that while investigation you'll witness an object move, a door close, or even be touched. But again it is very, very rare and for some it's more frightening than fun. People, who try to become paranormal investigators, because it looks like a thrill on TV, are quickly disappointed with how boring and unexciting it really is. The television shows do portray it as being exciting and thrilling, but they usually leave out the boring parts like the historic research, the safety precautions, the equipment maintenance and set-up, the hours spent talking to the dark, and the many hours of evidence review. Television shows are looking to entertain the viewer and earn ratings. So they cleverly edit out the mostly boring parts. And in some cases they actually embellish or, dare I say, manufacture evidence which is considered paranormal when, if they had shown the whole story, would easily be seen as something normal. So if you are prepared to endure the many boring hours involved in paranormal investigation, then you may just get lucky and capture proof of a ghost or spirit, and that truly is the most fun part.

Why investigating paranormal activities can be fun

This article was found on

It was written by Brian Henderson

Created on: February 20, 2007 Last Updated: May 11, 2007

If there ever was a hobby that I thought was so cool, it would have to be paranormal investigations. I live for finding places that are reportedly haunted. Sometimes I will buy books to see if there are haunted houses close to where I live. Then I take some time to do historical research to see what if anything thing I can dig up on the location to explain what is happening. After that, I then pick a day to go there with my equipment and then try hard as I can to document any or all activity.

With historical research , not all the time will you find what you are looking for. I had a place where a lot of the historical documents had been destroyed. Which in some ways can hinder the investigation. But all you can really do is keep going and hope for the best. For this location, it was more or less left up to urban legend as well as speculation. I don't think I will ever be able to get to the truth.

Then the fun of taking equipment to a location can prove to be a matter of chance. Usually you take things like a camcorder, digital camera, camera, tape recorder, note pads, etc. Sometimes doing stuff in a particular order can be a pain. Not to mention having to write down a lot of what you do. Trust me, it doesn't take long to fill up a 3 subject notebook. This is where most of the science comes into play. The location I have mentioned, I have been there at least 5 times. Several times strange things happened before I even had the chance to get out my equipment.

I had gathered a lot of stuff over these visits. Spirits caught on film. Audio recordings of voices and sounds that should not be there. Most people would be scared by this especially when they know the stories of what happened here. For me, it would take a lot to scare me. Going to places like this, you have to get a grip on your fear. I guess in a way you have to turn off your emotions and do what you have to in order to investigate properly. You would be surprised at how certain things can influence your investigations.

Investigating places for paranormal activity isn't too hard to do. You just have to do things in the right way so that no one can dispute your claims. It never hurts to learn from ghost hunting societies. But there in that, you have to be careful with who you choose to contact. There are some that are very shady. Once you find a reputable one, you will learn a lot on how to do things right. I have talked to a few in my time. Just remember to have fun and not take things seriously. But at same time, be dedicated to looking at all angled before making a judgment. So go out, have fun and don't be afraid.

The qualities of an electromagnetic field Part 3

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Electromagnetic fields permeate our lives. Whether the natural or artificial form, the represent the invisible forces that produces far reaching effects in many situations. Generally, they represent field of forces consisting of superimposed electric and magnetic fields , and generated by charged particles such as an electron.

The qualities of an electromagnetic field are marked by its physical properties and these determine the range of uses to which it is incorporated. The following are some of the qualities which make an electromagnetic field unique in its own right and a tool for innovative ideas, most especially in the telecommunication industry:

  • Electromagnetic field have high frequency, measured in Hertz.
  • Sources of electromagnetic fields consists of two types of charge-positive and negative charge.
  • A quality of an electromagnetic wave is that it obeys Michael Faraday's law which says a changing magnetic field creates an electric field. This is the main principle behind the electric generator.
  • An electromagnetic wave obeys the Ampere-Maxwell law which states that a changing electric field creates a magnetic field. This is the main idea behind the electric motor.
  • Electromagnetic fields are invisible to the naked eyes, and include a whole range of the spectrum including gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infra-red, and radio frequencies.
  • Electromagnetic fields from our solar system represent a natural field of force whose effect is felt by everything within the system.
  • Naturally occurring electromagnetic fields could be tapped and used ,as in mobile phones, TV and radio, and all the other methods of man-made communications .
  • Both electric and magnetic fields have fluxes .Hence, electromagnetic field is also characterized by the possession of an electromagnetic flux.
  • An electromagnetic wave is characterized by very short wavelengths, as in X-rays.
  • Electromagnetic fields have potential energies, or energies due to their position.

