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Dori Roberts Quote

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Note:These quotes come from Dori Roberts, who can be contacted via her facebook page.

‎"Laugh in the face of angry words and witness the vast weakness of a hateful spirit" ~ Dori Roberts ♥

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"Liars are the only people who fear the truth, insecure people gossip, and only the lonely & the desperate need to create drama to sustain what little self worth they actually have."~ Dori Roberts ♥

Angel Of The Day

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Note:The angel postings for this section will be coming from the book A Dictionary Of Angels Including The Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.

Angel Name:Abbaton.

A name of God or of a holy angel employed in Solomonic conjurations to command demons. [Rf. Mathers, The Greater Key of Solomon.]

The word has the menaing of death and, in this sense, Abbaton is Death and a guardian spirit in Hell. [Rf. the Coptic Book of the Resurrection of Christ by Bartholomew the Apostle, setments of which are quoted by M. R. James in The Apocryphal New Testament.]

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Note:The angel postings for this section will be coming from the book A Dictionary Of Angels Including The Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.

Angel Name:Abdals ("the substitutes").

In Islamic lore, the name given to 70 mysterious spirits whose identites are known to God alone, and through whose operations the world continues to exist. When one of these divine entities dies (the Abdals are not, apparently, immortal), another is secretly appointed by God to replace him. Of the 70, two score reside in Syria. (Cf. "The Just" in Jewish folklore and the Lamas of India.)

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Angel Of The Day

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Note:The angel postings for this section will be coming from the book A Dictionary Of Angels Including The Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.

Angel Name:Abbadon [Abaddon].

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Victorian Cherub

Note:The angel postings for this section will be coming from the book A Dictionary Of Angels Including The Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.

Angel Name:Abbadona.

A fallen angel, a seraph, at one time the chosen companion of the faithful Abdiel (q.v.). In Klopstock, The Messiah, Canto 21, Abbadona, not wholly commited to the rebelion and constantly bemoaning his apostasy, is called "the penitent angel."

It should be pointed out however, that a fallen angel cannot repent--not, at least in Catholic doctrine--for once an angel sins, he is "fixed eternally in evil" and his mind accordingly, can think evil only.

Ghosts vs. Spirits What Is The Difference?

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By Craig McManus on August 27, 2010 at 12:00 am in Craig's Blog

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear is “What is the difference between ghosts and Spirits?” The answer is very subjective. While some people refer to ghosts as Spirits, I think of them as two different states of a soul. When I do one of my weekends in Cape May, I can never be sure if the ghosts will show up or not, but the Spirits have never disappointed me, they seem to always be around and ready to talk! So what is the difference you ask?

GHOSTS are those souls that remain earthbound. They have unfinished business or a fear of moving on that keeps them stuck somewhere between life on earth and the afterlife. I feel there are two types of ghosts. There are ghosts who do not even know they are ghosts. To these souls life has not yet ended, they are simply dreaming and have yet to awaken. There are other ghosts who know they have died, but either will not accept it, or choose to stay for a some personal reason. The first type of ghost we could say is “asleep” and lives in a dream state, while the second type is “awake” and conscious of its surroundings. I will encounter both types in hauntings.

SPIRITS are souls that have died and have made the transition over to Heaven/the Other Side. They are able to move between Heaven and Earth with ease. Sometimes these souls are back to help and other times they simply come to visit. These Spirits can be loved ones we have lost or people we never knew. They all have a reason for crossing back. It is usually to help in some capacity.

When I channel I will work through my Spirit Guides to bring forward those Spirits who wish to communicate with my client. Most often the client will recognize these Spirits by name. Sometimes a call to an older family member or friend is needed to verify the identity of someone who came through in a session. We may also have Spirit Guides who we never knew in life. We have these Guides since the time we are born. These Guides could be a family member who died prior to our birth, or someone we knew on the Other Side who has agreed to help us in this lifetime.

Ghosts are typically place centered. They can exist near where they lived or died, but usually you will find them where they lived. Often they haunt a favorite place that they enjoyed in life. If a ghost is haunting near where it died, the ghost is usually in the dream state I mentioned above. These ghosts may be running through their own death scenario over and over again. This type of sleeping ghost can wander aimlessly in a dream state never being able to wake.

A ghost may stay tethered to the earth plane for many reasons, but there are usually a few common themes that apply to most hauntings. A tragic, fast death, especially for a young person, is a sure way to create a ghost. If someone feels his or her life was taken in its prime, that person may resist giving up the ghost. This is probably the reason behind many children’s ghosts. Material ties to a place or objects and emotional ties to a person or people are two of the more common factors in why ghosts will stay stuck. Every ghost is different, but they all have a reason for staying put. Some, most actually, will eventually get bored and cross over. As in life, we all have to do things in our own good time. Some ghosts just never get over what has happened to them, in the same way a living person is not able to get over something tragic that has happened to them during their lifetime. Some of us can let go and move on, some of us dwell in the past and stay stuck.

Getting a visual is difficult with both ghosts and Spirits. Ghosts are rarely seen, but can be felt and experienced in the mind. The same goes for Spirits. As a medium, I “see” both ghosts and Spirits in my mind, not with my eyes. Ghosts appear to me as shadows of people, often without faces. Spirits appear much more human, at least the Spirits of former human beings will…there are animal Spirits and Nature Spirits as well. When I sense energies around me I can sometimes tell a ghost apart from a Spirit by this mental site. It is more likely though, that a ghost will give itself away by its own behavior toward me and its surroundings. Ghostly personalities may be perceived by humans as dreamlike phantoms. Was I daydreaming you might ask…or was that a ghost?

