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Tips for debunking spikes in electromagnetic fields (EMFs) during a paranormal investigation

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Created on: November 16, 2009

EMFs or electromagnetic fields are given off by numerous objects, and attempting to debunk EMF readings is an essential part of any paranormal investigation. Most people are aware, either from reading or watching television shows about the paranormal, that indoor wiring can give off high fields, and that those fields are capable of passing through a floor and into the rooms above if the concentration of wiring is big enough. However, indoor wiring is not the only thing that can give off EMF readings that can alter your investigation. Video displays, fluorescent lighting, space heaters, some appliances, certain metals, minerals, and even vehicles give off fields so you need to make sure that you examine all possibilities before declaring that something is spiking due to a paranormal entity.

As you are investigating the location, pass the EMF meter close to anything you think might be radiating a field. If you have a meter that has separate settings for magnetic and electric fields, switch it between the two to ensure you are getting an accurate reading of the object. If you get a hit on an area within the location that is not clearly coming from an object, double check the possibility of wiring in the location giving off the fields.

If you or someone in your group is highly sensitive and often feels ill in areas with a high EMF, they may be suffering from electrical hypersensitivity. Keep them aware of areas where there are high concentrations of EMF from wiring and objects, and make sure they keep their exposure to a minimum, and ensure that they avoid fear cages completely.(A "fear cage" is an small enclosed area with an extremely high EMF reading that can lead to paranoia, nausea, fear, etc.) Whenever someone starts to feel ill on an investigation, the best thing to do is to remove them immediately to an area with a lower EMF reading.

If you have investigated an area and there is little chance of a high reading coming from any other source, then you may have stumbled across a paranormal entity. The important thing is to ensure the accuracy of your findings and readings by thorough investigation and research into the area and location with an eye toward truly debunking the EMF results. If and when you cannot debunk a spike, that is when the investigation moves into the next level.

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