Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why do Ghosts Stay Around

This article is from Ghost Investigations

We cannot know why a ghost sticks around after death, but there are certain variables that clearly heighten the chance that a ghost will remain on the physical plain.

If a person dies young, especially violently, it is likely that a ghost will remain. A young person’s natural tendency is to live out a full life span.

Perhaps when an older person chooses to stay after death it’s because of a strong connection to the physical world. In other cases, people simply do not want to leave their home behind. And in some cases it seems that spirits stay around because they truly do not realize that they are dead.

Then there are people who stay around because they don’t want to leave someone behind.

Ghost may sometimes haunt their widowed spouses. They can be possessive and often do more harm than good by continuing to stay on this plane attached to one person.

Murder victims frequently haunt their killers, obsessed with exacting revenge.

Those with a guilty conscious may choose to stay as well. They fear the consequences of possible moving on to a realm of judgment.

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