Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Double D's Live Investigation On 10-19-2010

TEAM: PTN's Double D's team
LOCATION: Henderson Castle, Kalamazo, MI.

The Double D's conducted their live show, during a live paranormal investigation.

The Double D's first were in the basement investigating. While in the basement they used the Hack Box to try and comminicate with any spirits that might have been near them.

At one point while the ladies were in the basement, I thought I heard a child moan or speak. The Double D's did themselves hear something, but couldn't make out what it was.

They then moved upstairs, where once again, they used the Hack Box to try and communicate. And this time they got what I feel are great results.

The Double D's asked if they were speaking with a boy or a girl, and several people including myself, in the PTN chat room heard a response of "boy".

The following are some questions and responses from the ladies investigation.

Q: Can you say aloha?

Response: Several of us, including myself, in the chat room heard a response of "Aloha".

Q: How old are you?

Response: Several people in the chat room, including myself, heard a very clear response of "a thousand".

Brandon K from P.A.S.T. heard "5 of us" at one point during the Hack Box use. (Note: Brandon was in the chat room, not part of the investigation.)

Other words heard were: "Stop it" & "tell them".

My personal opinion is that this was a successful investigation. At least the Hack Box session, done upstairs seemed successful.

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