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Tips for debunking a drop in temperature during a paranormal investigation

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It was written by C. Ann Cunningham

Created on: November 17, 2009

You are on a paranormal investigation. You and your teammates are moving slowly around, asking the entities that are reported to be there to make themselves known to you, to knock on something, to move something, to show themselves. Mysteriously, a moment later, you feel a cold spot, an area that feels colder than the rest of the room. Excitedly, you announce the cold spot to your fellow investigators...but what do you do next?

The first thing that should be done is to verify the cold spot by taking a temperature reading of the area. Then you proceed to start looking for anything that might be producing that patch of cold air other than an entity from the beyond. The easiest way to do verify this is with an infrared thermometer, equipped with a laser for pinpoint accuracy, or with a camera that digitally reads the temperature of whatever it is pointing at.

Check nearby windows to see if any are open, even a crack. An errant cool breeze could have come in a small opening and not moved the blinds or curtains. If no nearby windows are actually open, check for drafts around the edge of the window frame. If that does not pan out, start checking the floors and walls for vents that might be blowing central air into the room. Also, if there is a fireplace in the room, check to ensure it is not cool air blowing down the chimney from outside.

I know it may sound ridiculous to go to that extent over a cold spot when you want to be checking for EVPs and EMF spikes, but if you are a paranormal investigator, then part of your job should be to try to debunk events as they happen. If you have checked all the possible causes of a cold spot and nothing seems to fit, then you may be experiencing a true attempt at manifestation.

There is no reason why checking for the possible causes needs to interfere with the investigation, either. If you have already had several events happen that you cannot find a cause for, then by all means, continue the investigation as if you are experiencing true paranormal activity. Doing a temperature sweep of an area needn't take up much time at all. Five minutes should be sufficient time to check temperature readings, and you can easily move on to the next part of your investigation.

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