Moreover, physicists still have a long way to go as some qualities of electromagnetic waves can not be explained for now. The following are examples:

  • With human consciousness, the so-called magical power of electromagnetic wave allows two individuals to communicate telepathically, that is, without seeing one another. This power is used effortlessly, by the universe, to bring about synchronicities in our lives.
  • A growing concern over possible health hazard from low-frequency electromagnetic field. Many household appliances and computer monitors give off extremely low frequency(ELF),considered to be potentially dangerous. The frequency of ELF is 3-30 Hertz, and the wavelength 100,000- 10,000 km.

Finally, the qualities of an electromagnetic field are numerous and they made it to be so useful to mankind. It has a high frequency, positive and negative charge, obeys Michael Faraday and Ampere-Maxwell's laws, and are invisible to the naked eyes. Again, it represent a natural field of force, could be tapped at will, has fluxes, is characterized by very small wavelengths, and possesses potential energy. Some qualities of electromagnetic field are still subject to research.

How metamaterials interact with electromagnetic waves

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Metamaterials and electromagnetic fields belong together, but before any conclusive statements can be made concerning how they react, individual introductions must first be made:

  1. Metamaterials are specially designed materials purposely created to interact with electromagnetic waves. According to Materials Science and Engineering, "Metamaterials are composite systems whose properties are dominated not by the individual atoms, but by the properties of larger, artificially produced structures or "meta-atoms".
  2. The way light reacts to these substances is different than the usual reaction. This is so because materials deliberately have been reworked or infiltrated with atoms in such a way that when the light falls on these materials it has counter reactions to those that would normally occur.
  3. Electromagnetic waves are oscillating electrical and magnetic fields such as radio waves, microwaves, X-rays, and just plain old light. The spectrums of electromagnetism are all different in ranges and this makes up their differences in their reactions to substances they encounter, accidentally or on planned.
  4. How do these interact? The light waves from the electromagnetic field enter the metamaterial and force the atoms to move. This produces energy. The force of that energy depends on how the metamaterials have been constructed, and for what purpose. All materials are made from atoms but what makes the atoms comprising the light waves, or magnetic fields invisible is their extremely small size. Only the results of their interactions can be seen, heard, or felt. It is these interactions that make their presence known, and it by these that they are measured, and made useful.

Examples of their usefulness are all around: Opticians make use of them every day in creating eyewear , in examining eyes and in other similar types of devices. This interaction makes possible microscopes, eye glasses, and telescopes. These are nothing more than plastic or glass that make us of light rays by changing the way the light waves interact with the material.

Light waves can be directed from one place to another by forces which pull light through carefully constructed metamaterials. The lens of a pair of glasses, microscopes, telescopes are example of a metamaterial. One advance in electromagnetic technology leads to another. Scientist using the known ways in which atoms and molecules react with one type of material, will use that to create even more uses for this type of energy. The type of materials used make all the difference.

By creating different kinds of material with which electromagnetism can react, different effects can be realized. And all this are possible by pushing the limits of the electromagnetic field. And these of course must be known. If the objects to be met by electrified light are smaller and spaced differently than the wavelength of light, the light will not be able to make up for the difference. Is this good or bad?

It depends on the project at hand, and innovators are making use of this disadvantage of wavelengths to create metamaterials that will do more than what has been done with naturally occurring materials. Even so, these new materials are also made of atoms, but the difference is in the technique. No longer must chemistry synthesis with its set rules guide the outcomes. Simply by creating new materials geometrically different, newer interactions are possible.

The idea for making use of, or even of creating such materials, dates back to 1968 when Victor Veselago proposed "left-handed" materials could be made useful. His idea was all but forgotten until 2000. The MRI, as one example was made possible because of this property between the interaction - or negative reaction - between metamaterials and electromagnetism. Other non-medical uses are making heavier insulating materials lighter, shortening or otherwise improving antennas, and so on.

Thus, the interactions between metamaterials - materials met by electromagnetic fields - and their reactions and their non-reactions are ongoing studies at this time.


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The qualities of an electromagnetic field Part 2

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Magnetic Poles

“He who controls magnets controls the universe”

All magnets have a north and south pole. If the north (seeking) pole is brought close to the south (seeking) pole, they attract one another. If like poles are brought too close together, they desist one another. This force of the interaction between magnetic poles: F:P1 P2/d2 where P1 and P2 depict the power of the magnetic poles. D represents the distance of the magnets.

