Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Do Home Blessings Help?

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We all know about home blessings, or any type of location blessing. But, do they truly help?

Before I start, I'd like to give you a few other terms used that have the same meanings. Those are location exorcisms, location cleansing, and location smudging, to just name a few. Do they work? In my opinion, yes, they do. However, proper investigation is needed to fully understand what type of haunting you, or your client is dealing with. For example; You do not want to conduct a Catholic blessing for a Wiccan family. Blessings or cleansings work best if you do one that the family will fully believe in. If you conduct a Christian blessing for a family who has no religious views, chances are, it will not be successful.

Another aspect to take into consideration is the type of spirit that is causing the activity. For example; If you have a demonic haunting, there is a special type of blessing that you would have to conduct to be successful. If you are experiencing a residual spirit, another type would be needed. That's why conducting a proper paranormal investigation is required if you, or the client wants to have a blessing done on their home or business.

Now we come to yet another type of blessing, and that is having a medium come into the location, to attempt to cross over the spirit(s). Most experienced mediums know how to do this. But again, the medium needs to fully understand what type of spirit you or your client is dealing with. Some teams work with mediums, or even have a medium or two in their team.

So what is the best method to conduct a blessing? There are several ways. Some people prefer burning a White Sage stick, while others prefer to burn a Desert Sage stick. I cannot fully say what the proper method is, as I do not know details of the type of haunting you, or your client are dealing with. However, I can say that the Desert Sage stick is best for blessing a home with demonic, or simply mean/negative spirits.

Remember, it is never stupid to ask for help!

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