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Why people are interested in paranormal phenomena Part 2

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It was written by Stefano Brugnerotto

Created on: June 10, 2012 Last Updated: June 11, 2012

The realm of the paranormal is a common interest among humans, but for various reasons. The paranormal represents very different things to various people. I feel, from a psychological viewpoint, that there is a relief among certain people that a lost loved one is still accessible. It would be easy to console your grief in the belief that they are still there. This can be amplified by the few people that have such a hard time believing in the departure that they will hallucinate.

Many stories arise of people seeing ghosts of family members, friends, etc. I believe this arises from the before-mentioned inability to cope with loss. Their mind, not able to let go, creates images of the deceased in order to calm itself. For others, a need to explain what they cannot, gives rise to an interest/belief in the paranormal. People naturally seek to explain their surroundings and when their knowledge of science fails them, a paranormal explanation may become necessary. When one such occurrence befalls a person, they may develop an interest and pursue further instances.

It is also “cool” to some people that there is a world of beings that we cannot see. The simple fact that ghosts are fascinating is a reason that people are interested. Who would not want to communicate with a person from the past? The stories they could tell of history . This possibility is enough to excite some people to search for phenomena that can be attributed to phantoms.

When phenomena is noticed, a person can feel “close” to ghosts. They want to expand this feeling by experiencing ghosts more and more. This can turn to obsession as is noticed in shows such as “Ghost Hunters”. This obsession paved the way for jobs in the field of paranormal research. (Again, “Ghost Hunters”).

For the common person, belief in the paranormal involves a faith in what you cannot see. Belief/Interest in the paranormal parallels with religion in that, both situations have a vast range of “followers”. You have those who are sort of interested, those who are obsessed, and everyone in between. Such as religion does, paranormal interest permeates society. Though you may not be openly interested in phantoms, you cannot escape their influence. Countless stories and movies transfer this interest to the common person. Based on their popularity, it can be inferred that each one of us has a little interest embedded in us.