Magnetic Fields

A magnetic field is generalized by the motion of an electric charge. Electrons in the atoms of a magnet are in constant motion. There are two kinds of electron motions which produce magnetism. The first being the electron spin. The second being the electron revolution. In most magnets, the electron spin is the primary contributor to magnetism. The electron spin being; each individual electron that is spinning on its axis. The electron revolution, being the electron revolving around the atom around the magnet. Every spinning electron is a magnet. The more electrons spinning in the same direction, will produce a more powerful magnetic field. Quite contrary to this; electrons spinning in opposite directions produce a weaker magnetic field. Most atoms produce electrons spinning in opposite directions. This is why most things are not magnets. Magnetic Domains are when a magnetic field is strong enough to cause other atoms to form clusters, which line up with each other.

Electric Currents and Magnetic Fields

An electromagnetic, is a magnet that has an electrical current flowing through it. The strength of the magnet that has an electrical current flowing through it. The strength of the magnet can be increased or decreased by changing the amount of electrical current.

Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic Induction was discovered by a Michael Farady and a Joseph Henry. Both independent with no knowledge of each other. Faraday in England and Henry in the United States . They discovered electric current could be created in a wire simply by moving a magnet into or out of a coil of wire. The motion of a magnet in the wire loop was the key between the wire loop and the magnetic field. The more loops that were interacting with and moving with a magnetic field, produces a greater induced voltage. The amount of voltage also depends on how rapidly the magnetic field is entering or leaving the coil. (Voltage induced- number of loops x magnetic field change/time)

Faraday’s Law

Faraday’s Law summarizes electromagnetic induction. The created voltage in a coil is in proportion to the number of loops in the coil. This is then multiplied by the rate, in which the magnetic field changes within the coils. Current also depends on the inductance of the coil. Inductance measures the tendency of a coil to resist a change in the current, because the magnetism produced by one part of the coil opposes the change of the current in other parts of the coil.

Generators and Alternating Current

Rather than moving the magnet, it makes more sense to move the coil. This is best accomplished by rotating the coil in a stationary magnetic field. As the power in the magnetic field increases, the created voltage goes in one direction . When the magnetic field decreases, the created voltage goes in the opposite direction. The frequency of the alternating current that is created is equal to the frequency of the changing magnetic field within the loop. This arrangement is called a generator. The generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The Transformer.

An electromagnetic Induction device which consists of an input,(which is the primary) coil of wire and an output(which is the secondary) coil of wire. The primary is powered by an ac voltage source, and the secondary is connected to an external source. Changes in the primary current, produce changes in the magnetic field. This change in turn affects the secondary. Voltage is caused in the secondary by electromagnetic induction. If both coils have the same number of turns, the voltage input and output are the same. If the secondary has more turns than the primary, the secondary produces the greater voltage. And Vice Versa, if the primary has more turns than the secondary, the primary will have more voltage.

Primary Voltage/Number of primary turns=Secondary voltage/number of secondary turns The transformer, transforms the voltage from one coil to the next. The rate in which this transfer occurs is the power output. The primary supplies what voltage the secondary needs, no more no less.

  1. Power into primary=power out of secondary
  2. Electric power=voltage x current
  3. (voltage x current)primary=(voltage x current)secondary

James Clerk Maxwell in about 1860-(British Physicist) known by Maxwell’s counterpart to Faraday’s Law

A magnetic field is induced in any region of space in which an electric field is changing with time. Maxwell understood the relationship between electromagnetic waves and light. If electric charges are set into vibration in the range of frequencies that math those of light, waves are produced that are light. Light consists of electrons. Magnetic waves the eye is sensitive to.

The qualities of an electromagnetic field

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In the early 1990's I worked in a power station where my job required frequent excursions into the generator room, inside control booths, behind the alternators and around the huge power bus bars carrying many hundreds of amps of electric current. I soon learned to leave my wallet in which credit cards and electronic identification cards on which magnetic strips activated various readers locked in my desk draw because proximity to power generating equipment and high currents exposed them to electromagnetic fields and they became very quickly corrupted.

Few people today realize the importance of magnetic fields and their underpinning of almost all electronic applications in today's world of gadgets, automatic functions, motors, generators, transformers, decoders, electronic filters and speakers just to name a few. Each of these devices or appliances incorporate magnetic fields in various ways and at different frequencies, for example speakers are designed to operate across a limited range of audio signals while a transformer employs the fundamental principle of mutual induction that enables us the ability to boost or reduce power and current.

So what is a magnetic (electromagnetic) field? In simple terms it is possible to visualize a magnetic field by comparing it to a stream of water. The current flows in one direction and vary in strength much as a magnetic field can vary in strength, and where the direction of flow is from north and south poles. This can be demonstrated using a bar magnet and fine iron filings scattered on a piece of paper. Place the magnet under your paper and scatter filings across the top. As you rotate the magnet underneath you will see the field shape and orientation by the way filings line up and form around the magnet shape.

