Monday, October 11, 2010

Diana Dorell Channeling

Diana Dorell ‎10/6: Be Grateful*Channeled from Kwan Yin:"Thank everyone and every situation that is in your life right now, as you are learning invaluable lessons on the importance of raising your standards & strengthening your self worth. Bless everything and life blesses you back."

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Diana Dorell ‎9/28:Baby Steps (Channeled from Mother Mary):"Recent events may have left you feeling overwhelmed. How can I achieve THAT, you ask? Where to even begin?Like a candle in the darkness, know that I am right by your side, nudging to take just one small step towards your intended goal. It is in the small steps that a path i...s truly paved."

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‎9/27: (Channeled from ArchAngel Ariel):"Today, get out into the world and look at the natural beauty that surrounds you. Even the animals have voices. The plants and trees.The sky. Relinquish the belief that you are separate than another. You are part of an intricate wheel of life and the more you can spend time in nat...ure today, the better. You need not go anywhere. Even posting a picture depicting the natural world will amplify and energize you."

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‎9/24: You are Worthy. (Channeled from Goddesses Gaia and Lakshmi) "Today, you may find your barometer of self worth being tested and challenged, most likely within yourself. What am I worth? I know I'm worth more! Do others see me as worthy? Deep down, in your core, when you take the time to ask yourself, the truth and... next steps are revealed. The truth is beautiful. And so are you."

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