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The effect of spirits on electromagnetic fields

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Created on: September 28, 2010

I’ve said a million times, if I’ve said it once that this would make a great study if scientists ever dared to stretch their probability-limited minds into the realm of real science, e.g., the study of, possibilities. What wonderful things might we discover just by eliminating the habit of negating things just because they weren’t “probable”. Hmmm, “the possibilities”, really could become, “endless”.

Electromagnetic fields, or EMF’s, are energy, radioactive energy and science has already proven that these fields have an effect on the behavior of biological cells. We have EMF energy around all of the time, cell phones, TV’s, computers, alarm clocks, radios, stoves, refrigerators, microwave ovens, tanning beds, cell towers, ratio towers, light bulbs and florescent lights. Even the Sun and Moon emit Electromagnetic energy fields that our bodies then absorb, as does the Earth, itself, the plants, stones, trees, even the ground and water. Everything around us that catches the Sun’s or Moon’s rays are affected by this energy.

Human beings are sensitive to these EMF’s because our bodies also contain them. It’s easily verifiable with the use of an EMF meter, a device that was constructed for electricians to detect hidden wiring. These meters, especially the, “TriField Natural EMF Meters”, are used by ghost hunters, to detect changes in electromagnetic fields.

When held within range of these EMF’s, the readout on the meter will show the level of energy in or around a human being, body part, around technology and, yes, even with there’s seemingly, nothing there in front of you, your EMF meter may just pick up some energy because the energy of ghosts and spirits are easily detected with these meters.

There are numerous reports of meter readouts spiking when in the vicinity of ghost or spirit energy. You may not see anything, but it can be right there, in front of you, that ghost or spirit that is haunting your home or business.

Many an avid ghost hunter has seen his or her meter spike and many have asked that if a ghost or spirit is present, to make it spike again or even blink one, two or even three times to verify that they are indeed there. It occurs more often than scientists would have us to believe and many ghost hunters go further by carrying on whole conversations with the energy that is spiking their EMF meter.

Once detected by the EMF meters, ghosts and spirits can possibly be photographed, their voices and other sounds, recorded; even whole conversations can be carried out in front of a camera and recorder, with these entities. It’s easier to tell whether the entity moves to another room or closer to the holder of the meters because of the fluctuations in the energy levels.

Those who believe that human beings have something called a, “soul”, will probably understand that the “soul” is energy; electromagnetic energy and it’s that energy that we often pick up and call a ghost or spirit.

Every physical thing in this world contains something called an, “Aura”; an electromagnetic field around it. Many people and objects have had their auras photographed with, “Kirlian” photography. Even non-physical objects, such as ghosts or spirits have been photographed by simple cameras like the, Polaroid, Instamatics, SLR’s and even Digital cameras are picking up this energy in various places; often in graveyards or around individuals who claim that they have an entity around them.

We humans seem to think that because we can’t see, touch, taste, hear or smell an entity that it’s not really there. Surprise! There are many who have claimed to have seen ghosts, spirits or other entities in areas reported to be haunted. There are also people who can feel this energy, smell scents whenever a familiar spirit is around. There are even those who claim to have touched entities. They may not be physical, but those who experience them are often maligned by non-believers, scientists and skeptics; many of whom seem to want to demean and humiliate those who experience them if they possibly can.

The skeptic websites, shows, magazines and other publications are full of skeptic debunkers who spent their time trying to disprove anything that they can’t see, hear, feel, touch or taste, themselves. They’ll even poke fun at those scientists who actually open their minds to the possibility of spirits and ghosts and engage in research that explains their existence. These, “probability” hounds refuse to allow for the “possibility” or anything that their limited minds can’t prove. Even their explanations of why ghosts and spirits are not possible, often sound sillier than they claim the ghost hunters explanations sound.

While a little skepticism may be a good thing, even the experts can overdo and often do. Sometimes a meter may pick up the moon’s rays through a window or perhaps the energy of stones in jewelry or the phone in a corner of the room so it is very important to eliminate the “probabilities” in order to gain the substantiation of a ghostly or spirit presence. The fact of the matter is that, too much skepticism can and does eliminate some very wonderful, “possibilities”. Do we all really want to live in a limited world of limited minds or is there still room for hope and possibilities? I, for one, think that there is still room.

Ghost hunters and paranormal investigators must take care not to mis-interpret a cell tower signal from the outside of an alleged haunted house from an actual energy that is spiking their EMF meter. Likewise, scientists must learn to open their minds if they are ever going to make any progress with science.

Limited minds hinder progress and prevent hopes and dreams from physically manifesting and society needs progress in order to thrive. We should be careful not to “cut off our…” proverbial, “…nose to spite our face”

A good and thorough team of ghost hunters should have at least one scientist among them in order to validate what the meters are reading. Humans make mistakes and all-too-often an energy spike can be mis-interpreted. Cameras, recorders, and these meters are all great tools, by which to detect ghosts or spirits and ghost hunting is certainly a field that needs some scientists on-board in order to further research into the, “possibilities” that are everywhere, but few have joined the search. Kudos to those few and may they influence others to dare the, allegedly, impossible!

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