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Brumder Mansion Bed & Breakfast - Milwaukee, WI

This report is from Appleton Paranormal

Brumder Mansion Bed & Breakfast

November 9, 2008



A.P.I. was unable to gather any visual evidence other than video recordings of other evidentiary tools in operation such as EMF detectors fluctuating or dowsing rod movement during communication sessions. Only a couple of photographs showed anything, and those were unsubstantiated orb activity which, due to a lack of other corroborating evidence, could be explained as dust or moisture in the air.


A.P.I. captured various audio experiences during the investigation, but these were seemingly normal occurrences given the age of the structure and the household material present such as HVAC equipment. Throughout the evening, various knocks and creaks were captured, and while some were unexplained, there was nothing to indicate any paranormal sources of these noises.


EMF readings throughout the building were relatively steady and unremarkable. Only two areas within the building exhibited EMF readings that were notable: The first area was in the laundry room in the basement of the facility. This extremely high area of EMF was emanating from the dehumidifier operating in the room. The readings were well into the 190s and above. The second area was located in the Gold Room. In this instance, there was a higher-than-normal reading which emanated from the electric digital clock on the nightstand. In both circumstances, it is possible that any person who has EMF sensitivities could experience the usual negative effects such as paranoia, nausea, feelings of being watched, and a susceptibility towards visual and auditory illusions.

Temperature readings throughout the evening were relatively steady. A couple of minor fluctuations were noted such as a ‘cold feeling’ or a small ‘cold spot’, but there was nothing major to report from this evidence.

A.P.I. uses dowsing rods as another tool to help communication. In a couple of instances, responses appeared to be given to direct questioning. A.P.I. acknowledges that these ‘responses’, while very interesting, do not necessarily constitute firm evidence of paranormal activity. There was no corroborating evidence such as EVPs or EMFs detected during these sessions. Those who review this evidence are asked to keep this in mind when drawing any distinct conclusions.


There were no notable personal experiences besides hearing the previously mentioned creaks, or knocks. Team B did believe they heard a door rattle, but nothing that was experienced was corroborated by other evidence collected.

Team members agreed that there was no overall ‘feeling’ by anyone of any presence during our investigation. Team members felt comfortable in the building and did not have any physical experiences which could be construed as personal evidence of paranormal activity.


Appleton Paranormal Investigations was unable to collect any evidence of paranormal activity during this investigation. While others persons have, in the past, reported unexplained experiences, no such happenings occurred during our visit.

One notable issue is that of the reported history of the Mansion. In particular, the topic of a Brumder family member reported named Susan and referred to as ‘Aunt Pussy’ in mansion legend. In a conversation with the Brumder Mansion innkeeper, it was revealed that in a discussion she had with a Brumder family member that no such person existed. This may lend credence to the theory that at least some of the previously reported paranormal experiences were created by the previous owner of the facility.

NOTE: A.P.I. recognizes that simply because no evidence was collected during our investigation which would indicate a paranormal presence, that does not eliminate the possibility of such activity altogether. Paranormal activity is often sporadic, and while we cannot conclude that it does exist in this location, we cannot conclude that it does not. We simply did not collect any evidence towards either conclusion.


Appleton Paranormal Investigations would like to thank Tom & Julie Carr, owners of the Brumder Mansion Bed & Breakfast, as well as Innkeeper Cheryl Deppe, for their incredible graciousness and their decision to allow API access to their beautiful inn.

They were very interested in our work and very trusting in allowing us complete access to all the public areas of the facility. Cheryl also treated Team API to a wonderful breakfast on Monday morning, and for that we were especially grateful.

We look forward to assisting the Brumder owners & staff in the future with any concerns or inquiries.

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