Friday, October 19, 2012

Paranormal phenomena of the Philadelphia Zoo

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The Philidelphia Zoo is known to be one of America's oldest zoos. This zoo was built on an Indian burial ground. The oldest building on the site is called the Solitude. This building has a long history that dates back to 1784. The basement of this building has an old tunnel. The Treehouse is another building that has kid exhibits. There are two more buildings at this zoo and they are just office spaces and the buildings are the Shelley and the Penrose. Investigators who have used audio technology have recorded voices and footsteps in these buildings. Many investigators also claim they have felt cold spots, seen lights turning on and off, and apparitions.

In the tunnel area, voices and music were heard. One investigator was using an athermal camera to record events and it was knocked over by an unseen force. This happened on the stairwell that lead to the attic. The investigation team did have EVPs as evidence that there were spirits. Many workers at this zoo state that they have seen spirits that hang in and around the zoo pretty often. The attic of Solitude House has things that move around on their own. One zoo board member admitted to seeing a strange, misty figure in the tunnel that is under Solitude House. The workers at the zoo continue to report many weird happenings. The Philadelphia Zoo opened the gates for the first time in 1874. This zoo is now a Philadelphia landmark that has over 1.1 million visitors per year that come to see over 1300 animals. Some of these animals are rare and endangered species that roam the grounds. If you ask any of the staff that work at this zoo if it is haunted, then you will get a definite yes.

The investigation team arrived to help the staff better understand the zoo hauntings. When staff are giving tours to visitors, they claim that they often see a woman in a long dress standing at the top of the staircase. The tunnel that use to lead to under the house is now closed off. Orbs are often in pictures that are taken. These orbs have been seen in the room that the tunnel leads to in the house. The tunnel was built so during the cold winter months the owner did not have to go outside in the cold to feed the animals.

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