Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Topic Of The Day

Lauren C. Dole


Will it Hold your spirit here until your business is done, until the wrong has been made right until the truth come to light??????......Will unfinished business hold you back from crossing over to the afterlife??? Are you afraid that it will??????

  1. Katrina Rose: I think unfinished business could keep the spirit from crossing over. I suppose it depends what the unfinished business is, and how vengeful the spirit is. When I met my spirits they needed validation and thankfully I was able to provide this for them.
  2. I do believe that only because I was part of something and was part of helping this person let go before he died.
  3. I have pain from being wronged in this life, and I guess you never forget but I have learned to forgive because it gives 'me' peace.
  4. My Mother after her death was stuck here for a time, as she visited me 3 times before she crossed over. My Mother in life was not a pleasant woman when angered !!! She was a good Christian though she had her mean spots...When it was time for her to cross over, she came to me to let me know that she wouldn't be able to see me again. She had white all around her and I was blessed to have been able to watch her cross over. Where she landed Is anyone's guess ? I do Miss Her A Lot.
  5. You know Lauren....I think I just may come back to tease a few people I feel need a little wake-up call. I kind of look forward to it!
  6. Yes, I believe unfinished business will hold be back, if I don't complete the loose ends of my life. I've already started, never know when God will call my spirit home.
  7. I think when you come back is when you work on unfinished business and keep repeating the cycle until you get it right.
  8. And My Own Comment: I believe unfinished business could hold a soul from moving on. I also believe that some souls choose to stay, for (as examples) out of concern for a family member(s), etc. And I believe some are afraid to move on, so they stay. And I do believe that some just can't move on until justice has done.

Topic Of The Day

By: Lauren C Dole


( When our deceased loved one comes to us in a dream with a message of comfort or warning etc)........OR...... Just our subconscious making amends with a loved one who we had issues with?????? Have you had a dream visit????? Did it bring you peace?????

The Comments so far:

  1. I have many visits in my dreams, especially my dad who brings me great comfort just when I need it... He seems to know when I need a dad hug! Xx
  2. Yes, I've had many dream visitations. Sometimes they bring peace, some times confusion...for me.
  3. Mike Burton: I have dream visitations frequently. You can easily tell the difference. When the dream feels just to real to be a dream, it isn't.
  4. I have had dream visitations by a friend who took his life...yes it did bring peace to me because I felt guilty for not being there
  5. I love my visitations. I had an afterlife experience when I was 16, so I see the same place where my friends and family send me Dream Affirmations. Again, I reaffirm, I have no fear of living because I have no fear of dying. I rest assured of where my next step in this learned journey will take me. My grandfather came to me and said goodbye when I was 9 before my parents returned to announce his passing. My Aunt committed suicide and I knew it instantly. She was on the West Coast and asked my forgiveness, she could not deal with her mental pain. But she came to me from Paradise, so I have rethought the penalties told to me about suicide. My uncle Roger leaned over me and kissed my cheek from the other side, then I dreamed of him and my uncle Larry laughing and fishing off a huge rock. Telling me they were okay. So yes, this is an awesome gift to us.
  6. Lauren C Dole: I had dream visits from My fathers wife every freakin' night for 4 years until my fathers death last month thank God they stopped.....I know she was trying to make things right with me as I was excluded from their lives... and I think she felt bad about that ....... Last night I had a dream of my dad.... my dad never knew me... and he died not really knowing anything about me , he had a new life a new wife and new kids and I was the weekend visitor when I was young but he never got to know me...really sad .... so in the dream we spent quality time together he showed interest in me and we talked like I had hoped we would in I think he visited me in my dream no not this time.. I think it was just a nice dream of how I wish my dad would have been......
  7. A friend passed in Feb this year has come many times awake and in dreams. When he passed I did not mourn. First time EVER I celebrated because I truly had resolved all issues throughout the 22 years we knew each other. My question: Could he be making his amends by coming to assist with his messages and presence? It is all about energy and balancing...
  8. I like the topic, I have had a grand Mother keep me alive when I was a kid. And now i see and here more now then when I was younger. But its not with my Ears that I am hearing with!
  9. Yes, I've just had another one a couple of nights ago!! Left me feeling very calm and 'warm' all day.
  10. My daughter did when her father died. It was so comforting to her. She wants him to visit her again. I have not, and I wish I did. :-(
  11. I have frequent visits from my late husband, esp. in times when I am troubled.
  12. Yes. First time was my maternal Grandfather. I found myself in a room dressed in all white, sitting on a white chair. My Abuelo came in dressed in a white suit. He told me he was going away, but not matter what he would always be there for me. The next day my Mother received the call that he had passed. She told me she had something to tell me, but I told her I already knew. The 2nd time was my roommate Josh, who tragically died in a car crash. I was on a city bus. At one of the stops my dead roommate got on the bus. I told him I was so glad to see him & that I wanted to know when he was coming back. He told me he wasn't coming back. Ever. He told me I had to get off the bus at the next corner, because I needed to move on & live my life. That he would always help me through the rough times.
  13. Some of my dead loved ones came to me in dreams. My mother hugging me made me feel good. Dreams of my aunt and uncle were just okay. I didn't have any unresolved issues with any of my family.
  14. I get visits from my parents both died in the early 90's and my brother who died in 95'.
  15. I see my father in the back ground of almost every dream I have.
  16. My father visited me after he died to show me where he was. I don't think he has been back since.
  17. I have dreamed of family and we mostly just look at each other, no touching.
  18. And my own comment: My family has a saying "dream of the dead, hear from the living." But I've seen my dead dog in several dreams since his passing, lol without hearing from the living (though that phrase usually relates to dreaming of a dead human, not a pet lol.). But using my dog's visits as an example, I believe that the dead can visit you in your dreams. I know my beloved dog does from time to time, and I'm grateful every time he does, because I miss him dearly. But I know my Great-Grandmother is taking care of him in heaven for me.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Animals and the paranormal

