Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Children and the Paranormal

Posted on Paranormal Newsbreak by Amanda

Being a paranormal investigator, I get asked the question often about children and the paranormal. So on this article, I'm going to cover a few aspects of this subject.

Let me start off with the question if it could be a harmful thing to take kids on paranormal investigations. In my opinion, I do believe it could be a bad thing for children to go on paranormal investigations. Of course, it also depends on how old the child is. I think that if they are younger than 12, it could be a bad thing for them to attend investigations. Why? In my opinion, children are too easy for a negative spirit to attach itself to him/her. Yes it is true that children could sense the paranormal easier than most adults. But would you want to take the risk of putting your child, or children in danger from something you're not sure about? There are some negative spirits who are 'tricksters', and will appear in any form to make you trust them. I do not think that children have the ability to tell the difference. Some adults don't even carry that ability.

Now the next aspect to discuss is why most children have the ability to see/hear/sense spirits, and must adults cannot. I believe that when we're born, we all have the ability. However, as we get older, and depending on the open mindedness of our guardians, depends on if we keep this ability, or learn how to naturally block it out for the rest of our lives. If your parent is putting it into your head that no type of ghost exist (with the consideration of the Holy Spirit of course), it's only natural that you learn how to block out your experiences, and eventually put up a wall that blocks out all paranormal activity. I believe this happens with most of us. I believe that everyone holds some type of sensitive ability. It takes training to rebuild it, and mold it into what you'd like it to be.

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