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The Gates To Hell

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Where Are The 7 Gates Of Hell Located?

Many tell that the Seven Gates of Hell or each Located on one of the continents. The seven traditional continents are (from largest in size to smallest): Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia.

That Means That there is one Gate of Hell for each Continent respectively.

The Gate to Hell in Egypt is located under the left paw of the great Sphinx. This Horrific Gate is known To be Called the Gate to The Underworld.

The Gate of hell in Asia is located in Near the Great Temple Mount In Israel. The Gate is called Satan’s Front Door. Some scholars will argue that this door was once in Rome and Moved to the Holy land when Israel Became a State 14 May 1948. It is Believed it took 2 thousand legions of demons and Devil’s to move the great gate because it is the most powerful and strongest doors that Satan has for gaining souls.

When it was Rome their were tow gates of hell On the continent and it is believe that the great Caesar’s had it originally moved there when they found it in The Holy Land originally.

The Gate to Hell located in Europe is thought to be in Pere Lachaise Paris Cemetery Paris is said to be a great grand gate with very notable significance. this gate is said to be the one that all great heads of state must enter through when they die. And through this gate World Leaders must be judged by the Devil first and not God.

The Gate to Hell in South America is located in Rio Near the Large Statue of Christ.

The North American Gate is Located at or near or at the Tomb Of the great Voodoo – Hoodoo Queen, Marie Laveau.

Legends and Lore of Illinois Vol. 3 Issue 1 tells that Lebanon Road is home to the “7 Gates to Hell,” seven railroad bridges (guarded by ‘hell hounds’) that allegedly lead to the underworld. Nighttime interlopers along Lebanon Road have woven a tale that a portal to Hell can be unlocked by passing through all seven bridges by midnight.

In Antarctica at the South Pole itself.

The Gate in Australia is said to be located in the Rookwood Cemetery, Greater Sydney.

There are also what is called the 13 lost Gates of Hell. A old legend tells that god made & more gates to confuse the Devil and scattered them in other cities through out the world. Only God knows where these are. At Times it has been said God himself might use one of these secret doors to gain access to hell. Some believed Jesus did and that is how he got in and out so easily with out the devil knowing it.

Many believe The Devil Knows about the supposed Gate to Hell in Galveston Texas and the one in Berlin Germany, and the one in the center of the crater of Mount Vesuvius. One of the full set of the 7 gates of hell, is supposedly in York. Pennsylvania.

Their is also one in Mount Fuji. And the one in Russia’s cold Siberia. But the rest or lost to him. Those the two or three or four he needs to locate, many say, “If he finds them the world will end immediately.”

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Consider that the Hell is on earth, that Satan fell to Earth and its not hard to see why Earth is such a miserable place to be. Starvation, torture, war, any number of the terrible things humans do to humans.

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