Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Topic Of The Day

By: Lauren C Dole


( When our deceased loved one comes to us in a dream with a message of comfort or warning etc)........OR...... Just our subconscious making amends with a loved one who we had issues with?????? Have you had a dream visit????? Did it bring you peace?????

The Comments so far:

  1. I have many visits in my dreams, especially my dad who brings me great comfort just when I need it... He seems to know when I need a dad hug! Xx
  2. Yes, I've had many dream visitations. Sometimes they bring peace, some times confusion...for me.
  3. Mike Burton: I have dream visitations frequently. You can easily tell the difference. When the dream feels just to real to be a dream, it isn't.
  4. I have had dream visitations by a friend who took his life...yes it did bring peace to me because I felt guilty for not being there
  5. I love my visitations. I had an afterlife experience when I was 16, so I see the same place where my friends and family send me Dream Affirmations. Again, I reaffirm, I have no fear of living because I have no fear of dying. I rest assured of where my next step in this learned journey will take me. My grandfather came to me and said goodbye when I was 9 before my parents returned to announce his passing. My Aunt committed suicide and I knew it instantly. She was on the West Coast and asked my forgiveness, she could not deal with her mental pain. But she came to me from Paradise, so I have rethought the penalties told to me about suicide. My uncle Roger leaned over me and kissed my cheek from the other side, then I dreamed of him and my uncle Larry laughing and fishing off a huge rock. Telling me they were okay. So yes, this is an awesome gift to us.
  6. Lauren C Dole: I had dream visits from My fathers wife every freakin' night for 4 years until my fathers death last month thank God they stopped.....I know she was trying to make things right with me as I was excluded from their lives... and I think she felt bad about that ....... Last night I had a dream of my dad.... my dad never knew me... and he died not really knowing anything about me , he had a new life a new wife and new kids and I was the weekend visitor when I was young but he never got to know me...really sad .... so in the dream we spent quality time together he showed interest in me and we talked like I had hoped we would in I think he visited me in my dream no not this time.. I think it was just a nice dream of how I wish my dad would have been......
  7. A friend passed in Feb this year has come many times awake and in dreams. When he passed I did not mourn. First time EVER I celebrated because I truly had resolved all issues throughout the 22 years we knew each other. My question: Could he be making his amends by coming to assist with his messages and presence? It is all about energy and balancing...
  8. I like the topic, I have had a grand Mother keep me alive when I was a kid. And now i see and here more now then when I was younger. But its not with my Ears that I am hearing with!
  9. Yes, I've just had another one a couple of nights ago!! Left me feeling very calm and 'warm' all day.
  10. My daughter did when her father died. It was so comforting to her. She wants him to visit her again. I have not, and I wish I did. :-(
  11. I have frequent visits from my late husband, esp. in times when I am troubled.
  12. Yes. First time was my maternal Grandfather. I found myself in a room dressed in all white, sitting on a white chair. My Abuelo came in dressed in a white suit. He told me he was going away, but not matter what he would always be there for me. The next day my Mother received the call that he had passed. She told me she had something to tell me, but I told her I already knew. The 2nd time was my roommate Josh, who tragically died in a car crash. I was on a city bus. At one of the stops my dead roommate got on the bus. I told him I was so glad to see him & that I wanted to know when he was coming back. He told me he wasn't coming back. Ever. He told me I had to get off the bus at the next corner, because I needed to move on & live my life. That he would always help me through the rough times.
  13. Some of my dead loved ones came to me in dreams. My mother hugging me made me feel good. Dreams of my aunt and uncle were just okay. I didn't have any unresolved issues with any of my family.
  14. I get visits from my parents both died in the early 90's and my brother who died in 95'.
  15. I see my father in the back ground of almost every dream I have.
  16. My father visited me after he died to show me where he was. I don't think he has been back since.
  17. I have dreamed of family and we mostly just look at each other, no touching.
  18. And my own comment: My family has a saying "dream of the dead, hear from the living." But I've seen my dead dog in several dreams since his passing, lol without hearing from the living (though that phrase usually relates to dreaming of a dead human, not a pet lol.). But using my dog's visits as an example, I believe that the dead can visit you in your dreams. I know my beloved dog does from time to time, and I'm grateful every time he does, because I miss him dearly. But I know my Great-Grandmother is taking care of him in heaven for me.

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