Article from CPS Paranormal

There is no doubt that animals are aware of paranormal activity. The senses of sight, smell and hearing are superior to that of humans. They can see, hear and smell things that are not within the spectrum of our sensing ability. Not to mention: Their sixth sense. They have the ability of not just sensing but predicting an occurrence of something before we can.

As a paranormal investigator we rely on the use of scientific instruments in order to obtain evidence from a spectrum that is not within our own realm. The use of sophisticated voice recorders allow us to record sounds well below and above the audio spectrum of the human ear. Using infrared cameras give us the ability to see in the dark thermal cameras to differentiate between hot and cold and UV camera into a different visual spectrum. EMF detectors are used to measure unseen magnetic fields. We also use various other instruments to detect and measure an array of things we cannot see, hear or feel. In short; all we are doing is using instruments to measure outside of our own realm and into a larger spectrum that animals already see, hear, smell and sense.

Upon the first initial visit with a client; experienced investigators will ask about pets in the business or residence and how they have been acting. Unfortunately, most of the time that there is reported paranormal activity going on; the client does not make the connection with their pet’s behavior unless its overwhelming, and they just discard it. An animal will also become use to it after awhile, especially if it is residual in nature. It becomes part of their surroundings and natural environment. Much like people when they move to a new home, at first our realm is different, but we get settled in and use to it after awhile.

CPS has investigated cases where clients have told us that their sleeping cat has looked up and suddenly bolted from the room; for no apparent reason. The family dog was barking into thin air or would not go into a certain room or even go near the house, garage or a certain building on the property. During investigations of these premises, we did in fact find evidence of paranormal activity. There has been many cases like this reported and documented throughout the years in the paranormal field by many different groups.

CPS does not use animals in their investigations for two reasons. The first being that when you bring an animal into a place, all sensory items like sight, smell and audio are new to the animal. Nothing is familiar to the animal being brought in, the animal does not know what belongs there. They can and do react to all unfamiliar smells and noises. Secondly, If there is a spirit (intelligent) present, they might be fearful of the animal and not be open for any type of interaction or communication.

When it comes to client’s pets, we prefer NOT to have the animal or animals in the home (This depends on the type of pet). Safety of the investigators is a major concern. When it comes to dogs, you can never tell how it is gonna react to strangers walking in and out of the house. Dogs, cats and other animals make a variety of noises which lead to contamination of captured evidence. Tripping over the animal also posses an additional safety hazard. Also, you would not be in good grace with the client if their indoor cat or dog happened to get outside and ran off. On the other hand, a small turtle or pet fish doesn’t pose a problem.

Unfortunately while doing outside investigations, a variety of animal are encountered or closely encountered all of the time. This is one of reasons why any noises, other than voice responses should be discarded. Even a voice response can NOT be totally trusted in an outside investigation. Animal and wind contamination is a huge factor. A field mouse running through the leaves or a deer over 500 yards away can sound like someone walking towards you. Most times animal encounters are mistaken for EVP’s than they are of harm to investigators.

