Monday, August 19, 2013

Fear and the Client

Article from CPS Paranormal

If your group is contacted via a phone call or the web from a client, it is really not a question of is the client afraid; rather to what extent. Let’s face it, a lack of understanding what is going on and fear is what initiated the phone call.

Although some feel it is the first step for the client to take, I disagree. Usually the client has been having unexplained things happening for awhile and talking to friends and family about it before making the call; making a call to a paranormal investigation group takes a lot. So with that said; you must first decipher the intensity of the fear and what is causing it while showing concern during the initial call. You also have to make a snap decision on how to handle this particular client. Every call is different and so is the situation and the level of fear. Remember, noises are just noises until fear set in. Hearing stories from friends about others with a spirit in their home, or just being alone at night all add to the fear factor. So, if you decide to run over there right away, the client may get more fearful, thinking it is an emergency. If you don’t run out there, they may feel you are not concerned about their situation.

Allow the client to take control of the call. Be a friend, try to calm them down and soothe them. Get the information and facts that you need from them during the call and offer them suggestions to try (depending on the situation). Let them decide when you should come over for the initial face to face and have a look around to get a game plan started. If it is a couple of days till then, call them everyday and see how things are. Just knowing there is someone out there that is going to help them, brings the level of fear down. Make annotations about how severe the clients fear is. When you do finally figure out what is going on, take that initial level of fear into consideration when revealing your findings to the client.

Team Mate Fear

There is actually two parts to a team mate getting scared.

  • First if it happens during an investigation, remove the person immediately from the situation. Then you have to figure out why it happened or basically what was the reason. Hell today everybody wants or thinks they are a paranormal investigator, even those afraid of the dark. Not funny, but true! Yes it does happen. So with that said, find out the reason. If the reason happens to be that they were being singled out by a spirit, assess the intensity of it. If they wish to continue on later, or if it is a seasoned investigator, re-introduce them to place being investigated (not necessarily the same room) and let them continue. Do not make that decision for them though. Like falling off a horse, get back on.
  • The second part of this comes in after the investigation and the investigator goes home. It always is a possibility to bring home an attachment. There have been many, many times that this has occurred or investigators thought that it may have occurred. This is not an uncommon feeling or occurrence, it does happen, in fact it happens a lot. Unfortunately this type of situation is primarily dealt with the investigator on a personal level. He or she does not want to tell team mates of this fear for different personal reasons and does not know exactly what to do about it. It can be a very devastating situation.

There is actually is a group out there who deals with problems of this type. If anyone needs this type of help contact CPS at and I will gladly get them to get in touch with you.

Over Your Head

CPS deals with cases that a lot of other groups would consider over their heads. You have to know your groups abilities. Making the move from the hobbiest level upwards and finally reaching the professional level in the paranormal field comes with a lot of different experience in many aspect of investigating. Unfortunately, having close calls with these types of situations is part of the learning process. Learning the tell tale physical signs of knowing exactly what is going on around you is a start. Being able to regain or take control of that situation separates the men from the boys.

Refuse or making it worse

Let me start by saying that usually when I go into a place for the initial visit with a client: after I leave, all hell breaks loose. Several times my phone rang even before I got home about things going on at the clients home since I was there. I give the client fair warning that this may occur. That truly depends if it is a spirit or a ghost.

Let me explain that first. A spirit is intelligent, a ghost is residual. In most cases if there is a spirit present, they know you are coming and they know you are there. They know who you are and why you are there. So it depends on the spirit if it gets worse or not, not you.

If you are not experienced enough as a group, then ask another more experienced group for help. Don’t be proud, but tell them you want to allow one or two members from your group to see how they operate and deal with it. After all it is your client and you want to do what is best for them, but also you do not want to walk away from them. This is another way to get more experience for the next time and move forward.

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