Sunday, June 9, 2013

Voo Doo Dolls For Good

Article by: Lauren C. Dole

O.K. so now you made your doll ( Look in my notes under how to make a voo doo doll)..... I bet you didn't know that a voo doo doll can be used for good.... yes absolutely.....o.k. so what you need..for a good Voo Doo Doll as well as bad...... a photo of the person.... a strand of hair...or personal item such as a toothbrush or hairbrush or piece of their clothing.... sew these items directly into the doll.....The Voo Doo doll represents the soul of the person so you can talk directly to the doll to influence the persons there are colored pins that have a different meaning to each they are..FOR GOOD...Red..Power,,,,...Purple...spirituality,...white...positive energy and good karma.... Black pain relief, healing and repelling place your good Voo doo doll on a table and surround it with beautiful things.... flowers, coins,fruit,etc....take a pin ...lets say blue for love..... gently stick it into the heart of the doll..... also light a blue candle to burn down besides the there are sooooooo many chants you can say while doing can say.... my wish is that "John" have a more open heart and see how much I love him, open his heart to to the doll ( Johns soul) tell him I love you your heart to me.... since these are a different type of spells you do not need to involve Goddess...the doll itself IS the the head of the doll is to increase the persons knowledge so you can lets say stick the green pin for tranquility to bring more tranquility to that person.....see very easy.....good luck.... they do work so please take care of the voo doo doll if ever you want to undo it.... simply open the doll and remove all personal items you placed in it..Now the voo doo doll will absorb your own energy so never share the doll... it is yours alone ....

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