Saturday, October 2, 2010

Brumder Mansion

This case report comes from Wisconsin Paranormal

  • Location: Sturgeon Bay, WI
  • Date: 03.12-13-14.2010 (3 days)
  • Weather: (outdoors) 42ºF (indoors) 71ºF
  • Investigation Type: Residential / Indoor
  • Investigators: Jay & Katie
  • Classification: Confidential

Details: WPI was called back for a second investigation so the client could validate the claims of paranormal activity. However, this investigation was approached with a different investigation method. There were only 2 of us which gave us even more of a controlled environment to investigate. Jay and Katie were allowed to "move in" for 2 nights and 3 days. They lived at the residence day and night as the client has done for the past 9 months. Jay & Katie would investigate, observe and capture during the night and day. The client was still looking to validate the paranormal claims that was not caught in our January investigation. We felt that 3 days would give us ample time to investigate the claims.

*** NOTE: this was the first time WPI used its latest technology: The HD FULL SPECTRUM Video and 12MP Digital Still Photos.

Claims: The claims are still the same from our January 19th investigation and can be referenced back to case #102901DC. However, here they are again: A black mist shadow (referred to as the shadow man) pushed client up the stairs and utters deep whispers throughout the residence. The shadow moves up and down the stairs. Also the shadow resembles a dog, but without any eyes, nose or mouth. Client gets nudged/poked on the back, right side of the waist. The friend of client also saw the shadow mass. Faulty electronics and the kitchen sinks water coming out scalding hot.

Findings: Out of the 3 days and 2 nights, we did not have any paranormal experiences. WPI did not capture any paranormal evidence in our photos, roaming HD Full Spectrum or IR camcorder(s) or Digital Voice Recorders.

Conclusion: WPI feels that with the lack of evidenced gathered, there isn't any paranormal activity in this residence. .

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