Ghost animals are and always will be a huge split amongst investigators. On one hand, everything is made of energy. Therefore; if energy never dies out, animal energy like human energy would continue on after death. On the other hand; case studies have shown at the brink of death the human body loses 1/16 of a pound, or 1 oz. An animal does not lose any weight at all. Some say this is the soul leaving the human body and that is why animals do not lose any weight. They have NO soul. I would say that this is still an open ended question until further advancements in the equipment used in the paranormal field can find the answers. Any other answer without substantiated proof would only be a belief.

Legends in our area range from a Bigfoot to the Mothman to the New Jersey Devil and much more. Although with some of these cases there seems to be some overwhelming evidence; as well as personal experiences. The JURY is still out on this subject! Is it possible? YES!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Peppermint and Blood Orange Invigorating Body Scrub

Peppermint and Blood Orange Invigorating Body Scrub by Jane Church (Handcrafters Companion)

  • 1 pound of sea salt (fine to medium grain)
  • 1 oz sunflower oil
  • 3 oz jojoba oil
  • 2 oz liquid soap base
  • 1/4 teaspoon peppermint essential oil
  • 1/3 teaspoon blood orange essential oil
  • 2 teaspoons dried raspberry seeds


Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl and transfer into desired packaging.

For "home" use, you can use Tupperware or similar packaging. If you plan to gift or sell the scrub, obviously more elaborate

packaging is called for.

To use the scrub, add the desired amount to the palm of your hand or a scrub

mitt. Gently rub over skin to exfoliate and invigorate your skin. Rinse well.

Aromatherapy Tip of the Day - Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum)

Aromatherapy Tip of the Day - Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum)

From the seed, a top note. Has properties similar to Ginger

An oil for Stability and Contentment

Useful for poor concentration, worry and overthinking.

Warm, spicy and sweet it is uplifting and aids in concentration.

When feeling burdened and weighed down, Cardamom acts as a gentle tonic helping us to relax.

Blends well with any of the Citrus oils.

Use in a diffuser or aroma lamp.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Are There certain types of people who could be affected by, or targeted by , a Ghost Or demon for possession?

By Jennifer Scelsi in CSI: Paranormal

Ghosts may sometimes feel as though they are owed something from a person they perceived as having wronged them while they were alive. If a ghost feels it suffered some kind of injustice or unhappiness at the hands of a person who is still alive, this ghost may be seeking revenge.

Another possible reason is that the ghost has unfulfilled desires, wants, needs and cravings that weren't fulfilled during its lifetime, and may find a person whose desires match its own closely. In this case, the ghost may try to possess that person to satisfy its needs.

A negative entity, such as a Demon , might possess a person to stop the spread of spirituality. For example, if a person is practicing her religion very faithfully, the demon may want to stop the spread of spirituality both in the person and throughout the community. In order to achieve this aim, the demon might try to possess this person or drive him or her away from her religion A person with a prolonged physical illness may be a likely victim for an attack by a ghost or a demon. Some people believe that a ghost or demon could target an injury or diseased area of a living person's body and use it as a point of entry.

People with a weak mind are easy targets for ghosts, demons and negative entities in general. Living people who are filled with anger greed, and or are extremely emotional are prime candidates for an attack. Like a physical open wound, the negative spirit can enter this type of person's mind and can take control. Once in, the negative spirit will use the person's own personality traits to control him or her with relative ease.

For example, if someone is highly emotional , the negative entity would make that person even more emotional - thus weakening the mind even further in order to continue control that person for many months or years.

The bottom line is this: if you are spiritually stronger than the negative entity trying to take you over, you will win. If you're not, the negative entity wins. If you are a spiritually strong person, and you ask whatever higher power you believe in for protection, your chances of being possessed or attacked by a negative entity will decrease substantially.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kindred Spirits

Article by: Lauren C. Dole

A Kindred spirit is a person we knew before birth..... before we are born as we are waiting for a body we connect with other souls who are waiting also.... When we get here on earth and we meet up with a Kindred we knew before being born.... it is an instant instant love and instant knowing of this you are meeting an old beloved friend ....because you are...... Kindreds make great mates in Life....they are the best next to a soul mate.... you already know them... share a past..have deep feelings that are eternal..... so if you cant find your soul mate look for a will know them as soon as you meet....:)

The author of this article has met 4 so far.

Happiness Spell that you can do yourself.

Article by: Lauren C. Dole

Happiness Candle Spell Need to jump-start some joy in your life? A quick candle spell can help you see things more positively.