Getting personal or making contact with a ghost or a Spirit is really the only way that I can tell the difference. Ghosts tend to be more aloof and distant. Sometimes they will communicate, but most of the time I have to do a little psychic probing of my own to get into their “minds” and understand who they are and why they are still on the earth. Spirits will communicate with me in a very natural manner of dialogue. I just can’t hear it with my ears, I “hear” it with my mind. Spirits are fully aware of who they are/were and what they are doing. They usually retain their former earthly personalities, so their loved ones will recognize them. While ghosts are living their own internal drama, Spirits will typically be around to help us with our earthly dramas.

Spirit Guides can move people into your life path and influence the outcome of our actions. They can make things happen. They Guide, they do not decide, but if you need their help and ask for it they will be there for you. Ghosts could not care if you were alive or dead. They typically avoid the living. We annoy them. They want to have their own space and privacy and when we invade that privacy they may take action to push us away. However, some ghosts do enjoy the company of the living and will even act a little like a Spirit Guide or a companion, but they are limited in range and scope of what they can manifest and how they can affect our life paths. Everyone is different. They same goes with ghosts and Spirit Guides.

You don’t have to be a psychic or a medium to experience a ghost or a Spirit Guide. While a medium can help deliver messages from Spirits, we all have Guides around us, helping all the time. Spirit Guides will and do communicate in many ways. They may even visit you in your dreams to offer advice and guidance. If your Spirit Guide is a loved one you have lost, they may visit to reassure you that they are safe on the Other Side. Ghosts on the other hand are less likely to want to communicate. The ghostly bumps and sounds or smells we may experience in a haunting are less likely to be a ghost trying to communicate, but more likely a ghost going about its day to day affairs. Spirit Guides tend to work quietly in the background whereas ghosts can become the background in an active haunting. I get a warmer feeling when a Spirit Guide is around versus a colder more distant feeling when I encounter a ghost. Many have reported the same experiences.

So when it comes to the difference between a ghost and a Spirit (I capitalize the “S” in Spirit, to differentiate a Spirit Guide from an alcoholic drink!) think of a ghost as a soul that is still attached to its former life and cannot let go. Whereas a soul that has crossed over and comeback to help is a Spirit. It’s just my personal definition, but it works for me.

Now that you know the difference…the next time you ask the ghost in your house to move on, make sure you are not kicking out your Spirit Guide instead!

Paranormal Ghost

by Rebecca Seaman

This article was found @

A ghost can be defined in several ways depending on different situations. One of the definitions refers ghost to a person's spirit or soul who has died. This definition is used commonly among all! There have been several doubts regarding the existence of the ghost and disputes too whether ghosts are just imaginations or part of objective existence. Reports say that ghosts have taken shape of vehicles, animals and humans. Parapsychologists have undertaken the task to study about ghosts.

The existence of ghost is met with the shape they exist which is usually in human shape very rarely animal ghost are encountered. It is said that it does not consists of any solid matter. Different parts of the world have different theories about the ghosts. The Western theory related to ghosts is that ghost is semi-transparent and does not interact or touch any physical objects directly. They state that paranormal ghosts are souls that could not find rest after death and they wander here and there to fulfill their goals. It is said that this is the time for them to take revenge thus killing people and making hindrances as seen in many of the movies.

There are many who do not accept the existence of ghosts. Scientific research disbelieves the fact that ghosts are disembodied souls or spirit, but then they prove that these ghosts are impressions of psychic energy left behind by a deceased person who is still living. They state that any tragedy in a person's life might cause mental energy of some kind, which would be released to the world, and this energy might be experienced by many other people who are sensitive to the presence of such energy.

Ectoplasm is referred by the parapsychologists as the substance from which spirits and ghosts are made of. Such an explanation of ghost classifies it in the same category as that of preternatural unexplained phenomena as telekinesis or poltergeists, ESP and telepathy. Such a definition always makes it difficult to explain about the ghosts that tend to answer questions and those which foretell the future etc.

An astonishing fact is that the best details about the existence of ghost can be obtained from Garuda Purana, which is script from Vedic tradition of the Hindu religion. This Purana says that people who do sins will be reborn as ghosts. Garuda Purana explains the things done by the ghosts and the food they eat. It is said that they consume vomit, waste, cough, urine and tears and prefer these to be the things that they eat and drink.

In many cases, human psychology plays a major role in ghost sightings. In chilling situations where ghosts are associated with a natural animal response may make the hair rise which could be mistaken for a chill. Illusions can be created by one by seeing an eerie figure. This occurs as a result of the disability to sharply distinguish shapes in case of peripheral vision. It is a proved fact that sound waves with frequency lower than 20 hertz called infrasound is inaudible, but now it is proved by the British scientist Richard Lord and Richard Wiseman that these infrasound would be the reason for causing humans to feel a presence in the room or even to cause unexplained feelings of dread or anxiety!

Ghosts versus Spirits … how are they different?

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There seems to be a lot of confusion over the definitions applied to ghosts and spirits. Many times people may use the two terms interchangeably when in fact the two though similar are quiet different.

We are all spirits inside our physical bodies. Think: Car=body & driver = spirit.

The spirits of those who have passed, (died) have two choices upon their death.