An electromagnetic field is simply a field induced by way of applying electrical current. In the wire itself an electromagnetic field surrounds the core and this field can be increased to incredible strengths by winding the conductor around an iron core. Ever dropped a small screw down an inaccessible place and wondered how to retrieve it? Try this: find a length of find insulated wire say about four or five feet in length. Wrap it tightly around a long screwdriver and use a little sticky tape to hold it in position. Ensure both ends come out close to the handle; you can wind the wire up and down in several layers to increase the power. Bare ends and clamp, screw or solder them to a battery holder (AA size is sufficient), and include a single throw switch. When you insert a battery and close the switch you will have a very effective electromagnet careful the wire does not heat up too much. A brief flick of the switch is usually enough to magnetize your screwdriver but if this is not enough then insert your screwdriver down where you dropped what you are trying to retrieve then close the switch.

Electromagnetic fields are used in alternative current (AC ) applications where induction enables proportional increase and decrease in voltage and current. This enables power boosted to many thousands of volts at a small current to be transmitted hundreds of miles then reduced in voltage (with a proportional increase in current) for domestic and industrial use. This becomes possible because the reversing of field direction (north and south orientation) many times a second is picked up by wires coiled tightly around the magnet (usually an iron core). This process is called induction and is one of the most fundamental principles of electromagnetic field applications universally employed across power and electronic industries.

Audio applications employ two fundamental qualities of electromagnetic fields: frequency combined with the properties of the magnetic core used. The electromagnetic field dynamics of audio engineering are truly a feat of scientific magic enabling hi-fidelity replication of sound improving as new core materials offer improved frequency control.

Electromagnetic fields pass through almost all solid matter which means it is possible to conceal the source for purposes such as security alarms where a balanced electromagnetic field will activate an alarm when the field is broken (door opened) or the field is disrupted by someone attempting to disable it using a metallic object. The density of the solid will vary the distance an electromagnetic field is projected moreover it takes a significant amount of energy to project a magnetic field over a relatively short distance however modern technology is gradually improving field projection with less power.

In all and without launching into esoteric mathematical explanations describing properties of an electromagnetic field it is clear that most of the technology we take for granted today would not be possible without the exploitation of basics such as mutual induction, permeability (ability to pass through solid matter) and frequency response where effects of frequency induce vibrations (sound). As you read this be aware that within your computer there are billions of tiny cells in which individual electromagnetic fields oriented in combinations of north and south orientation make it all possible but that is another story!

How to recognize the symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity

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Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is becoming a popular topic in the medical community; as a result, it is important to recognize the symptoms of this particular condition. This condition is also known by various other names. These names include that of "electrical sensitivity", and in some cases, you may see it referred to as "electrosensitivity". This is a disorder that is actually physiologically based. When an individual is exposed to fields that are electromagnetic in nature, they typically experience a wide assortment of symptoms. Based on recent research on electromagnetic hypersensitivity, it has been found that the cases are growing as far as sufferers are concerned. Here, you will learn how to recognize the symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Step One:

In order to grasp an effective understanding of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, you must first understand the basic elements of the electromagnetic spectrum. This spectrum is a concept that was developed by professionals in the area of science. It basically defines the radiation types that individuals on earth are exposed to on a regular basis. These scientific analysts basically state that this form of radiation is a form of energy. When it comes to the electromagnetic spectrum, the energy that defines radiation not only travels , but it seems to extend outward and spread.

There are many different forms of radiation that we are exposed to on a consistent basis. These include:

  1. Microwaves
  2. Standard Lighting
  3. Radio Waves
  4. Gamma-Rays
  5. Electrical Wiring

It has been found that objects that exert a large amount of energy, and are "hot" emit a high level of radiation. Cooler, slower objects do not create as much radiation. Basically, something like an X-Ray can emit a large amount of radiation, while something like a simple radio will emit only a small amount.

Step Two:

Now that you have a basic understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum, it is time to learn a little bit about electromagnetic fields. These "fields" are areas that are actually invisible to the eye, yet they emit energy due to the fact that there is a current of electricity occurring somewhere in close proximity. Based on studies that have been conducted with animals, as well as various people from around the world, it has been determined that these "fields" produce a physiological response that is not exactly "positive". Many side effects, symptoms , and conditions occurred with the animals and humans that were tested.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity was among one of the conditions that occurred immediately following exposure.

Step Three:

Now, it is essential to understand that there is still testing and basic research being conducting on this particular issue, but to date, many interesting findings and/or conclusions have been brought to light. The test subjects that have been subjected to research and analytical studies based on electromagnetic fields and the onset of electromagnetic hypersensitivity have been found to suffer neurologically. Individuals and animals subjected to electromagnetic fields were found to react in numerous ways, and each seems to have a particular threshold when it came to the frequencies in which symptoms began to occur.