All you need for this one is:

  • 2 orange candles
  • Some dried lavender

Put a few pinches of lavender on your altar or table between the two candles. Light them both and let your hands feel the warmth of the flames. Repeat the following, 7 times: This spell please bless For my happiness Let the candles burn down and you'll find yourself feeling sunny again in no time.

Paranormal Abilities ( The most common ones)

Article by: Lauren C. Dole


  • Mediums: Those who have a "Direct Line "to our loved ones in the afterlife.
  • Empath: Those who feel others emotions....Remote viewer/seer...Those who can place Themselves into homes etc. far away and see events that took place there.
  • Premonition Dreamers/seers; Those who see an upcoming event usually death and destruction in dreams or visions.
  • Sensitive's: Those who can "feel" a spirit presence.
  • Spirit seers/communicators:; Those who can visually see spirits ( those who can do this often can see orbs and Auras also).
  • Astral Projectors: those who can leave their bodies traveling long distance ( Attached to their bodies by the silver thread).
  • Healers: Those who have the power to heal others.

These are the most popular abilities.

Answers to Frequently asked Questions about the Paranormal

By Jennifer Scelsi in CSI: Paranormal'

As a paranormal researcher I've seen some unexplainable things and talked to hundreds if not thousands of people about the paranormal in general.

So I will post them all here with my answers so here we go ....

Is there a difference between a ghost and a spirit ?

Some people believe that ghosts are earthbound souls, and spirits are people who have died, crossed over, and chosen to come back for whatever reason.

In other words, proponents of this theory believe that earthbound souls can't or wont, move on to the other side until they've delivered a message or fulfilled some purpose, or that they are otherwise not ready to leave the earthly plain. Earthbound souls could even not realize they are dead.

Ghosts can be earthbound for any number of reasons.

A person who died in their sleep might literally wake up dead. As funny as that sounds such people honestly wouldn't have any recollection of dying or being aware of their death. They could go for years carrying out their day to day routine as they had in life. Imagine their frustration at wanting to communicate with people around and not being able to do so, or having strangers move into their home that they still believe to be theirs.

Another, more complicated reason ghosts might remain earthbound is to avenge their death. In some cases a ghost might choose to remain here to ensure secrets guarded in life remain secrets and are not brought up to the surface.

Spirits, on the other hand, know they’re dead, have made the transition to the other side, but make a choice to return to their familiar surroundings on earth from time to time. Whether it's to check on the safety and welfare of loved ones, attend a special family function, or to communicate a message, they are not bound to do these things but rather it's their choice to do them.

50 Simple Charms to improve your everyday life......

Article by: Lauren C. Dole


Here are some simple charms you can find in everyday life.

  1. Lay thorny branches on your doorstep to keep evil from your dwelling.
  2. Eat a pinch of thyme before bed, and you will have sweet dreams.
  3. Place chips of cedar wood in a box with some coins to draw money to you.
  4. Carry an anemone flower with you to ward against illness.
  5. Hang a bit of seaweed in the kitchen to ward evil spirits.
  6. Keep a jar of alfalfa in your cupboards to ensure the prosperity of your house.
  7. Burn allspice as an incense to draw money or luck to you, as well as speed healing.
  8. Cut an apple in half, and give one half to your love to ensure a prosperous relationship.
  9. Carry an avocado pit with you to let your inner beauty shine outwardly.
  10. Avocado is an aphrodisiac.
  11. Strawberries are an aphrodisiac.
  12. Place a piece of cotton in your sugar bowl to draw good luck to your house.
  13. Celery is an aphrodisiac.
  14. Place almonds in your pocket when you need to find something.
  15. Scatter chili peppers around your house to break a curse.
  16. Carrying a packet of strawberry leaves will help ease the pains of pregnancy.
  17. Scatter some sugar to purify a room.
  18. Throw rice into the air to make rain.
  19. Carry a potato in your pocket or purse all winter to ward against colds.
  20. Eat five almonds before consuming alcohol, to lighten the effects of intoxication.
  21. Place a pine branch above your bed to keep illness away.
  22. Chew celery seeds to help you concentrate.
  23. Carry a chunk of dry pineapple in a bag to draw luck to you.
  24. Ask an orange a yes or no question before you eat it, then count the seeds: if the seeds are an even number, the answer is no. If an odd number, yes.
  25. Eat olives to ensure fertility.
  26. Toss oats out your back door to ensure that your garden or crop will be bountiful.
  27. Eat mustard seed to ensure fertility.
  28. Place lilacs around your house to rid yourself of unwanted spirits.
  29. Eat lettuce to drive lustful thoughts from your mind.
  30. Rub a lettuce leaf over your forehead to help you sleep.
  31. Add lemon juice to your bathwater for purification.
  32. Eat grapes to increase psychic powers.
  33. Carry a blade of grass to increase your psychic powers.
  34. Smell dill to get rid of hiccups.
  35. If you place a dill sachet over your door, those who wish you ill can not enter your home.
  36. Place cotton on an aching tooth, and the pain will ease.
  37. Buy cotton to cause rain.
  38. Place pepper inside a piece of cotton and sew it shut to make a charm to bring back a lost love.
  39. Carry a small onion to protect against venomous animals.
  40. Eat grapes to increase fertility.
  41. Place a sliced onion in the room of an ill person to draw out the sickness.
  42. Place an onion underneath your pillow to have prophetic dreams.
  43. Place morning glory seeds under your bed to cure nightmares.
  44. Walk through the branches of a maple tree to ensure that you will have a long life.
  45. Mix salt and pepper together and scatter it around your house to dispel evil.
  46. Smell peppermint to help you sleep.
  47. Hang a pea pod containing nine peas above the door to draw your future mate to you.
  48. Eat a peach to assist in making a tough decision.
  49. Carry peach wood to lengthen your lifespan.
  50. Carry a walnut to strengthen your heart muscle.
  51. Before going to the interview place three grains of salt in a handkerchief and put it in your pocket. When you get to the place of employment, wait until your alone or the interviewer is somehow distracted. Then throw the salt into the north corner of the room. Within three days you will have the job.

