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How black magic can cause paranormal phenomena

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It was written by Chung Yuen Keong

Created on: January 14, 2012 Last Updated: January 20, 2012

When we mention ‘black magic’, a familiar scene pops up in our mind: An evil witch-doctor, wearing a grotesque mask, is dancing in a trance. As he trots around the leaping flames, he is swinging his staff wildly in the air and chanting some incoherent gibberish. His body shakes vigorously; he draws a dagger; he screams; all those who are in the ceremony shout loudly. When the beating of the drums stops, the shouting stops and the evil witch-doctor pushes the dagger into a straw doll.

Even today the practice of black magic is still found in Africa, Haiti, South America and South East Asia. Many people fear this evil sorcery; however, others regard it as mere superstition and doubt the existence of it.

Black magic is practiced not only by primitive tribesmen but also by modern Chinese living in Malaysia. The Malaysian Chinese are greatly influenced by their long-standing tradition and their legendary lore. Even the Chinese themselves cannot define what their real religion is. The ordinary Chinese worship the Buddha, the Taoist deities and their ancestors. They believe all supernatural beings have the mysterious power to help them and give them the needs and wants. Nevertheless, the term “black magic” is not used by the Chinese in their beliefs even though such sorcery is being practiced in their community.

In China black magic is known as ‘ku”. However, the ordinary Malaysian Chinese know little or have no knowledge about ‘ku’. Some evil Taoist priests, therefore, start their own Taoist sect practicing ‘ku’ in the rough-and-ready Chinese community for their own benefits. These Taoist priests, address themselves as ‘Si-Fu’ or ‘master of the religion’, claim to have the transcendental power to communicate with their gods and their goddesses. They say that they can remedy the irrecoverable loss of wealth by their supernatural power granted by their deities. They also advertise in the newspapers that they are able to reconcile a broken marriage by the use of spells and talismans. The street-level Chinese are completely mystified; they will worship the gods that can protect them. So those who are in great desperation will resort to getting help from these Taoist Priests.

Believers are willing to pay whatever price for the help they receive if it is effective. A believer expecting miracles should make a generous donation to the Taoist deities. The Taoist priests always belabor the point to believers that their generosity shows their sincerity and respect to the gods and goddesses; the more one gives, the more help he will receive.

A jealous wife is also getting help from the evil Taoist priest. Casting a curse on the hair or finger nail cut from the husband's mistress will put her under a spell. Insects, worms and poisonous snakes are often used in evil charms. Those making such an evil request are always asked to make a solemn vow to the deities; breaking the vow means death.

The practice of black magic or ‘ku’ is bizarre; it is against the laws of nature. These evil Taoist priests are bribing the divinities for help. The believers are, of course, satisfied with the help given and they reward the evil Taoist priests and their gods.

Despite the punishment for their evil acts, people turn to black magic for miracles, overnight success and instant wealth. They are overwhelmed by black magic because it can cause paranormal phenomena.

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