Some scientists conclude that the reaction to the fields of electromagnetic energy seem to be much like when a person suffers from an allergy. For example, there could be two people with an allergy to laundry soap. However, one person may prove to be more sensitive and they may suffer from much more severe symptoms than the other individual. The same seems to hold true for individuals exposed to these fields. One person, may example, may prove to be highly sensitive, while the next person may not show any symptoms until they are exposed to higher frequencies. Therefore, this concludes, that the immune system may suffer in one way or another when exposed to electromagnetic fields.

Step Four:

Many different types of people were studied, and they were exposed to many different types of products emitting radiation to determine if they would experience symptoms. In some tests, many people reacted immediately, while others had symptoms that were more delayed. For example, two people were provided with a new computer . One person immediately began to experience symptoms that are common to electromagnetic sensitivity. The other individual, however, never exhibited symptoms during the study. Products such as lighting, cell phones, televisions, and more were also tested and for nearly every product, someone experienced symptoms.

Step Five:

There are many symptoms that may be an indication that an individual is suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and these include:

  1. Mild to severe headaches
  2. Varying degrees of fatigue
  3. Irritation in one or both of the eyes
  4. Rashes that develop on the skin
  5. Ringing in the ears
  6. Mild to severe dizziness
  7. Nausea with and without vomiting
  8. Swelling and itching in the facial area
  9. General weakness
  10. Pain that is typically in the muscles or even the joints
  11. Complications in breathing
  12. Balance issues
  13. Emotional difficulties such as depression
  14. Concentration issues
  15. Problems with memory
  16. Problems in sleep

In severe cases of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, many individuals have suffered from severe spasms in the muscles, seizures, and even severe convulsions. If you find that you suffer from any of these symptoms, it is important to consult with a professional in electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Understanding Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure Part 2

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The Buzz About Electromagnetic Fields Continues

None of us has ever seen, heard, or, at the very least, felt electromagnetic fields. But wherever electric current runs, we can be sure electromagnetic fields are present. Not a few people have expressed concern about the possible dangers these fields pose to human health. Researchers, in turn, continue to study on whether or not there are sufficient grounds to link electromagnetic fields with certain diseases.

Once an electric piece of equipment is turned on, the current running through it generates a magnetic field that envelops the device. Since it isn't possible to block the field, it can penetrate the body , especially when one is standing close to a switched-on or running device.

Substations and power lines generate exactly the same type of electromagnetic fields. This is why many people fear that no one is safe from the ever-present, and possibly health-endangering, electromagnetic fields - they are almost everywhere.

Much of the research efforts have been concentrated on electromagnetic fields that are generated by alternating current. These include those that come from home appliances, office equipment, and power lines. Near the source, some electromagnetic fields present in homes and workplaces may be unusually strong. But as one moves away from the source, the fields' power quickly decreases. Weak electric currents are produced in the body once it is exposed to electromagnetic fields.

All the talks surrounding electromagnetic fields seem to center on the possible link between exposure to these fields and certain diseases. To this day, however, science still has to sufficiently and satisfactorily explain how these fields might cause such diseases. Besides this, many of the studies conducted on electromagnetic fields turned out negative for links to any illness or health disorder. In one particular study, in fact, it was found that living near power lines did not increase the risk of cancer as some people suspect.

Still, experts are divided; there are those who insist there's a definite connection between exposure to electromagnetic fields and certain diseases or disorders, including leukemia, adult cancer, birth and developmental defects, behavioral disorders, and even Alzheimer's disease. Some even look down on electromagnetic fields as a possible human carcinogen. The low-level energy emitted from functioning cellular phones is also a form of electromagnetic field. This, too, is suspected of being a possible cause of brain cancer.

With such a disparity on views and opinions, there is an obvious need to do more research and come up with more solid evidence to put a closure to the long-raging debate. In the meantime, people can try to lessen their exposure to electromagnetic fields by taking some steps, beginning with their minimizing the use of electrical devices that are known to emit high levels of electromagnetic fields. These include photocopiers, vacuum cleaners, some power tools, microwave ovens, blenders, hair dryers , and shavers.

Keep a good distance between your electrical bedside devices and your head. Lastly, whenever possible, use a laptop computer rather than a desktop model that makes use of a monitor. And while using a monitor, make sure that you sit as far away from it as possible.

Understanding Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure

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Created on: January 20, 2011

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have been linked to a variety of serious diseases and illnesses – from chronic fatigue to nausea; headaches to miscarriages; brain tumors to cancer. EMFs are radiated from anything that conducts electricity , so the threat is literally all around us. How serious is the risk? Are there ways to protect yourself?

