Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Animals and the paranormal

Article from CPS Paranormal

There is no doubt that animals are aware of paranormal activity. The senses of sight, smell and hearing are superior to that of humans. They can see, hear and smell things that are not within the spectrum of our sensing ability. Not to mention: Their sixth sense. They have the ability of not just sensing but predicting an occurrence of something before we can.

As a paranormal investigator we rely on the use of scientific instruments in order to obtain evidence from a spectrum that is not within our own realm. The use of sophisticated voice recorders allow us to record sounds well below and above the audio spectrum of the human ear. Using infrared cameras give us the ability to see in the dark thermal cameras to differentiate between hot and cold and UV camera into a different visual spectrum. EMF detectors are used to measure unseen magnetic fields. We also use various other instruments to detect and measure an array of things we cannot see, hear or feel. In short; all we are doing is using instruments to measure outside of our own realm and into a larger spectrum that animals already see, hear, smell and sense.

Upon the first initial visit with a client; experienced investigators will ask about pets in the business or residence and how they have been acting. Unfortunately, most of the time that there is reported paranormal activity going on; the client does not make the connection with their pet’s behavior unless its overwhelming, and they just discard it. An animal will also become use to it after awhile, especially if it is residual in nature. It becomes part of their surroundings and natural environment. Much like people when they move to a new home, at first our realm is different, but we get settled in and use to it after awhile.

CPS has investigated cases where clients have told us that their sleeping cat has looked up and suddenly bolted from the room; for no apparent reason. The family dog was barking into thin air or would not go into a certain room or even go near the house, garage or a certain building on the property. During investigations of these premises, we did in fact find evidence of paranormal activity. There has been many cases like this reported and documented throughout the years in the paranormal field by many different groups.

CPS does not use animals in their investigations for two reasons. The first being that when you bring an animal into a place, all sensory items like sight, smell and audio are new to the animal. Nothing is familiar to the animal being brought in, the animal does not know what belongs there. They can and do react to all unfamiliar smells and noises. Secondly, If there is a spirit (intelligent) present, they might be fearful of the animal and not be open for any type of interaction or communication.

When it comes to client’s pets, we prefer NOT to have the animal or animals in the home (This depends on the type of pet). Safety of the investigators is a major concern. When it comes to dogs, you can never tell how it is gonna react to strangers walking in and out of the house. Dogs, cats and other animals make a variety of noises which lead to contamination of captured evidence. Tripping over the animal also posses an additional safety hazard. Also, you would not be in good grace with the client if their indoor cat or dog happened to get outside and ran off. On the other hand, a small turtle or pet fish doesn’t pose a problem.

Unfortunately while doing outside investigations, a variety of animal are encountered or closely encountered all of the time. This is one of reasons why any noises, other than voice responses should be discarded. Even a voice response can NOT be totally trusted in an outside investigation. Animal and wind contamination is a huge factor. A field mouse running through the leaves or a deer over 500 yards away can sound like someone walking towards you. Most times animal encounters are mistaken for EVP’s than they are of harm to investigators.

Ghost animals are and always will be a huge split amongst investigators. On one hand, everything is made of energy. Therefore; if energy never dies out, animal energy like human energy would continue on after death. On the other hand; case studies have shown at the brink of death the human body loses 1/16 of a pound, or 1 oz. An animal does not lose any weight at all. Some say this is the soul leaving the human body and that is why animals do not lose any weight. They have NO soul. I would say that this is still an open ended question until further advancements in the equipment used in the paranormal field can find the answers. Any other answer without substantiated proof would only be a belief.

Legends in our area range from a Bigfoot to the Mothman to the New Jersey Devil and much more. Although with some of these cases there seems to be some overwhelming evidence; as well as personal experiences. The JURY is still out on this subject! Is it possible? YES!!!

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