Binding Spell ( Best revenge spell without doing harm)

Article by: Lauren C. Dole

Simple Binding Spell

Items Needed:

  • Picture of the person doing harm
  • String or ribbon

Spell: Take the string or ribbon and start rapping it around the persons picture and repeat I bind you (person's name) from doing harm against yourself and against others repeat this over and over until the whole picture is covered then a spell will be cast on this person from doing harm! When this is complete, you have three option for the picture:>

  1. Put it in a bottle, fill with water and freeze.
  2. Throw it in a body of water that is moving away from you.
  3. Sew it into a poppet

Binding Spell

Materials needed:

  • symbol of the person you wish to bind
  • black ribbon for burning
  • matches or lighter
  • cauldron or heat proof bowl
  • bowl of water

Cast your circle and your invocations, then take the symbol of the person you wish to bind, and wrap a black ribbon around it (do not overlap ribbon if you plan to rip instead of burn). Burn it in your cauldron or rip it. While doing so, chant these words three times: "(name of person), by the Lady and the Lord, you are binded, and incapable of doing harm against (anyone or anything you choose)." After said three times, say...

"so mote it be."

Then place the ashes or the ripped quantity in the bowl of water for the person to be cleansed.


How To Make A Voo Doo Doll

Article by: Lauren C. Dole

For Making A Voodoo Doll

(KEEP in mind that these are SAMPLE materials. Yours might differ.)

  • 2 strong sticks
  • Spanish moss (Spanish moss is actually an unusually good medium but it is NOT essential for the doll to make the connection.)
  • Scrap fabric cut in 2 inch strips, 2 to 3 feet long (color of your choice)
  • Yarn that complements or contrasts fabric
  • String, hemp cord, or waxed thread
  • 2 black-eyed peas or beads to use as eyes
  • Needle and thread in a color to match or contrast your fabric
  • Tacky glue
  • 7 pins with heads in the following colors: red, blue, green, purple, yellow, black, white

Symbolism of the 7 pin colors:

  • yellow – success
  • white – positive
  • red – power
  • purple – commanding presence
  • green – money
  • blue – love
  • black – repelling negative energy

NOTE: The colors are more specific and important then the materials.

And I forgot to mention earlier, but you can use these colors on your paper too.

The whole time you gather your materials, keep your purpose in mind. (Remember your piece of paper. Keep it with you as you find materials.) Take a walk outside and look around you. What do you see that looks like potential materials?

You’ll want to find 2 rather sturdy sticks. I recommend using sticks that are 8 to 12 inches long for the body. The other stick will serve as arms and should measure half the size of the body.

Next, you’ll want to find something to stuff the doll with. Although Spanish moss or pine needles are commonly used in New Orleans for this style of doll, anything that speaks to you that is a natural element will work.

