Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ghost Complaining Of Being Cold

A friend's daughter agreed to keep the urn containing the ashes of a friend's husband, while the friend got moved.

My friend's daughter stored the urn in her garage. The man was from florida and now his ashes were in a cold garage in WISCONSIN! the math!

They started hearing "I'm cold", things would be moved and rearranged. My friend's daughter and family would go away from home, come back, and find their furnace turned on, and it wasn't on when they left!

Finally they couldn't take it any more and quickly took the urn to the lady who had asked them if they could hold on to it for her.

My friend confimed the furnance being off and then on when they got home, so once the urn was gone, my friend firmly stated out loud "Leave these people alone, you aren't in the cold garage any more and they can not afford the high heating bill you are causing them. So stop and leave them alone."

Everything stopped after that.

My personal opinion is that once the urn was removed from the cold garage, that would have on its own stopped the activity, but my friend I believe did the right thing by telling the spirit, to leave her family alone.

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