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Ghosts and EMF

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May 7, 5:39 PM by Kathie Kessler

If you've ever watched the show Ghost Hunters, you've heard of EMF. EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field. Electromagnet fields are all around us, from power lines, computers, cell phones, anything that has power. EMF also occurs naturally from the earth's own magnetic field, electrical storms and the body's own essential electric activity. Natural EMFs are of a very low strength with a frequency.

It is thought that when a ghost or spirit tries to manifest itself it causes a disturbance in the emf field, raising it above normal levels. Paranormal researchers use EMF meters to read the level of emf in the location being investigated, noting all areas of high emf that are in the property due to appliances, equipment etc.. and then watch for spikes or unexplained changes in the emf reading. If you have a meter reading .01 mg (mili gauss) sitting on a table and it suddenly jumps to a reading of 2.0, with no explainable reason (cell phone call came through, refrigerator or furnace kicked in), then what you are left with is an unexplainable spike.. it is especially of interest if it is accompanied by a cold spot, noises or other unusual activity.

Certain kinds of EMF meters, specifically the K-2 meter has various colored lights instead of a needle gauge, so it is easily read in the dark. One can try and attempt communication with the ghost or spirit using this device by asking it to light the LED lights up for a yes answer and not light them for a NO answer. Although it is very rare to get this kind of interaction it has been done.

Generating an emf field is sometimes a method researchers use to allow a spirit the “energy” to manifest itself.

Some people are more sensitive to emf levels than others. Constant exposure to high electromagnetic fields can cause all sorts of symptoms, from nausea, to headaches, depression, paranoia and a feeling of being watched and many others. Sometimes rooms that just “feel spooky” can be caused by high emf. Basements are a good candidate for this with furnace units, electrical boxes and wiring, especially older unshielded wires.

It is good to check your house's emf levels as many researchers have found that prolonged exposure can be harmful to your health.

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