Monday, August 19, 2013

Alternative Equipment

Article from CPS Paranormal

Complete Paranormal Services (CPS) considers all high tech equipment to be normal investigating tools. These would include any type of camera (IR, Thermal, Full Spectrum, Motion detection or Digital) etc. All and any type of audio recording devices. Any measuring device (Trifield and EMF metes, K2s, Ion counter, Geiger counters) Etc. Other types of equipment also (Motion sensors, Frank's Boxes, White noise generators, Ion generators, pucks, Ovulus, Dowsing rods) and so on.

Basically, when it comes to Paranormal Investigations every tool that is used should be considered (thinking outside of the box). To this date there is not one piece of equipment out there that is designed especially for ghost hunting. All of the instrument that are use were actually designed for another purpose, but they seem to work for detecting paranormal activity in certain instances. Unfortunately none of our high tech gizmos and gadgets have a 100 percent hit rate. In all actuality the voice recorder has the highest percentage rate in helping investigators make a determination of whether or not a particular place or area seems to have paranormal activity. Even using the most sensitive high tech equipment in the world does not come with a guarantee that spirits will come out of hiding if they are there. This is where real (thinking outside of the box) becomes your most valuable tool.

True (thinking outside of the box) alternative tools are called Trigger Items.

Trigger items are used in conjunction with high tech equipment to "Trigger" an event, or cause a reaction. This reaction will be visible, audible, or measurable to the investigator on the equipment being used. They are to be used with an intelligent haunting, they have no affect on a residual haunting. There is no set boundaries for these items, they can be anything. The item or items being used have to be meaningful to the suspected spirit. Even when using these, thinking outside the box is important. Example: Instead of using a round pencil (that can roll away) use a flat one or a curved one. Place a piece of paper below it and mark exactly where it lays. Don't put it by a door, window or walkway where breezes can effect it. Place small items inside or hanging from a glass or Plexiglas enclosure and out of the wind. Keep trigger items camera view all the time.

In order to use these tools and techniques correctly an extreme amount of knowledge about a spirit is necessary. Our Case Managers spend a lot of time doing this type of research. Using trigger items also give you a better selection of questions to ask during EVP sessions. These alternate tools don't measure activity they create it. Learning how to use these items can increase paranormal activity and put the odds in your favor for capturing it. Don't just.... Let it Happen..... Make it Happen.


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