By 1990, over 100 research studies regarding EMF had been conducted worldwide. Of these, at least two dozen epidemiological studies on humans indicated a link between EMFs and serious health problems. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stated “There is reason for concern.” Yet because of political and economic pressure exerted by computer, military, and utility lobbyists, the public may not be getting sufficient warning regarding the risk of EMF exposure.

When the EPA recommended in a draft report that EMFs be classified as a Class B carcinogen, lobbyists opposed the draft and fought the classification. Consequently, the final draft did not list EMFs as a carcinogen. When the EPA was questioned regarding the change, the response was that it was “not appropriate” to use the carcinogen label until it could demonstrate how EMFs caused cancer and precisely how much EMF is harmful.

Electromagnetic fields are the areas of energy that surround electric devices, including cell phones, computers, vacuums, power lines, transformers, microwaves, televisions, refrigerators and hair dryers – just to name a few. Does this mean we are constantly at risk?

A constant debate rages about what EMF level is considered safe. Many government and utility documents report the usual ambient level of 60-Hz magnetic field to be 0.5 mG, so any reading higher than this is above “usual.” Although some experts and public officials maintain 3 mG as the cut-off point, the EPA proposes a safety standard of 1 mG.

Many household items have surprisingly high EMF levels. Electric clocks have a very high magnetic field – as much as 5 to 10 mG up to 3 feet away. This means if you have a clock on your nightstand, you may be sleeping in an EMF equivalent to that of a power line. Many experts agree that you should sleep at least six feet away from clocks and other electronic devices, since studies have shown a high rate of brain tumors with chronic exposure to magnetic fields.

Electric razors and hair dryers emit EMFs as high as 200 to 300 mG. As alarming as that number is, researchers don’t know if this is worse than chronic exposure to a 2 or 3 mG field. Some EMF consultants recommend not using hair dryers on children since the magnetic field is so close to their developing brain and nervous system.

The BioInitiative Working Group has reviewed more than 2,000 scientific papers regarding EMFs. Their reports document scientific evidence that links childhood leukemia to exposure to power lines, as well as brain tumors and Alzheimer’s disease associated with the prolonged use of cell and cordless phones. Dr. David Carpenter, director of the Institute for Health and the Environment in New York, estimates that EMFs are a contributing factor in 20 to 35 percent of child cancers. EMFs have also linked to a number of other ailments, ranging from depression to skin, eye, heart, reproductive, and neurological problems. Organizations like the BioInitiative are actively trying to educate as many as possible about the potential problems associated with EMF exposure.

Obviously it is impossible to avoid EMFs completely. We are surrounded with electronic devices on a daily basis, whether we want to be or not. Although the World Health Organization claims that non-chronic exposure to low EMF levels is not a threat, many are not willing to take that chance. So how do you avoid the risk? The answer is “prudent avoidance.” Take reasonable precautions to limit your exposure to EMFs in your home and office. Don’t sleep under an electric blanket or stand in front of your microwave. Distance yourself at least six feet from your television, and place all large appliances against outside walls to minimize EMF in adjoining rooms. It’s also important not to let your children play near transformers, radar domes, or power lines.

Individuals with EMF sensitivity may experience fatigue, insomnia, muscle pain, foggy thinking, and other symptoms. If you are concerned about EMF levels in your home, purchase a Gauss meter – an instrument which measures magnetic field strength. Although pricey, the Gauss meter may alert you to dangerous levels of EMF and help you keep your family safe. Hopefully the EPA and other health organizations will continue to perform research regarding the negative effects of exposure to EMFs and keep the public updated and sufficiently warned.

Tips for debunking a drop in temperature during a paranormal investigation

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It was written by C. Ann Cunningham

Created on: November 17, 2009

You are on a paranormal investigation. You and your teammates are moving slowly around, asking the entities that are reported to be there to make themselves known to you, to knock on something, to move something, to show themselves. Mysteriously, a moment later, you feel a cold spot, an area that feels colder than the rest of the room. Excitedly, you announce the cold spot to your fellow investigators...but what do you do next?

The first thing that should be done is to verify the cold spot by taking a temperature reading of the area. Then you proceed to start looking for anything that might be producing that patch of cold air other than an entity from the beyond. The easiest way to do verify this is with an infrared thermometer, equipped with a laser for pinpoint accuracy, or with a camera that digitally reads the temperature of whatever it is pointing at.

