Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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Lauren C. Dole


Will it Hold your spirit here until your business is done, until the wrong has been made right until the truth come to light??????......Will unfinished business hold you back from crossing over to the afterlife??? Are you afraid that it will??????

  1. Katrina Rose: I think unfinished business could keep the spirit from crossing over. I suppose it depends what the unfinished business is, and how vengeful the spirit is. When I met my spirits they needed validation and thankfully I was able to provide this for them.
  2. I do believe that only because I was part of something and was part of helping this person let go before he died.
  3. I have pain from being wronged in this life, and I guess you never forget but I have learned to forgive because it gives 'me' peace.
  4. My Mother after her death was stuck here for a time, as she visited me 3 times before she crossed over. My Mother in life was not a pleasant woman when angered !!! She was a good Christian though she had her mean spots...When it was time for her to cross over, she came to me to let me know that she wouldn't be able to see me again. She had white all around her and I was blessed to have been able to watch her cross over. Where she landed Is anyone's guess ? I do Miss Her A Lot.
  5. You know Lauren....I think I just may come back to tease a few people I feel need a little wake-up call. I kind of look forward to it!
  6. Yes, I believe unfinished business will hold be back, if I don't complete the loose ends of my life. I've already started, never know when God will call my spirit home.
  7. I think when you come back is when you work on unfinished business and keep repeating the cycle until you get it right.
  8. And My Own Comment: I believe unfinished business could hold a soul from moving on. I also believe that some souls choose to stay, for (as examples) out of concern for a family member(s), etc. And I believe some are afraid to move on, so they stay. And I do believe that some just can't move on until justice has done.

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