Monday, June 10, 2013

Are There certain types of people who could be affected by, or targeted by , a Ghost Or demon for possession?

By Jennifer Scelsi in CSI: Paranormal

Ghosts may sometimes feel as though they are owed something from a person they perceived as having wronged them while they were alive. If a ghost feels it suffered some kind of injustice or unhappiness at the hands of a person who is still alive, this ghost may be seeking revenge.

Another possible reason is that the ghost has unfulfilled desires, wants, needs and cravings that weren't fulfilled during its lifetime, and may find a person whose desires match its own closely. In this case, the ghost may try to possess that person to satisfy its needs.

A negative entity, such as a Demon , might possess a person to stop the spread of spirituality. For example, if a person is practicing her religion very faithfully, the demon may want to stop the spread of spirituality both in the person and throughout the community. In order to achieve this aim, the demon might try to possess this person or drive him or her away from her religion A person with a prolonged physical illness may be a likely victim for an attack by a ghost or a demon. Some people believe that a ghost or demon could target an injury or diseased area of a living person's body and use it as a point of entry.

People with a weak mind are easy targets for ghosts, demons and negative entities in general. Living people who are filled with anger greed, and or are extremely emotional are prime candidates for an attack. Like a physical open wound, the negative spirit can enter this type of person's mind and can take control. Once in, the negative spirit will use the person's own personality traits to control him or her with relative ease.

For example, if someone is highly emotional , the negative entity would make that person even more emotional - thus weakening the mind even further in order to continue control that person for many months or years.

The bottom line is this: if you are spiritually stronger than the negative entity trying to take you over, you will win. If you're not, the negative entity wins. If you are a spiritually strong person, and you ask whatever higher power you believe in for protection, your chances of being possessed or attacked by a negative entity will decrease substantially.

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