Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Witches Rosary

Article by: Lauren C. Dole

The Witches rosary is to Honor the Goddess In three-fold, or triple, Nature as Maiden, Mother and crone..... the rosary is made up of gemstones each representing a different element of earth and stars..... it can be worn as a necklace or a belt :

  1. Moonstone ( represents the moon)
  2. Hematite ( represents fire)
  3. Crystal Quartz ( Represents Air)
  4. Earth Stone ( represents earth)
  5. Lapis Lazoli ( Represents water)
  6. Amber ( represents the sun)
  7. Birthstone( represents Stars)

An Ankh is the pendant

Stones or knots separated by 3 silver beads....

The rosary is used to "Pray" and Honor Goddess..... MANY MANY prayers can be said way to many to list....BUT they are all positive, with light and love and peace...... the rosary is a big part of the Wiccan religion.........

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