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What it means to be a paranormal investigator

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Have you ever wondered what a Paranormal Investigator is and what they do? A Paranormal Investigator is a person who gets together a team of ghost hunters and researches whether or not there is a haunting going on in various places that people claim to be haunted.

What equipment do Paranormal Investigators use?

Even you could do this, however, it is something that you really have to believe in. They have special equipment that they use, and it includes video cameras with both day and night vision , as well as special digital recorders which they use in capturing EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena); they also use EVP meters, and some Paranormal Investigators even use dowsing rods.

After setting up all the equipment, they make sure that there are no lights and they do their work in total darkness - only using the lights off of their equipment; that way they get no interference from any electricity as it is a known fact to all paranormal investigators that if there is a true haunting, their equipment would register it as it would register electricity.

What is the significance of “electricity” in Paranormal Investigation?

You are probably thinking to yourself: “Why electricity?” The answer to that is simple . If there was a true haunting at the location, the entity would register like electricity because they are feeding off your equipment and letting the investigator basically know that it’s trying to make contact.

When a paranormal phenomenon seeks to make contact, that is what makes the job a success getting the proof that there is actually a haunting and that when it comes to this, a Paranormal Investigator can get the proof of paranormal activity and advise the person who contacted them on it.

What are the pitfalls in a Paranormal Investigator’s work?

Don't get it wrong - not every job is a success and not every haunting that is submitted to a team of Paranormal Investigators has been real. The reason for that is because some people take paranormal activity as a joke to get some form of advertisement to their place or business, and this would certainly get any paranormal researcher very upset for they truly believe in what they do and don't like people who take advantage or make a joke out of their dedicated work.

Also notable is the fact that Paranormal Investigators and researchers in that nature do not get paid for what they do; they themselves pay for it. Which means that they find ways to make money to keep their equipment up to date and to keep it running right; else if they didn't do that then they wouldn't get such good results.

With Paranormal Investigators, just like it is with any other kind of investigator, solid findings mean greater reliability . What’s more, the better the results the better the researcher, and hence, the better the proof.

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