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Intro to EMF Detectors

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Written by Brian Harnois

The prime sensory instrument of any ghost investigation is an EMF meter. There are a lot of different kinds of EMF Detectors on the market. In this section, we will discuss the different kinds of EMF detectors, and what their different specifications and features do. The EMF Detector, as used in paranormal investigations, can help on proving (or disproving) that the place you are investigating is haunted.

Most EMF Detectors do range over $100.00, but there are some less expensive models on the market for the novice Paranormal Investigator. As you will see in this section, all EMF Detectors have their own frequency settings. The best thing to do when you buy or use an EMF Detector is to learn the settings, so that when you go on an investigation, you will know whether you are witnessing paranormal activity or if it is something else altogether.

On most standard EMF Detectors, each LED light at the X10 setting represents 1 Milligauss. Many in the paranormal business feel that a reading between 2-8 mG could indicate the presence of something supernatural. Be sure and practice with a meter in your own home so you become familiar with what will cause an indication.

EMF detectors were designed to detect electromagnetic emissions from microwave ovens and high tension electrical wires. EMF detectors alert investigators to the presence of ghosts by measuring electromagnetic distortion in the two to seven milligauss range. The models that come most highly recommended by paranormal investigators are the Trifield EMF Detector and the Trifield Natural EM.

What you are looking for on an EMF Detector in a Paranormal Setting is:

  • A reading as above (could be 2, might be 20 mG) that cannot be explained by a local power source.
  • A reading which changes or fluctuates for no accountable reason. Standing in a room, the reading is 2 mG, then it spikes to 9, and back down to 2.
  • Normal background readings which DROP for no explainable cause can be the indication that something is trying to manifest.
  • To always try correlating the reading with some other phenomena. A cold spot, orbs on film, or even a strange feeling can lend weight to a strange EMF indication.
  • To experiment with different settings and meters. Use different brands and models of EMF meters to see what works for you.

How to use an EMF Detector in a Paranormal Investigation

  • Start by scanning the area you are investigating with a swaying motion that starts from side to side and finish with an up and down motion. Do this in a gentle even pattern. Do not jerk the meter, or move the meter to fast. This will give off a false reading.
  • EMF meters are very sensitive to power sources and will register such things as televisions, stereos, microwaves and power lines. The EMF meter will even register your camera if it is to close to it. The most important thing is to be aware of your surroundings before thinking that you have just detected paranormal activity. The Trifield Natural EMF Meter is an exception to this rule, as it ignores most power sources.
  • Paranormal Activity will usually register in the range of 2.0 to 7.0 milligauss. After eliminating all outside power sources and you are still in the 2.0 to 7.0 range, you are probably detecting some sort of paranormal activity.
  • When you buy a new EMF Detector, make sure you become familiar with it before taking it out on a paranormal investigation. Use the EMF Detector in front of your television, stereo, microwave, etc. and see how it reacts to these electrical sources.
  • When working with an EMF Detector it is best to pair up with someone that is operating a camera. When something is detected, the camera person can be notified and pictures immediately taken.
  • When a hot spot is detected, make sure to document the spot. Do this so that you can recheck these areas later in the investigation. Areas that register activity are usually frequented by spirits.

Be sure to bring extra batteries for your EMF Detector, because they drain fast, and for a long investigation, you want to keep the EMF Detector ready for anything.

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