The first choice is to “cross over” that involves stepping into a “tunnel” of white light and then being “whisked away” to another dimension – the other side, heaven, summerland … there are many names for it, but I will simply refer to it as “the other side” and then going through a life review.

The second option involves ignoring the white tunnel of light and instead remaining on earth, however unable to move between the two worlds and able to keep a close eye on things connected with your last life on earth. By making the choice to stay (for the time being) you have essentially become a ghost. While as a ghost you have the same body as a full fledged spirit from the other side, however you are vibrating at a lower frequency and are not able to move freely between the planes of existence.

Let’s discuss what happens when you elect to cross over. I must inform you that it is not a world like ours, and therefore it is difficult at best to describe it, in fact I will not bother to describe it, except to say that it seems to be a nice enough place and very similar in many respects to our world, yet vastly different. Spirits who come down from the other side tend to be relatively tightlipped regarding actual details of that dimension and so I will focus more on the difference between ghosts and spirits. I do know however that all of us must go through a “life review.” This life review allows us to see how our actions and thoughts have affected those around us and even the world at large. It is more of a learning experience rather than one where you are being judged and condemned for anything that you did to others that was harmful or hurtful in anyway. Regardless of what the other side is like, we all go through a process called a life review. This is not a judgment rather an opportunity to learn from our most recent incarnation and to appreciate how our thoughts, words and actions affected not only ourselves, but those around us. If you hurt someone physically, you too will feel what it felt like to be harmed by you and how it made them feel emotionally and physically.

After going through the life review, it is my understanding that you are then freed up to explore yourself and the other side. One of the greatest things that is revealed to you, is the history of your past lives. Once you begin to view your life as the sum of your lifetimes versus the results of a single lifetime, frequently you lose some of the interest in the intimate details associated with your most recent life and will begin to be far less attached to the way that things play out after leaving earth from your most recent incarnation into a physical form. This little detail seems to be what keeps some very well informed and “aware” spirits from moving on and staying earthbound as “ghosts” even though they “get it”.

Just as in life, so too in death there are those who understand what is going on better than others, just take a look around you. There are people who are great at “playing” the game of life, they are full of energy, tend to be a pleasure to be around and tend to be successful with good jobs and a great family life. On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who cannot seem to get it together. They tend to be the ones who end up homeless, wandering around aimlessly, no real purpose or understanding of how life works here. The same can be said for spirits once they cross, there are those who “get it” and those who do not. Let us discuss those who do not “get it” for a moment.

When someone dies, they tend to feel as though they still have a physical body. Many times there is confusion associated with a tragic and sudden passing such as a car crash. One moment you are fine and the next moment you are standing outside of the vehicle that just wrecked and even though you feel “fine” you can see your body laying there … broken, perhaps mangled. This tends to result in the person who just died, going into shock for a moment as they come to grips with what just happened. In some cases this is all it takes to become a ghost, they may refuse to accept that they are dead and avoid crossing with the hopes that it is all just a bad dream, a nightmare that they will soon wake from. This happens sometimes to people who die in their sleep, where they refuse to accept it. I had one where a lady who had passed at the age of 78 in her sleep, did not believe she was dead, she told me that she watched her funeral, but that it could not possibly have been real because she saw her body in the casket and being lowered in the ground, but was not in the casket herself … so therefore it had to be a nightmare that she could not wake from.

When there is unfinished business that needs to be resolved, it is not uncommon for a spirit to stay as a ghost, until the issue is resolved as many of them realize that they will not care as much once they cross. Ghosts have a bad rap since most of the cases we hear about are the angry ones … “content” (if there is such a thing) ghosts tend to make less of a fuss and tend to not get noticed as much. Angry spirits who have not crossed, such as the ghost of a serial killer who took his own life as the police were closing in on him would be a good example of the type of ghost that Hollywood has latched onto in so many horror movies. The dangers associated with interacting with such a ghost are genuine, though typically not nearly as freaky as shown on the silver screen.

An angry ghost may try and use a living persons body to act out, such as in a “possession”. This is fairly rare since you must allow the ghost to merge with you in order for this to take place. If you do not want to merge, it is fairly easy to resist, however … some enjoy the adrenaline rush and chaos that erupts when they become “possessed” and the host may actually get a “kick” channeling the spirit of the angry ghost.

In my experience often times those who report seeing a ghost are in fact reporting on the appearance of someone who is connected to them. Making yourself visible, or a full manifestation is not an easy thing to do and requires great effort on the part of the ghost. Frequently ghosts will connect with us without bothering to become visible to the naked eye, instead you may feel a coldness, an uncomfortable/unsettled feeling and or other sensations such as unusual smells and odd pains or shortness of breath, often associated with the ghosts manner of passing.

When called in to assist with a “haunted” location the first thing I do is to see if I can establish a dialogue with the ghost and or spirits connected to either the person or location that I am looking into. Ghosts can and do travel, they can be connected to the land or a building, but even then they are capable of traveling anywhere that they choose to go. In order to cross one of them over, I will try and find out what it is that is keeping them from moving on and if possible I will assist them in taking care of any unfinished business and if at the very least will give them someone to talk to. Once the “issue” has been resolved, (if possible) then I will call upon their family members who are on the other side to come and assist me with moving the “ghost” on to the other side.

Spirits on the other side can travel anywhere they please to including into the ghostly ream as well as anywhere in the universe while ghosts are earthbound. Spirits are at a much higher frequency than ghosts. Imagine if you will that in order to cross to the other side you must pass through a mesh screen. While holding onto your earthbound “baggage/issues” you are not able to pass through the fine mesh screen, however those who have dropped/processed their baggage are able to cross though with ease, both “up” to the other side and back “down” to this side.

