Sunday, June 9, 2013

Paranormal Abilities ( The most common ones)

Article by: Lauren C. Dole


  • Mediums: Those who have a "Direct Line "to our loved ones in the afterlife.
  • Empath: Those who feel others emotions....Remote viewer/seer...Those who can place Themselves into homes etc. far away and see events that took place there.
  • Premonition Dreamers/seers; Those who see an upcoming event usually death and destruction in dreams or visions.
  • Sensitive's: Those who can "feel" a spirit presence.
  • Spirit seers/communicators:; Those who can visually see spirits ( those who can do this often can see orbs and Auras also).
  • Astral Projectors: those who can leave their bodies traveling long distance ( Attached to their bodies by the silver thread).
  • Healers: Those who have the power to heal others.

These are the most popular abilities.

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