Check nearby windows to see if any are open, even a crack. An errant cool breeze could have come in a small opening and not moved the blinds or curtains. If no nearby windows are actually open, check for drafts around the edge of the window frame. If that does not pan out, start checking the floors and walls for vents that might be blowing central air into the room. Also, if there is a fireplace in the room, check to ensure it is not cool air blowing down the chimney from outside.

I know it may sound ridiculous to go to that extent over a cold spot when you want to be checking for EVPs and EMF spikes, but if you are a paranormal investigator, then part of your job should be to try to debunk events as they happen. If you have checked all the possible causes of a cold spot and nothing seems to fit, then you may be experiencing a true attempt at manifestation.

There is no reason why checking for the possible causes needs to interfere with the investigation, either. If you have already had several events happen that you cannot find a cause for, then by all means, continue the investigation as if you are experiencing true paranormal activity. Doing a temperature sweep of an area needn't take up much time at all. Five minutes should be sufficient time to check temperature readings, and you can easily move on to the next part of your investigation.

The effect of spirits on electromagnetic fields

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Created on: September 28, 2010

I’ve said a million times, if I’ve said it once that this would make a great study if scientists ever dared to stretch their probability-limited minds into the realm of real science, e.g., the study of, possibilities. What wonderful things might we discover just by eliminating the habit of negating things just because they weren’t “probable”. Hmmm, “the possibilities”, really could become, “endless”.

Electromagnetic fields, or EMF’s, are energy, radioactive energy and science has already proven that these fields have an effect on the behavior of biological cells. We have EMF energy around all of the time, cell phones, TV’s, computers, alarm clocks, radios, stoves, refrigerators, microwave ovens, tanning beds, cell towers, ratio towers, light bulbs and florescent lights. Even the Sun and Moon emit Electromagnetic energy fields that our bodies then absorb, as does the Earth, itself, the plants, stones, trees, even the ground and water. Everything around us that catches the Sun’s or Moon’s rays are affected by this energy.

Human beings are sensitive to these EMF’s because our bodies also contain them. It’s easily verifiable with the use of an EMF meter, a device that was constructed for electricians to detect hidden wiring. These meters, especially the, “TriField Natural EMF Meters”, are used by ghost hunters, to detect changes in electromagnetic fields.

When held within range of these EMF’s, the readout on the meter will show the level of energy in or around a human being, body part, around technology and, yes, even with there’s seemingly, nothing there in front of you, your EMF meter may just pick up some energy because the energy of ghosts and spirits are easily detected with these meters.

There are numerous reports of meter readouts spiking when in the vicinity of ghost or spirit energy. You may not see anything, but it can be right there, in front of you, that ghost or spirit that is haunting your home or business.

Many an avid ghost hunter has seen his or her meter spike and many have asked that if a ghost or spirit is present, to make it spike again or even blink one, two or even three times to verify that they are indeed there. It occurs more often than scientists would have us to believe and many ghost hunters go further by carrying on whole conversations with the energy that is spiking their EMF meter.

Once detected by the EMF meters, ghosts and spirits can possibly be photographed, their voices and other sounds, recorded; even whole conversations can be carried out in front of a camera and recorder, with these entities. It’s easier to tell whether the entity moves to another room or closer to the holder of the meters because of the fluctuations in the energy levels.

Those who believe that human beings have something called a, “soul”, will probably understand that the “soul” is energy; electromagnetic energy and it’s that energy that we often pick up and call a ghost or spirit.

Every physical thing in this world contains something called an, “Aura”; an electromagnetic field around it. Many people and objects have had their auras photographed with, “Kirlian” photography. Even non-physical objects, such as ghosts or spirits have been photographed by simple cameras like the, Polaroid, Instamatics, SLR’s and even Digital cameras are picking up this energy in various places; often in graveyards or around individuals who claim that they have an entity around them.

We humans seem to think that because we can’t see, touch, taste, hear or smell an entity that it’s not really there. Surprise! There are many who have claimed to have seen ghosts, spirits or other entities in areas reported to be haunted. There are also people who can feel this energy, smell scents whenever a familiar spirit is around. There are even those who claim to have touched entities. They may not be physical, but those who experience them are often maligned by non-believers, scientists and skeptics; many of whom seem to want to demean and humiliate those who experience them if they possibly can.

The skeptic websites, shows, magazines and other publications are full of skeptic debunkers who spent their time trying to disprove anything that they can’t see, hear, feel, touch or taste, themselves. They’ll even poke fun at those scientists who actually open their minds to the possibility of spirits and ghosts and engage in research that explains their existence. These, “probability” hounds refuse to allow for the “possibility” or anything that their limited minds can’t prove. Even their explanations of why ghosts and spirits are not possible, often sound sillier than they claim the ghost hunters explanations sound.

