Friday, October 4, 2013



Things that are required:

  • Candles
  • Match box
  • White cloths which have pockets
  • Personal items or belongings to the person whom you have cursed

The Process:

First of all you will have to make a full fledged plan. The best time to remove a curse is at night preferably on a full moon and, it can also be done on any night after midnight. It should be performed alone as it is safe in that manner. so, you will have to select a safe location.

You will first have to take a bath and wash your hair with odorless soap, dry yourself properly and dress up in white clothes. Use of perfume and jewelry is completely prohibited.

Gather small personal items and white candles; take out a small piece of white cloth and short piece of string, keep these items together in the pocket of your garment. Take them out only at your chosen abandoned place after midnight.

Make your self familiar with that place, do not make any kind of noise and keep yourself calm. Take deep breaths and concentrate or meditate on the person of concern at that time.

Take out all the stuff like personal items, string, fabric from your pocket, place them at the centre of the fabric and tie it with a string. Hold these items in your left hand and put the candle in your right hand.

You will follow this ceremony as it is if you want to get rid of curse. Put the candle in front you, slightly tilted towards you and keep repeating this chant at least seven times while looking at moon.

“Curse of the evil eye
Under my wrath today you die
Burn the words, to hell they go
With ease shall your energy now flow?”.

After repeating it seven times, open your eyes and put the tied piece of .cloth in the ground where the candle has been dripped. Once you are finished with this process you can just relax because after that you will be free from the curse.

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  1. If a person's aura is strong then it is not easy for anybody to cast a curse on him. Anyways, the tips to remove a curse yourself is very helpful. I suggest people should get it done from a professional. Thanks Rusty.

    Brano Willis