Saturday, March 17, 2012

Story Submitted by Grant Kellie

I came upon your blog while doing research on a haunting that has been going on in the Marshfield area. I didn't see anything written on it and thought I would submit what has been witnessed here.

McMillan Marsh is located on the northern end of Marshfield and the McMillan Township. You may be familiar with the "Jurustic" Park off Highway E. The area in question though can be reached by going north on St. Joseph Avenue to where it dead ends into Mann Road. To the east is an entrance into the marsh along a gravel road.

I noticed something weird about eight years ago when my parents moved into a house near the marsh. Whenever I was near the woods on that end I felt watched...especially when I walked down the gravel path and into the woods. I never thought much of it. It just creeped me out and I avoided going in there.

But then a few years ago I was discussing this with coworkers and they confirmed a similar eerie feeling as they approached that area. The most disturbing part was that three different coworkers stated that as they walked on the gravel path and into the woods, they saw a "shadow person" in the woods walking parallel to them in the corner of their eye.

And then two winters ago a friend told me that he went turkey hunting there early one morning and distinctly saw a bearded man, dressed like someone from the 19th century, in the woods from out of no where. And as quickly as he saw him, the man was gone.

McMillan Marsh is open to the public so anyone can go there and check it out. Just be sure that you are on the gravel path into the woods near the St. Joseph and Mann Road intersection. It seems to be most active in the early morning hours and in late winter on particularly cold nights. The spirit has been described not so much as scary, just confused and possibly unaware that he is dead.

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