Some ghosts are proud of their status as a ghost and may relish their position. Many I have spoken to who reside at historical inns, restaurants and the like … consider themselves to be good for the business as many may visit simply in hopes of catching a glimpse of the ghost purported to be on the property. Other ghosts stay behind on battlefields as ambassadors/caretakers of the land and in order to ensure that we never forget the events connected to such places so that we may not repeat them. Ghosts who are associated with locations popular for committing suicide (such as the golden gate bridge and the empire state building) may stay behind in order to attempt to scare people off from following in their footsteps.

Sadly the church especially the Catholic one has helped to “create” a great number of ghosts. When you are told all your life that once you pass you will be judged by St. Peter and either sent to heaven or to hell for all of eternity, you may choose to skip the life review/visit with St. Peter and simply stay where you are, in essence creating your own little “hell” and staying earthbound as a ghost.

The Difference Between A Ghost and A Spirit

Article by Trista @

Article found @

January 19, 2008 12:25 PM EST

If you are anything like me I have always wondered what the difference was between a ghost and a spirit. I finally found out the difference between the two and I thought I'd write up this article about thier diferences. You'll also learn most of the different reasons that ghosts will haunt. I hope that even the seasoned investagator will learn something from this article, or atleast be a good read.

A ghost is a personality or a piece of a personality of someone who has passed that is left behind becouse there is something that is keeping them here. There are many possible reasons of why they would stay behind here are the most likely reasons.

- They don't know they have passed. This can happen if they were killed or died suddenly and usually tragically. They could have been a murder victim or even possibly died in an accident that happened suddenly.

One haunting that I can think of to be a good example is the Villisca House hauntings. In the Moore home at Villisca, Iowa 8 people were brutally murdered in the middle of the night. The whole family including two children that were staying the night with the Moore children were killed in thier sleep with an axe. The man who killed them was never found, leaving this gruesome murder a mystery. The house now is said to be haunted by some of the victims of that tragic night.

- Another reason a ghost might have stayed behind is becouse they feel an attatchment to a place, object or even a person. If they are attatched to a place it could be becouse it was what they considered to be thier home, or even just a place that they had thier happiest moments in thier life. If thier attatched to an object it is usually an object that they held very dear to them. If it is a person they have an attatchment to it is usually becouse they have such a great love for that person. They may feel like that person still needs them. Or they just might not want to leave that person behind.

An example of a attatched haunting would possibly be the White House ghosts. Former presidents are said to still roam the halls of this great house. If you think about it being the President of the United States would most likely have been the happiest time of thier lives and you most certainly would love for that to be your home I'm sure. I know I would have certainly loved to live there just from all the history that has taken place there.

- Unfinished business could be another reason that a haunting could occur. The Ghost might feel the need to continue so that something could be finished or taken care of before they will pass on.

Winchester Mystery House comes to mind immiadiatly for this one. Sarah L. Winchester wanted her home to be built with many odd things built into it. She hired carpenters to work on her home day and night. Construction would never cease on the home until her death. She was the widow of the inventor of the Winchester Rifle, William Wert Winchester. After the deaths of her husband and daughter she contacted a medium for guidence. This medium told her that the spirits of the victims of the Winchester Rifle were wanting vengence and the only way she could escape the curse that had befallen her husband and child was to build a home for herself and those spitis. She must continue to build or she would die as soon as the building stopped. In her home she had, doors to nowhere, windows that were built to open up to a wall. There would be many entrances to a room, but only one exit. Stairs that led to a cieling and many other oddities. This house was defenently a mystery. Some of the carpenters worked on the home till their deaths. Thier ghosts are said to still be working on the home. The noise of hammers sometimes will be heard and one phantom carpenter has been seen, he is supposedly there guarding the home and overlooking the constuction still being done even in the afterlife. Sarah Winchester is even said to still be there.

-Then there are the risidual hauntings. These are the hauntings that have no intellegence. These hauntings are like a recording that has been imprinted on the land or home in which it takes place at. They will happen at a certain time or date or just random. It will be almost like a scene that is the same all the time. It could also take place as noises or smells.

The perfect example of this is the Civil War battlefields. Most of the hauntings that take place at these battlefields are sounds and smells of the ghastly war that took place on it's grounds. Cannon and gun fire have been the main residual hauntings from the battlefields, but there are reports of fleeting apparitions of men who still seem to be fighting the war as if it were still going on around them.

Now this brings me to Spirits. Spirits are different from ghosts becouse they are not bound to this earth. Spirits are actually the passed on personalities of a living person. Spirits will come back for a time. They can come back for many reasons, but the most common is to tell a loved one a message or to help a loved one cross over. There have been many accounts from people of a loved one coming back to warn of impending danger, or simply to just let the loved one know that they are okay and happy. There is also a belief that they will come back to comfort a loved one who is dyeing and make the transition of death a little easier on them. Most spirits will return to where they came from after they have done what they came to do.

These are many personal experiences and I can not think of a famous instance of this although I'm sure there most likely is. One story I know of is a personal experience of my mothers. After the birth of her first child she was sitting in her room brushing her hair as she looked into a mirror and as she looked at herself her face transformed into the face of her mothers who had died when she was a young girl. As she stared into her mothers face she got the overwhelming sense that her mother was proud of her. Her mother said nothing just merely gave her that feeling. My mother really truelly believed that that was a visit from her mother.