While a little skepticism may be a good thing, even the experts can overdo and often do. Sometimes a meter may pick up the moon’s rays through a window or perhaps the energy of stones in jewelry or the phone in a corner of the room so it is very important to eliminate the “probabilities” in order to gain the substantiation of a ghostly or spirit presence. The fact of the matter is that, too much skepticism can and does eliminate some very wonderful, “possibilities”. Do we all really want to live in a limited world of limited minds or is there still room for hope and possibilities? I, for one, think that there is still room.

Ghost hunters and paranormal investigators must take care not to mis-interpret a cell tower signal from the outside of an alleged haunted house from an actual energy that is spiking their EMF meter. Likewise, scientists must learn to open their minds if they are ever going to make any progress with science.

Limited minds hinder progress and prevent hopes and dreams from physically manifesting and society needs progress in order to thrive. We should be careful not to “cut off our…” proverbial, “…nose to spite our face”

A good and thorough team of ghost hunters should have at least one scientist among them in order to validate what the meters are reading. Humans make mistakes and all-too-often an energy spike can be mis-interpreted. Cameras, recorders, and these meters are all great tools, by which to detect ghosts or spirits and ghost hunting is certainly a field that needs some scientists on-board in order to further research into the, “possibilities” that are everywhere, but few have joined the search. Kudos to those few and may they influence others to dare the, allegedly, impossible!

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Tips for debunking spikes in electromagnetic fields (EMFs) during a paranormal investigation

This article was found on

It was written by C. Ann Cunningham

Created on: November 16, 2009

EMFs or electromagnetic fields are given off by numerous objects, and attempting to debunk EMF readings is an essential part of any paranormal investigation. Most people are aware, either from reading or watching television shows about the paranormal, that indoor wiring can give off high fields, and that those fields are capable of passing through a floor and into the rooms above if the concentration of wiring is big enough. However, indoor wiring is not the only thing that can give off EMF readings that can alter your investigation. Video displays, fluorescent lighting, space heaters, some appliances, certain metals, minerals, and even vehicles give off fields so you need to make sure that you examine all possibilities before declaring that something is spiking due to a paranormal entity.

As you are investigating the location, pass the EMF meter close to anything you think might be radiating a field. If you have a meter that has separate settings for magnetic and electric fields, switch it between the two to ensure you are getting an accurate reading of the object. If you get a hit on an area within the location that is not clearly coming from an object, double check the possibility of wiring in the location giving off the fields.

If you or someone in your group is highly sensitive and often feels ill in areas with a high EMF, they may be suffering from electrical hypersensitivity. Keep them aware of areas where there are high concentrations of EMF from wiring and objects, and make sure they keep their exposure to a minimum, and ensure that they avoid fear cages completely.(A "fear cage" is an small enclosed area with an extremely high EMF reading that can lead to paranoia, nausea, fear, etc.) Whenever someone starts to feel ill on an investigation, the best thing to do is to remove them immediately to an area with a lower EMF reading.

If you have investigated an area and there is little chance of a high reading coming from any other source, then you may have stumbled across a paranormal entity. The important thing is to ensure the accuracy of your findings and readings by thorough investigation and research into the area and location with an eye toward truly debunking the EMF results. If and when you cannot debunk a spike, that is when the investigation moves into the next level.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Last day of The First Ward School House Fund Raiser 9-14-2012

Thanks to the event held by the W.I.P.S. Team who own The First Ward School House, I had the chance to meet the Booth Brothers, and have now had the chance to become friends via Facebook, with Ben Hansen from SYFY Channel's TV Show "Fact Or Faked".


During our Investigation on 9-14-2012, the Booth Brothers were at the School House, filming. They are making another one of their famous and popular DVD's about the School. :-( sadly I did not get in any of the film, at least not that I am aware of. But I was there at the exact time they were there filming, so that's good enough for me :-)

An interview with Christopher Booth will be airing on Storytime on October 6th, on SEPIA RVP Radio, and an interview with Ben will be airing in December 2012 or Janurary 2013.

The W.I.P.S. Team invite other paranormal teams to come investigate the School House. For a fee of $50.00 per person, you can spend from dusk till dawn investigating every floor of the school house.

Please note that money collected from the fund raiser and from the investigation fees, go towards repairing the School House; as Justin (Lead Investigator of W.I.P.S.) and his wife & Children live in the School house. And when they bought it, it was in very very rough shape.

If your team is interested in seeing what you can find at the School, call them @ 1-(847)-867-6037 or email them @ (Please in your email put in the subject line "Requesting investigation of School House).

I can tell you from personal experience that Justin and his entire family are wonderful people, who are very kind & generous.