Friday, September 10, 2010

Ghost Adventures Special Episodes

The Travel Channel's hit TV Show Ghost Adventures aired to special, brand new episodes tonight, in preperation for the show's season premire next Friday.

Ghost Adventures

The first special episode, Zak, Nick & Aaron shared what they believe are their best pieces of evidence.

Some pieces they shared included pieces of evidence that they missed when going over the footage; but fans did not miss, and quickly informed the crew of what they saw.

One piece of audio evidence they shared was of an EVP of a man saying "Nick.....Zak.....Coming......They scaring me....."

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The second special episode, Zak, Nick & Aaron shared the moments that they considered were the most intense.

The first most intense moment the crew shared was Bobby Mackey's.

The crew explained that some of the demonic forces that are at Bobby Mackey's followed each of them home; and made their home lives hell for quite awhile.

Aaron's exact words were "it made my life a living hell for a long time..."

Another intense moment they shared was the time when Nick was locked in the morgue in a storage freezer, where he captured an EVP saying "....die...."

Nick wanting out, called for Zak and Aaron to come get him. But they couldn't find him right away and said they were very worried about Nick not having enough air in there.

When they did find him, Zak kicked open the door to the Morgue.

Another moment was when Nick because possessed by some kind of evil spirit at the Moonriver Brewery.

Nick said "during that moment all I heard in my head was a voice saying "Kill 'em". And the look in his eyes clearly showed what he was thinking.

Another moment they shared was at Preston Castle, where Zak became possessed by the spirit of Anna Corbin, after leaving her some flowers. Anna Corbin had been brutally murdered in the building.

Another moment was when they were at Louisianna. They had a Priestess do a ceremony that would open the gates so they could see and hear the spirits.

A picture took during the ceremony showed swirls of white mist (that was not visiable to the naked eye) swirlling all around the Ghost Adventures Crew.

Another event was in Italy, where Zak became possessed by a very mean, evil spirit.

Zak said after that, it took him about 2 weeks to get back to normal

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