Well I hope that you all enjoyed this article, becouse I have really enjoyed writing it. I am actually pretty proud of how this one turned out. Please note that none of these theories have been proven they are merely theories and you can make your own mind up on what a spirit and a ghost are, these just seem to be the main theories I have been coming across as I delve into the parnormal world.

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Ghosts & Spirits

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We are very often asked what, if any, difference is there between Ghosts & Spirits. Well, I suppose to a certain degree you could suggest that they are one and the same, they are both essentially made of the same thing, energy.

However, a ghost is normally depicted as something that haunts people or places and therefore gives off a feeling of fear. The dictionary defines a ghost as "The Spirit or semblance of a dead person, believed to visit or haunt living people". Not very pleasant sounding, we know, but don't you remember as a child you would have been afraid of ghosts because it was always 'ghost stories' you heard, never 'spirit stories'!

That's not say that there can't be bad 'spirits', because occasionally there can. However, our perception of this is that ghosts are the energy or soul of someone that has died either unexpectedly or perhaps unpleasantly and so can be frustrated or somewhat lost whilst trying to pass into the spirit realm. So, they are more forceful, angry and even aggressive sometimes in an attempt to get our attention.

Unhappy ghosts such as these are often called Poltergeists. They feed off of our fear. This means that to get our attention they will do things to make us feel uncomfortable, or frightened, if you like. For example, banging doors, things dropping off walls etc.. It's all to get themselves noticed, and, once we acknowledge them without fear, and try to understand why they're about, things will calm down.

Spirit on the other hand, in general, are much more subtle in their approach. You may get the shivers or feel very hot as one draws near. You may feel tingles, as if someone is touching your arm, hand or shoulders for example. They can be mischievous, but never harmful. They too will try different ways of getting our attention, but not normally anything that makes us feel uneasy. Another example (and this happens to most people we know) is that things will go missing and miraculously reappear again a few days later. Usually a very good sign that spirit are around!

Spirit are usually here to guide us, whether it be the spirit of a physical person that we once knew (e.g. a late parent or grandparent) or a learned guide from ancient times (maybe an Indian or Egyptian) and so they may bring messages of comfort or advice. (See our page in the library on Spirit Guides for a bit more information.)

Ghosts on the other hand don't have anything much to contribute (except making us jump!) until they have accepted what's going on and have perhaps been helped to happily pass into the next realm!

Well, there you go a brief insight into the difference between ghost and spirits (of the 'supernatural' kind, not the drinking kind!) We hope it's been helpful and if you have any experiences or ideas that you would like to share with us on this subject, then drop us a line on

Love, Light and Understanding

From all at Mystic Mouse

Angel Of The Day

Victorian Cherub

Note:The angel postings for this section will be coming from the book A Dictionary Of Angels Including The Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.

Angel Name:Abay.

An angel of the order of dominations (dominions), invoked in cabalistic conjuring rites.

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Angel Of The Day

Victorian Cherub

Note:The angel postings for this section will be coming from the book A Dictionary Of Angels Including The Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.

Angel Name:Abathur Muzania (Abyatur).

In Mandaean cosmology, the uthra (angel) of the North Star. He presides over the scales in which the human soul is weighed at the death of the body. Cf. Ashriel and Monker (the latter, the Mohammedan black angel), both credited with performing a similar task.

[Rf. Drowser, The Mandaeans of Iraq and Iran.]

Double D's Live Investigation On 10-19-2010

TEAM: PTN's Double D's team
LOCATION: Henderson Castle, Kalamazo, MI.

The Double D's conducted their live show, during a live paranormal investigation.

The Double D's first were in the basement investigating. While in the basement they used the Hack Box to try and comminicate with any spirits that might have been near them.

At one point while the ladies were in the basement, I thought I heard a child moan or speak. The Double D's did themselves hear something, but couldn't make out what it was.

They then moved upstairs, where once again, they used the Hack Box to try and communicate. And this time they got what I feel are great results.

The Double D's asked if they were speaking with a boy or a girl, and several people including myself, in the PTN chat room heard a response of "boy".

The following are some questions and responses from the ladies investigation.

Q: Can you say aloha?

Response: Several of us, including myself, in the chat room heard a response of "Aloha".

Q: How old are you?

Response: Several people in the chat room, including myself, heard a very clear response of "a thousand".

Brandon K from P.A.S.T. heard "5 of us" at one point during the Hack Box use. (Note: Brandon was in the chat room, not part of the investigation.)

Other words heard were: "Stop it" & "tell them".

My personal opinion is that this was a successful investigation. At least the Hack Box session, done upstairs seemed successful.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Interview I did

Kerri, a University student, contacted me on Facebook, and wanted to know if I would be willing to do an interview about why I liked the facebook page for the Paranormal Cops.

Kerri called me to night, was a very very nice lady.

I enjoyed our chat very much. And I wish her and her fellow students the best of luck on their project.

Angel Of The Day

Victorian Cherub

Note:The angel postings for this section will be coming from the book A Dictionary Of Angels Including The Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.

Angel Name:Abaros [Armaros].

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Note:The angel postings for this section will be coming from the book A Dictionary Of Angels Including The Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.

Angel Name:Abasdarhon.

Supreme ruling angel of the 5th hour of the night. [.R.f. Waite, The Lemegeton.]

