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Investigating paranormal phenomena Part 2

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Created on: October 30, 2010

From a scientific point of view, the paranormal organizations are the first front on which the paranormal can and maybe needs to be investigated. The weights and measures with recording devices serves to show that something is certainly in the atmosphere. What that is can often be dismissed and/or understood by the weights and measures.

Remaining respectful to whatever the causes may be of the disturbance is one of the important factors of a good investigation. If it is something stuck in the material energies, then challenging or yelling at it will not make it go away. If anything it may just raise its ire and you may have a poltergeist on your hands.

We are all aware of underground water that causes some disturbances on the surface. And as the earth is made up of plates that fit together to form the solid ground, some people are sensitive to their shifts and movements. These are the most common of events that are often mistaken for paranormal activity. Knowing the ground area is often as important as the actual disturbance.

The unseen world is a mass of energies. Some of those energies can be measured on a recorder and some are too fine to be measured and recorded. Some of the energies that accumulate from the use and/or abuse of the ground itself, can be negative or positive.

The reason they are most often negative is that a disaster to human life has been the cause of the disturbance. Around a place of a famous battle or event many negative energies accumulate. Unfortunately history is written on our negatives not our positive events.

From a spirit point of view, a medium will not investigate the area first. Maybe that can come later as proof of their findings. What they are seeking to do is to identify if there is a spirit cause to the disturbances. A medium will want to know that all physical, material causes are eliminated before assuming it to be spirit input.

When we consider that there are as many spirit who find their way into the light as that remain around the earth plane, it is actually surprising there is not more activity of spirit presence around people, places, things. Perhaps it is just that we are not living in the spirit enough to actually know the spirit is around.

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