These two things form the foundation of the Voodoo doll. Everything has energy on multiple levels. If you relax, you will feel what the best materials for your intended purpose are. If you just can’t seem to figure out what to make your doll out of. Just sit down someplace quite and do the following mini spell.

Clairvoyance (By Mike Burton)

Article by: Lauren C. Dole

The term clairvoyance from French clair meaning "clear" and voyance meaning "vision" is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses a form of extra-sensory perception. A person said to have the ability of clairvoyance is referred to as a clairvoyant.

Clairvoyance is related to remote viewing although the term "remote viewing" itself is not as widely applicable to clairvoyance because it refers to a specific controlled process . Clairvoyance is often used to refer to other forms of anomalous cognition , most commonly the perception of events that have occurred in the past, or which will occur in the future (known as reconciliation and precognition specially), or to refer to communications with the dead.

June Full Moon Names and lore

The Full Moon of June is also called Moon of Horses, Lovers' Moon, Strong Sun Moon, Honey Moon, Aerra Litha (Before Lithia), Brachmanoth (Break Month), Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon, and Moon of Making Fat.

In Egypt, the Festival of Edfu was held in honor of Hathor on the Full Moon; on the New Moon her image began its journey by boat to Edfu.

The Hot or Strawberry Moon is the backwoods Full Moon.

Old Sayings & Lore

  • If it rains on June 27, then it will rain for the next seven weeks.
  • A wet June makes a dry September.
  • A dripping June brings all things in tune.
  • If swallows fly near the ground in June, rain is coming.
  • Hot and dry weather will come tomorrow if Bats are seen flying on a June evening.

When the Moon is New, braid your hair or some kind of string while saying:
"I braid this knot, this knot I braid,
To know the thing I know not yet,
That while I sleep I plain may see
The man (woman) that shall husband (wife) be,
Not in his (her) best but worst array,
Just what he (she) weareth every day,
That I tomorrow may him (her) ken
From among all other men (women)."

To remove a wart, sit under an ash tree at the Full Moon.
Rub the wart against the ash and say:
"Ash tree, ash tree, Pray buy this wart of me."
Leave a gift of ginger or milk at the base of the tree.

  • Traditional Name = Strawberry / Hot Moon
  • American Indian (Cherokee) Name = Green Corn Moon
  • American Indian (Choctaw) Name = Windy Moon
  • American Indian (Dakotah Sioux) Name = Moon When June Berries Are Ripe
  • Colonial American Name = Rose Moon
  • English Medieval Name = Dyan Moon
  • English Name = Flower Moon
  • Celtic Name = Moon of Horses
  • Chinese Name = Lotus Moon
  • Hindu Name = Wat Poornima
  • Neo Pagan Name = Planting Moon

Voo Doo Dolls For Good

Article by: Lauren C. Dole

O.K. so now you made your doll ( Look in my notes under how to make a voo doo doll)..... I bet you didn't know that a voo doo doll can be used for good.... yes absolutely.....o.k. so what you need..for a good Voo Doo Doll as well as bad...... a photo of the person.... a strand of hair...or personal item such as a toothbrush or hairbrush or piece of their clothing.... sew these items directly into the doll.....The Voo Doo doll represents the soul of the person so you can talk directly to the doll to influence the persons there are colored pins that have a different meaning to each they are..FOR GOOD...Red..Power,,,,...Purple...spirituality,...white...positive energy and good karma.... Black pain relief, healing and repelling place your good Voo doo doll on a table and surround it with beautiful things.... flowers, coins,fruit,etc....take a pin ...lets say blue for love..... gently stick it into the heart of the doll..... also light a blue candle to burn down besides the there are sooooooo many chants you can say while doing can say.... my wish is that "John" have a more open heart and see how much I love him, open his heart to to the doll ( Johns soul) tell him I love you your heart to me.... since these are a different type of spells you do not need to involve Goddess...the doll itself IS the the head of the doll is to increase the persons knowledge so you can lets say stick the green pin for tranquility to bring more tranquility to that person.....see very easy.....good luck.... they do work so please take care of the voo doo doll if ever you want to undo it.... simply open the doll and remove all personal items you placed in it..Now the voo doo doll will absorb your own energy so never share the doll... it is yours alone ....