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Angel Of The Day

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Note:The angel postings for this section will be coming from the book A Dictionary Of Angels Including The Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.

Angel Name:Abariel.

In ceremonial magic tracts, an angel used for invoking. The name Abariel is found inscribed on the 2nd pentacle of the Moon. {R.f. Mathers, The Greater Key Of Solomon.]

2nd pentacle of the moon

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Hungry Ghosts

Samhain (aka Halloween) is a magical time of the year.

It has Celtic roots.

It marks the beginning of the "dark" part of the year.

It's also the moment when the "veils" between the realms of the living and dead are "thinned" making communication easier.

You can actually invoke blessings from "hungry" ghosts who are without any family or friends, and that have long been forgotten.
You'll love the little strokes of "good luck" and other goodies you begin to receive.

Beginning 1 or 2 weeks before October 31, (Samhain/Halloween), here's what to do:

Every night before you go to bed, place a glass of milk and a plate of barley outside your home under the stars.

This will ease lonely ghosts' "hunger" for attention.

It will prevent any mischief, and will bring blessings, luck, and fortune into your life during the next week.

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I have added a link to Spooky Dudes Paranormal Investigation to the Paranormal Teams list on the links page.

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Get to Know your Ghosts - Demonic Haunt

Article from:

Written by Jason Hawes

Demons are one of the known inhuman entities out there. Fortunately, they are a rare occurrence.

They are usually very easy to identify as long as they are not hiding. When it is a demonic haunting you typically notice a revolting stench similar to rotted flesh or sulfuric acid. They often let loose a growl that sounds like it is coming from everywhere at once. They like to make contact by pushing, shoving, hitting, and even scratching. The whole air in the affected area will feel thick like fog and the temperature will drastically change, typically becoming warmer.

These creatures are very strong, unlike human spirits, and they don't mind showing it. There have been cases where people have been thrown through the air and even attacked. Apparently, their main goal is to break down a person's free will in order to make way for possession. This can take days, months or years, but time is of no concern to them.

They have a hatred for mankind that dates back to the days of God and Lucifer. They have lived for millennia and will be here long after we are gone. So, you must understand that though you may be able to get these creatures to leave a dwelling with religious provocation you will never destroy them. They could go to the next place down the road if they choose, most likely they won't because distance is not a problem for these creatures. They could go from Maine to California on a thought.

They can take on any form they wish, but mostly commonly it is a half man, half animal form. They will have the head of an animal, the torso of a man, and the hairy legs of an animal. When they are approached by an investigating paranormal team they may feel threatened and appear in a human form to keep the home from being blessed and stop the use of religious provocation.

During an investigation you need assess the situation more by what happened before you arrived than what is actually going on during the time you are there. Demons are capable of changing form right in front of you from a human form to an inhuman form. They neither male nor female, but then can change that to meet their needs. People mostly see demons as black masses standing in doorways or near rooms. Sometimes they are called shadow devils.

If you feel like you have a demon in your home I would recommend getting help from a well known paranormal group as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence when dealing with these creatures.

Angel Of The Day

Victorian Cherub

Note:The angel postings for this section will be coming from the book A Dictionary Of Angels Including The Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.

Angel Name:Aban.

In ancient Persian lore, Aban is (or was) the angel of the month of October. He governed also the 10th day of that month. [R.f. Hyde, Hysteria Religionis Veterum Persarum.]

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Angel Of The Day

Victorian Cherub

Note:The angel postings for this section will be coming from the book A Dictionary Of Angels Including The Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.

Angel Name:Abalim (Arelim).

An order of angels known in Christian angelology as thrones. The equation is put thus in The Magus. "Thrones, which the Hebrew call Abalim, that is, great angels, mighty and strong." The chief intelligences (i.e., angels) of the order are: Zaphkiel and Jophiel (qq.v.).

Dori Roberts Quotes

"Happy and successful people are the ones who take the sudden changes that come along, and turn them into a new opportunity"~ Dori Roberts ♥

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"I wish some people would get it through their minds that the arrows they think they are slinging are nothing more then soaked cotton balls. " ~ Dori Roberts ♥

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dori Roberts Quote Of The Day

"You can not replace real love, no more then you can make truth from a lie." ~Dori Roberts ♥

Angel Of The Day

Victorian Cherub

Note:The angel postings for this section will be coming from the book A Dictionary Of Angels Including The Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.

Angel Name:Abagtha.

See Abachta.

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Victorian Cherub

Note:The angel postings for this section will be coming from the book A Dictionary Of Angels Including The Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.

Angel Name:Abalidoth.

A celestial luminary who, like the angel Aba (q.v.), is concerned with human sexuality. Abalidoth is a minister-angel serving King Sarabotes, Friday ruler of the angels of the air. [R.f. Barrett, The MagusII; Masters, Eros and Evil.]

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dori Roberts Quotes

"You have not helped someone if you hold it as a debt over their head. Give without strings or remorse, or it's best not to give at all"~ Dori Roberts ♥

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"Advice when given, is like a gift.. to be chosen carefully, presented with love, and wrapped with the best of intentions." ~ Dori Roberts ♥

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"Even when times are hard, and you feel like you are losing the battle, stop and look around you and realize that you are rich in blessings and love, & nothing will happen that you and God will not be able to handle together." ~ Dori Roberts ♥

Angel Of The Day

Victorian Cherub

Note:The angel postings for this section will be coming from the book A Dictionary Of Angels Including The Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.

Angel Name:Abadon.

