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Why investigating paranormal activities can be fun

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Created on: February 20, 2007 Last Updated: May 11, 2007

If there ever was a hobby that I thought was so cool, it would have to be paranormal investigations. I live for finding places that are reportedly haunted. Sometimes I will buy books to see if there are haunted houses close to where I live. Then I take some time to do historical research to see what if anything thing I can dig up on the location to explain what is happening. After that, I then pick a day to go there with my equipment and then try hard as I can to document any or all activity.

With historical research , not all the time will you find what you are looking for. I had a place where a lot of the historical documents had been destroyed. Which in some ways can hinder the investigation. But all you can really do is keep going and hope for the best. For this location, it was more or less left up to urban legend as well as speculation. I don't think I will ever be able to get to the truth.

Then the fun of taking equipment to a location can prove to be a matter of chance. Usually you take things like a camcorder, digital camera, camera, tape recorder, note pads, etc. Sometimes doing stuff in a particular order can be a pain. Not to mention having to write down a lot of what you do. Trust me, it doesn't take long to fill up a 3 subject notebook. This is where most of the science comes into play. The location I have mentioned, I have been there at least 5 times. Several times strange things happened before I even had the chance to get out my equipment.

I had gathered a lot of stuff over these visits. Spirits caught on film. Audio recordings of voices and sounds that should not be there. Most people would be scared by this especially when they know the stories of what happened here. For me, it would take a lot to scare me. Going to places like this, you have to get a grip on your fear. I guess in a way you have to turn off your emotions and do what you have to in order to investigate properly. You would be surprised at how certain things can influence your investigations.

Investigating places for paranormal activity isn't too hard to do. You just have to do things in the right way so that no one can dispute your claims. It never hurts to learn from ghost hunting societies. But there in that, you have to be careful with who you choose to contact. There are some that are very shady. Once you find a reputable one, you will learn a lot on how to do things right. I have talked to a few in my time. Just remember to have fun and not take things seriously. But at same time, be dedicated to looking at all angled before making a judgment. So go out, have fun and don't be afraid.

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