How I Communicate With Earth Bound And Afterlife Spirits

Article by: Lauren C. Dole

SPIRIT COMMUNICATION :..So how is it done.....I can only tell you how I do it... (as many have asked this question of me today)....I was born with the ability to see and communicate with spirits.... I thought everyone was like me...I am my teams spirit communicator and earth bound spirits:.. when I walk into a place I can sense if a spirit is there... soon they appear to me...The "talk" to me telepathically not so much in words as they are few but images...from that I can get a lot of info, their name..their life.if they are only back visiting... or have stayed.. or if they are not even knowing they have died..or they died etc... it is a download of information ...than I help them the best I can...Spirits in the afterlife:...All I need is a name or photo or even looking at your photo I can connect with your loved one..than I "see" in my mind that person... they show me things, what they look like in the afterlife/Heaven...if they are happy, who is surrounding them, if they died and crossed peacefully, if they visit loved ones and what signs they give... any messages, etc... it is a visual and telepathic download... I can ONLY give what the spirit gives me... so many want specifics...I can only tell you what I am shown and is not an extensive detailed "Visit" with them ...and sometimes I get nothing at all I cant connect with them... I am not considered psychic ...I am a spirit communicator among other lovely if you need what I can offer ...I offer it freely to all... If I can communicate with your loved one I absolutely will try my that's how it is for me.... I'd like to hear how others communicate with spirits.;

Pagan and Wiccan Deities...

Article by: Lauren C. Dole

Pagan and Wiccan Gods and Goddess.....these are the deities called upon.... when casting spells...

This is a small list of Pagan/Witch Gods and Goddess …………………………………Pen

Getting to know your Deities can be kinda confusing at first. When you honor the gods, take the time to put some thought into it. are you trying to gain something, or merely show your appreciation and gratitude to the Divine? Learn about the types of deities you're about to honor, and study the specific gods and goddesses of your tradition, so that when you do make an offering or present a ritual in their name, you can do so in a way that truly does them honor.

  • Adonis - Greek God of rebirth and vegetation, worshipped in mystery religions for untold eons.
  • Apollo - Greek/Roman young solar God, God of light, truth and prophecy, God of archery, medicine and healing, God of music, poetry, and the arts.
  • Anubis - Egyptian God of the Dead.
  • Aten - Egyptian Supreme God, solar deity.
  • Brahma - Hindu Creator God.
  • Coyote - First Nations Trickster God.
  • Cernunnos - Celtic God of the Wild Hunt, fertility and masculine energy.
  • Dagda - Irish Father God, somewhat comical and bawdy.
  • Dionysus - Greek/Roman God of wine, of ritual ecstasy, God of agriculture, music, and theatre, communication between living and dead.
  • Eros - Greek God of sexuality and fertility.
  • Ganesh - Hindu God with elephant head, remover of obstacles, God of beginnings, patron of arts and sciences, of intelligence and wisdom.
  • Gopala - Hindu Child God, young Krishna, playful and mischievous while always aware of divinity.
  • Govinda - Sikh God, preserver, protective father.
  • Great Spirit - First Nations supreme Deity, Creator, Source.
  • Hades - Greek God of the Underworld and Death.
  • Hephaestus - Greek God of the Forge, of technology, craftsmen, sculptors, fire and volcanoes.
  • Hermes - Greek God of boundaries and travelers, shepherds and cowherds, orators, writers and poets, invention, commerce, and thieves. Messenger of the Gods. Trickster God.
  • Herne - British God of vegetation, vine, and the wild hunt.
  • Holly King - English God of winter (rest, withdrawal).
  • Horus - Egyptian Sky God, God of sun and moon, God of war and the hunt.
  • Krishna - Hindu Supreme God, essence of all creation.
  • Loki - Norse God, shape-shifter and gender-changer.
  • Lugh - Celtic God of smiths and artisans, harvest god.
  • Mercury - Roman God of commerce, messenger of the Gods, speed and travel.
  • Mithras - Persian God of light.
  • Oak King - English God of summer (expansion, growth, activity).
  • Odin - Norse Father God, God of wisdom, wealth, inspiration, poetry, battle, hunting, magic, prophecy.
  • Osiris - Egyptian God of the Underworld and the harvest.
  • Pan - Greek nature God, Horned God, god of shepherds and flocks, of wild forests and fields, virility, fertility and spring.
  • Ra - Egyptian God, solar deity.
  • Rama - Hindu God representing the perfect human man and husband.
  • Set/Seth - Egyptian God of chaos.
  • Shiva - Hindu God, the destroyer of obstacles, transformer.
  • Sunna - Norse Sun God.
  • Tammuz - Egyptian green God.
  • Thoth - Egyptian God of magic and wisdom.
  • Vishnu - Hindu God, sustainer.
  • Zeus - Father God, Sky God.

