Sunday, June 9, 2013

Answers to Frequently asked Questions about the Paranormal

By Jennifer Scelsi in CSI: Paranormal'

As a paranormal researcher I've seen some unexplainable things and talked to hundreds if not thousands of people about the paranormal in general.

So I will post them all here with my answers so here we go ....

Is there a difference between a ghost and a spirit ?

Some people believe that ghosts are earthbound souls, and spirits are people who have died, crossed over, and chosen to come back for whatever reason.

In other words, proponents of this theory believe that earthbound souls can't or wont, move on to the other side until they've delivered a message or fulfilled some purpose, or that they are otherwise not ready to leave the earthly plain. Earthbound souls could even not realize they are dead.

Ghosts can be earthbound for any number of reasons.

A person who died in their sleep might literally wake up dead. As funny as that sounds such people honestly wouldn't have any recollection of dying or being aware of their death. They could go for years carrying out their day to day routine as they had in life. Imagine their frustration at wanting to communicate with people around and not being able to do so, or having strangers move into their home that they still believe to be theirs.

Another, more complicated reason ghosts might remain earthbound is to avenge their death. In some cases a ghost might choose to remain here to ensure secrets guarded in life remain secrets and are not brought up to the surface.

Spirits, on the other hand, know they’re dead, have made the transition to the other side, but make a choice to return to their familiar surroundings on earth from time to time. Whether it's to check on the safety and welfare of loved ones, attend a special family function, or to communicate a message, they are not bound to do these things but rather it's their choice to do them.

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