A term for the nether world (see Abaddon). The spelling here (with one 'd') is from The Zohar (Deuteronomy 286a).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Notice: Article I Wrote

Check out the article I wrote about a Wisconsin Paranormal team.

You can read it online or purchase a copy of the magazine at

Angel Of The Day

Victorian Cherub

Note:The angel postings for this section will be coming from the book A Dictionary Of Angels Including The Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.

Angel Name:Abaddon (Abbadon, the "destroyer").

--the Hebrew name for the Greek Apollyon, "angel of the bottomless pit," as in Revelation 9:10; and the angel (or star) that binds Satan for 1,000 years, as in Revelation 20. The Thanksgiving Hymns (a copy of which turned up among the recently discovered Dead Sea scrolls) speaks of "the Sheol of Abaddon" and of the "torrents of Belial [that] bust into Abaddon." The 1st-century apocryphon The Biblical Antiquities of Philo speaks of Abaddon as a place (sheol, hell), not as a spirit or demon or angel. In Paradise Regained (IV, 624) Milton like-wise employs Abaddon as the name of a place, i.e., the pit.

As far as is known, it was St. John, who first personified the term to stand for an angel. In the 3rd-century Acts of Thomas, Abaddon is the name of a demon, or of the devil himself--which is how Bunyan regards him in Pilgrim's Progress. According to Mathers, The Greater Key of Solomon, Abaddon is a name for God that Moses invoked to bring down the blighting rain over Egypt.

The cabalist Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla denominates Abaddon as the 6th lodge of the 7 lodges of Hell (arka), under the presidency of the angel Pasiel(q.v.). Klopstock in The Messiah calls Abaddon, "death's dark angel." A reference to Abaddon's "hooked wings" occurs in Francis Thompson's poem "To the English Martyrs." [See Apollyon.]

Abaddon has also been identified as the angel of death and destruction, demon of the abyss, and chief of demons of the underworld hierarchy, where he is equated with Samael or Satan. [R.f De Plancy, Dictionaire Infernal; Grillot, A Pictorial Anthology of Witchcraft, Magic and Alchemy, p. 128]

In the latter work, Abaddon is the "Destroying Angel of the Apocalypse." In Barrett, The Magus, Abaddon is pictured, in color, as one of the "evil demons."
An angel in the service of the barchangel Michael. [RF.M. Gaster, Wisdom Of The Chaldeans.]

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Show Reviews: Soul Visions & Ghost Cronicals

The Show Soul Visions can be heard on

I found the show amazing.

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The Show Ghost Cronicals, can be heard on

This show is very good.

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Angel Of The Day

Victorian Cherub

Note:The angel postings for this section will be coming from the book A Dictionary Of Angels Including The Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.

Angel Name:Abachta (Abagtha).

In Rabbinic writings, one of the 7 angels of confusion, the other 6 being Barbonah (Harbonah), Bigtha, Carcas, Biztha, Mechuman, and Zether.

Abachta is also numbered among the "pressers of the winepress." [R.f. Ginzberg, The Legends Of The Jewes IV, 374.]

Monday, October 11, 2010

Show Reviews: Phat Ladies Of Paranormal, & Visions Into The Past

The Phat Ladies Of Paranormal is a show on

I found the show very interesting. The hosts did a great job.

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The Show Visions Into The past can be found on

I found Visions Into The Past a very interesting show.

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Diana Dorell Channeling

Diana Dorell ‎10/6: Be Grateful*Channeled from Kwan Yin:"Thank everyone and every situation that is in your life right now, as you are learning invaluable lessons on the importance of raising your standards & strengthening your self worth. Bless everything and life blesses you back."

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Diana Dorell ‎9/28:Baby Steps (Channeled from Mother Mary):"Recent events may have left you feeling overwhelmed. How can I achieve THAT, you ask? Where to even begin?Like a candle in the darkness, know that I am right by your side, nudging to take just one small step towards your intended goal. It is in the small steps that a path i...s truly paved."

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‎9/27: (Channeled from ArchAngel Ariel):"Today, get out into the world and look at the natural beauty that surrounds you. Even the animals have voices. The plants and trees.The sky. Relinquish the belief that you are separate than another. You are part of an intricate wheel of life and the more you can spend time in nat...ure today, the better. You need not go anywhere. Even posting a picture depicting the natural world will amplify and energize you."

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‎9/24: You are Worthy. (Channeled from Goddesses Gaia and Lakshmi) "Today, you may find your barometer of self worth being tested and challenged, most likely within yourself. What am I worth? I know I'm worth more! Do others see me as worthy? Deep down, in your core, when you take the time to ask yourself, the truth and... next steps are revealed. The truth is beautiful. And so are you."

Ghost Hunting & the Weather

Article from

We get a lot of questions regarding whether full moons, thunderstorms, solar flares, etc. make the surrounding area more conducive to experiencing a ghostly apparition, and whether we should seek out these conditions when going to a haunted place to experience the phenomenon. As one might expect, the answer seems to be a resounding Yes!

Although people occasionally experience apparitions and entities during the day, most sightings do occur at night for reasons explained in The Nature of Ghosts. It is also believed that apparitions are a form of energy, and that sightings do indeed increase in both strength and clarity under certain atmospheric conditions that are unusually high in electrical or electromagnetic energy.