The Witches Rosary

Article by: Lauren C. Dole

The Witches rosary is to Honor the Goddess In three-fold, or triple, Nature as Maiden, Mother and crone..... the rosary is made up of gemstones each representing a different element of earth and stars..... it can be worn as a necklace or a belt :

  1. Moonstone ( represents the moon)
  2. Hematite ( represents fire)
  3. Crystal Quartz ( Represents Air)
  4. Earth Stone ( represents earth)
  5. Lapis Lazoli ( Represents water)
  6. Amber ( represents the sun)
  7. Birthstone( represents Stars)

An Ankh is the pendant

Stones or knots separated by 3 silver beads....

The rosary is used to "Pray" and Honor Goddess..... MANY MANY prayers can be said way to many to list....BUT they are all positive, with light and love and peace...... the rosary is a big part of the Wiccan religion.........

Article by Bishop Long

I get asked A LOT about the Bible and what it says about Psychics and Mediums. I have friends who are incredibly gifted and the idea that they are doing the work of the Devil is utter nonsense.

For those of you that missed it. Here is the article that I wrote.

Deuteronomy 18:10-11. It says,
"Let no one be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead."

Now many who would read this say, see, those Paranormal People are practicing evil and doing the devils work. Well, not really. Let's understand this passage first. This is why I teach Bible study EVERY Wednesday Night on at 9pm, set. I teach the historical aspect of scripture, so that people can get a better understand as to why passages were written. It is important to understand that.

Polytheism was rampant and obviously Moses was fighting against this and trying to establish a Monotheistic culture. People at that time adored and worshipped many deities and those deities were not good.

Now, regarding the sons and daughters passing through fire was important because that is historically a ritual that worshipped Moloc. With some tribes, they allowed their children to just jump over the fire without actually sacrificing them but there were tribes that actually sacrificed their children to Moloc by throwing them in the fire and this superstitious act was condemned by the Council of Trullo (65).

It continues by describing soothsayers and wizards and keep in mind that many who practiced polytheism as this time claimed to have received special "powers" by the many strange deities and these wizards and soothsayers used these "powers" to threaten others and manipulate the culture at the time.

Finally, there are many translations of this particular passage. But it speaks of charmers, witches, etc. Charmers of serpents mean those who made a pact with the devil. Those individuals who mean do to harm to others.

Fortune tellers, or "wise men" known in Hebrew promised great knowledge from the secrets of caballa or magic and this was very misleading. It was lying. Period. It was wrong. They promised the world and delivered smoke and mirrors; if only you would give them your money, they would give you special powers. That would be like me telling you, you give me $500 and I will give you the power to fly and yet, I never give you that power. That is lying. That is cheating and then you try and get a refund and I tell you, you are crossing the line and if you threaten me, I will send my evil powers after you and the issue is dropped. That is wrong and that is what occurred.

And Necromancy was very common in those days. Now keep in mind that necromancy is a magic that summons the spirit by "magic" or raising them bodily by "magic" for the purpose of DIVINATION (imparting the means to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge). - BLACK MAGIC!

Now, lets get a couple of things clear here. Paranormal Investigators do not participate in Necromancy. We do not chant to raise dead bodies, we do not participate in divination, and we are not charging clients and therefore, there is no form of fraud that we are committing.

Look, we have homeowners who call us. They are frightened and we come to their home. We try and debunk what is occurring in their home.

We do not pray to the evil being Moloc and we are not throwing our children in the fire. We are not summoning the dead through black magic and we are not using their information for the purpose of power. We are using proof of their existence to help families who are frightened because they are hearing things that go bump in the night and sometimes, even worse.

Therefore, this passage in scripture, is null in void when it comes to Investigators doing the work of God! ;-)

Bishop Long

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Daily Oracle

Daily Oracle Card Reading 4/30/13~Sobriety~

picture of a pumpkin

This card is being given to you as a reminder that Archangel Raphael is around you now to help you over come your cravings for unhealthy things.

You have been struggling for a very long time with some past issues that cause you to turn to unhealthy foods and drinks, and you been fighting this as if it were a drug.

It actually is to a certain extent, your body and mind crave it, even though you know it's not good for you, and usually leaves you feeling like, I shouldn't have done that, or why did I do that?

It is your desire to get healthy, and refrain from unhealthy things, and Archangel Raphael wants to help you with this.

Simply call on him now, and start making better choices, for a healthier, happier body, mind and spirit..Blessings Ladean