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The HPI Paranormal Connection to Wisconsin

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The HPI Paranormal Connection to Wisconsin

By Paul Roberts, published on March 29, 2009 at 5:10PM

Storyline: Paul Dale Roberts: Chronicles of a Ghostwriter/Ghosthunter

I knew March 28, 2009, Saturday would not be an ordinary day. Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe and I, were contacted by Carol Mack LeFave of the Fort Atkinson Wisconsin Paranormal Society

Carol has been following the adventures of HPI via my articles and now is in California to meet the Demon Warrior aka Paul Dale Roberts. To assist me in giving Carol a haunted tour of Sacramento is no other than paranormal investigator Chantal Apodaca. Carol has caught me at a good time, because I have to conduct an interview in Old Sacramento.

Let me jump ahead of myself. Chantal and I took Carol to the following haunted locations in which I give her a brief history lesson on each site: Fulton’s Underground Restaurant; Vegas; Fanny Anns; Evangelines; Delta King; California State Railroad Museum; 22nd and H Street aka the Martinez House; Doreathea Puente’s F Street Boarding House; Sandra Dee’s; Sacramento Theater Company, private residence in Elk Grove and Sutter’s Fort.

Note: In a recent report, there has been a shadow person seen with trenchcoat and brim hat at California State Railroad Museum. Sandra Dee’s is the bar in which serial killer Doreathea Puente would find her victims.

Now to that interview in Old Sacramento’s Fanny Ann’s. The interview is with empath Angie (Angelita) Bushey Reyes. Angie recently was contacted by the entity known as Angie of Fanny Ann’s. In fact Shannon McCabe portrayed Angie in a Channel 10 news segment. The story goes that Angie who was a saloon girl at Fanny Ann’s was flirting with one of the patrons, when Wild Billy Michaels (her possible fiancée/lover) caught her and shot her dead at the bar stool. Angie’s spirit still lingers in Fanny Ann’s. My interview with the exotic looking Angie Bushey Reyes was filled with warmth and passion. What Angie relates to me comes across as sincere. Angie has had visions of Angie, she describes her as being 5’ 6”, dark hair, wore period clothing, corset and was simply gorgeous. I wonder if perhaps that Angie Reyes and the entity Angie are somehow kindred spirits, somehow bonded through a distant timeline that connects the 1800s to the present time. Could there be a cosmic chessboard of events that bonds the living Angie with the deceased Angie? Do both Angies have a spiritual bonding that connects the living and the dead? Angie sends out a distant timeline message to the living Angie, but what is the message? Angie Reyes is drawn to Fanny Ann’s and has her baby shower at Fanny Ann’s. In fact when I am interviewing Angie Reyes the baby shower proceeds along smoothly as a cheeseburger, salad and Coke are given to me, Chantal and Carol. The entity known as Angie communicates with Angie Reyes by causing Angie Reyes to feel a heaviness on her chest. Angie Reyes may have seen Angie’s apparition go across Fanny Ann’s mirror. Angie Reye’s daughter’s boyfriend is named Billy and she wonders if there is also a connection with Wild Billy Michaels and the Billy in her daughter’s life. Angie Reyes visualizes the past and sees Billy and Angie were about to get married. When Billy killed his fiancée Angie, he killed himself later by hanging himself. His depression of killing his fiancée was overwhelming and the only way out was through death. Angie Reyes now sees Billy and Angie in spiritual unison. Angie has indicated to Angie Reyes that she is not ready to go into the light and their communication still continues. One day the message will be clear for Angie Reyes and when that message is clear, I will be one of the first ones to know what the message is.

When I finished my interview with Angie Reyes, I interviewed a person close to her. That person is Angela Harris. Angela vouches for Angie Reyes and says that Angie Reyes described a young Mexican boy with red hair that was run over by a train. A person that Angela Harris knew well. A person that Angie Reyes did not know, but described with uncanny accuracy. Angie Reyes even knew the exact date of his death.

Angie Reyes with her flowing black hair and big brown eyes looked at me and said that I can do a follow up to this story and more, after the birth of her child. With a soft smile of assurance, Angie says…”I will see you soon.”

As Chantal, Carol and I, left Old Sacramento, we gave Carol the grand tour of haunted places and allowed her to conduct solo investigations. After everything is said and done, Chantal and I took Carol back to Citrus Heights, to her sister’s home. I learned on my way to Citrus Heights, that Carol’s group has investigated the Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Louisville, Kentucky and obtained many EVPs. Her group also investigated Villisca, Iowa, in which 4 adults and 2 children were axed to death. They had some great K2 meter readings and an EVP of a little girl saying she was unhappy. All in all, Carol enjoyed her adventure with HPI.

As I was ready to call this a day, Chantal says she wants to go dancing and before I knew it, she was on the phone with HPI paranormal investigative scout Gina De La Rosa. Gina was ready to dance the night away too. I merely said…”oh nooooo!” HPI ghosthunters work hard and they like to party hard. I can see this is going to be a loooong night! Chantal and I picked up Gina in my vehicle the Ghost Tracker and head up to Cache Casino/Club 88 to see the band called Atomika bellowing out songs like Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival to Kalifornia by Mos Def. The crowd loved the band and there was a dancing frenzy going on this night. My night completely ended at 5:30am. What a crazy weekend….wow!

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Note: When Chantal, Carol and I were at Fanny Anns, HPI paranormal investigators Rita Reyes and Mark Reyes were there too and what was really kind of surprising is when I was going down 16th Street, Mark Reyes and Rita Reyes on Mark’s motorcycle pull up next to me and Mark yells…”pull over” and I look up and to my surprise it was Mark. Mark driving the motorcycle, with Rita riding on the back was just cruising around and happened upon us. Talk about being startled, I thought Mark was a motorcycle cop.

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