If you have ever been in a really rocking thunderstorm, you know the awe and power involved in such an event. The very floor shakes with the thunder claps, and you can literally feel (and see) the electrical charge in the atmosphere. No surprise then, that this is a highly conducive time to experience paranormal phenomena. Obviously, there are drawbacks to this plan, because most of us don't want to be standing in the middle of a tree-filled graveyard during a raging thunderstorm, even if we could time it just right. But if you ever find yourself in a position to do some indoor ghost hunting during a good storm, we highly recommend that you try that, because the chances are good that you will achieve at least some semblance of success in thunderstorm conditions.

The theory with thunderstorms is that the entity is able to draw from the electrically charged surroundings to a degree that it couldn't during calm weather, thus becoming more visible or detectable to you. It is also fairly safe to assume that you, as the observer, are also being affected by the charged atmosphere, possibly achieving a higher vibrational frequency and enabling you to come closer to the frequency of the apparition - thus a sighting.

Even if you can't time a ghost hunt to coincide with a thunderstorm, it most definitely wouldn't hurt to drag out the compass, digital camera, and whatever other ghost hunting equipment you have next time you are sitting at home during a strong storm. You may be surprised at the results.......

As far as moon phases and the question of what phases are best and worst for paranormal sightings, the evidence at this time seems to suggest what is probably obvious to most of us - that the full moon is by far the most conducive time to experience ghostly phenomena. There are many theories as to why this is, from the air being more saturated with positive ions, to the slivery color and rays emitted from the full and bright moon, to the added gravitational pull on the earth and on us during a full moon. Scientists scoff at all three of these theories, saying that the effects, whatever they might be, are not strong enough to affect us in any measurable way. That seems a bit too easy, as the full moon has been associated with paranormal and supernatural occurrences since the beginning of time. It could be that a combination of the above or something not even thought of yet is responsible. Yet, there is almost indisputable proof that the full moon is related to an increase in paranormal phenomena.

The new moon is probably the 2nd most conducive for experiencing paranormal phenomena in terms of a monthly timetable. During this time, the moon rises at the same time as the sun and is in the same zodiac sign. Because of this, you can't see the moon, making for some really dark ghost hunting. We have found no theories as to why physically this is a good time to ghost hunt, but it appears time and time again in our reference material so we thought it would be worth a mention here.

Of equal importance, the equinoxes and solstices every year have been through history very conducive to supernatural occurrences. These events are extremely important cosmically and it is no wonder that they are considered very conducive days in supernatural terms.

The sun is at its lowest point on the Winter Solstice every year. It rises higher into the sky as the days go on, culminating in the Spring Equinox, when it rises exactly in the east and sets exactly in the west, and everyone on earth has a 12 hour day. After this, it continues on its upward path until the Summer Solstice, when it reaches its highest point in the sky, After this, the sun begins to descend again, and on the Autumnal Equinox, the entire world again sees a 12 hour day with the sun in an exactly east/west orientation. Then back to the Winter Solstice to start the dance over again.

Of note, the Harvest Moon is an important event in many religions and may be worth a try for those interested in experimenting with ghost hunting and the supernatural. The harvest moon is the nearest full moon to the Autumnal Equinox - either before or after.

The sun is also believed to play an important role in how conducive we are to apparitions and ghostly phenomena due to the electromagnetic and geomagnetic influences of the sun on our planet. Most of us don't realize how often we actually go through a geomagnetic storm caused by solar wind, which, like a lightening storm, is believed to somehow spark paranormal strength. Therefore, any serious ghost hunter will be well aware of the solar conditions at all times. A great source for checking this daily can be found at

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Angel Of The Day

Victorian Cherub

Note:The angel postings for this section will be coming from the book A Dictionary Of Angels Including The Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.

Angel Name:Abalaloy.

An Angel invoked in Solomonic incantation operations. Ababaloy is mentioned in the black-magic manual, Grimorium Verum.

Diana Dorell, Channeling Goddesses White Tara & Green Tara

‎10/8: *Channeled from Goddesses White Tara and Green Tara: "Today things are apt to go off schedule, so allow yourself the gift of flexibility. You may realize later how perfectly ordered today's outcomes and timelines truly are. Enjoy the surprises!"

Diana Dorell, Channeling Arch Angel Ariel

‎10/11: *Channeled from ArchAngel Ariel:"Look for messages and answers to your questions in trees, the wind and animals today. It's a time to listen more than you speak, for as you slow your world down today and tune into nature, you will gain an important piece of knowledge to move you forward."

Para Normal Corner

Para Normal Corner October 9 at 12:47pm

My Family has a long history of Ghost Hunting
I was Growing up in a very active house, surrounded by a whole family which took spirits for granted.

My Family Has Long History Of Ghost

His Mother in the Mirror

My brother-in-law and I were always kind of close and, one day he told me this story.

His Mother In Mirror

The Skeptic Psychic

Those that knows me, know that I am an open-minded skeptic, what far fewer know is that I am also a strong psychic, since this is something that I do not flaunt in my everyday life.

Skeptic Psychic

Miracles - Gift of Tounge - Xenoglossy

This experience, the gift of tongue was something a close friend of mine experienced. His experience was not like when...

Miracles Gift Of Tongue Xenoglossy

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Show Review: Haunted Midwest & Shadows In The Dark

The show Haunted Midwest can be found every Sunday night on

The show is hosted by Tim Maile.

I found the show excellent.

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The second Show, Shadows In The Dark, airs on

. The show Shadows In The Dark is hosted by Jeremiah Greer, and has now changed its name to Jeremiah Greer Live. Visit his website by going to

I found the show very interesting.

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