Saturday, October 2, 2010

Paranormal Investigation Equipment And How It Works

This article comes from Ghost Hunting Guide

Using the right paranormal investigation equipment could mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful collection of data. It’s important that you understand exactly what all of the equipment is used for and why. If you know what you are doing it will make the whole analysis easier and help you draw up more realistic conclusions. The paranormal investigation equipment you should need is; an EMF meter, a digital recorder, a video camera, 2 way radios and logging software.

1. EMF meters

An EMF meter is used to examine the electro magnetic field in the area. Some people believe that when you are in the presence of a ghost then the readings will increase. EMF meters should be turned on throughout an investigation and whenever there is an unusual reading they should be cross referenced with any other instruments in use such as a digital recorder.

2. Digital recorders

Digital sound recorders will record EVP. Through the static in the recordings you might be able to hear what some people believe to be ghosts. It is important that you get a digital recorder that has a lot of memory so you can leave it on for the entire paranormal investigation.

3. Video camera

Try and get a video camera that is the highest possible quality, the sharper the image the more effective it will be. If you can afford it then set up multiple video cameras around the place, you never know what you could be missing.

4. 2 way radios

If there is more than one of you on an investigation then 2 way radios are very important. When you split up you will need to have a way of staying in contact with each other. If one of you has an unusual reading on one of the instruments then the other can always cross reference the information from another location.

5. Logging software

The internet has a few different software logging options for the paranormal investigator. It is very important these days to keep a clear record of everything you have collected. Successful logging is key in paranormal investigation equipment.

Getting the right paranormal investigation equipment together is just the first step. The hard part is the conducting of the investigation and the final analysis of the data that has been collected.

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