Monday, October 11, 2010

Para Normal Corner

Para Normal Corner October 9 at 12:47pm

My Family has a long history of Ghost Hunting
I was Growing up in a very active house, surrounded by a whole family which took spirits for granted.

My Family Has Long History Of Ghost

His Mother in the Mirror

My brother-in-law and I were always kind of close and, one day he told me this story.

His Mother In Mirror

The Skeptic Psychic

Those that knows me, know that I am an open-minded skeptic, what far fewer know is that I am also a strong psychic, since this is something that I do not flaunt in my everyday life.

Skeptic Psychic

Miracles - Gift of Tounge - Xenoglossy

This experience, the gift of tongue was something a close friend of mine experienced. His experience was not like when...

Miracles Gift Of Tongue Xenoglossy

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