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Capturing Successful Photos & EVP Recordings

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This page will detail proven pitfalls and common sense issues involved in getting successful spirit photographs and EVP recordings. Many photos and recordings that could have been great have been marred by carelessness and ignorance of the basics, and as such, anyone contemplating doing serious photographic or EVP work should read through and abide by the guidelines below.


  1. REMOVE YOUR CAMERA STRAP! Removing your camera strap will eliminate reasonable doubt about the authenticity of your photo should you capture an image of a vortex, etc. If you cannot remove your camera strap, tie it tightly around your wrist or neck to keep it out of the view of the camera lens.
  2. TIE YOUR HAIR BACK! If your hair is long, simply tying it back will greatly reduce the risk of capturing false-positive images during your investigation.
  3. CLEAN YOUR CAMERA LENSES! Routinely cleaning your camera lens will reduce the problem of water-spots, dust and fingerprints and help distinguish true anomalies from typical dirt and smudges. Though sometimes it is unavoidable, we recommend avoiding ghost photography while it is raining. Also, never clean the lens while in the middle of a roll of film!
  4. DON'T SMOKE! Designate a time and place to smoke away from your investigation. This should be decided on before the actual investigation takes place. Cigar, cigarette and pipe smoke can easily be confused as an ectoplasmic cloud. These phenomena may also be caused by lens condensation, breath (if it is cold), vehicle exhaust, and fog - making it equally important to document the weather and location of the area in each and every investigation.
  5. VISIT DURING THE PSYCHIC HOURS! The best time to photograph spirit entities are during the psychic hours of 9:00 pm to 6:00 am, though it is possible to produce results at any hour - even during daylight. Trial and error has revealed that photos usually turn out better at night, but don't let that discourage you from taking them during the day. Spirits don't have a set schedule and may be present at any time.


The first and best tip for making EVP Recordings is to NEVER GIVE UP! Though it is definitely possible, EVP recordings are extremely difficult to capture on tape. Nonetheless, here are some tips that should help you in your quest for disembodied voices.

  1. Use a recorder with a separate microphone. Recorders with the microphone built inside create unwanted sounds generated by the internal motor and wheels. A separate microphone greatly diminishes this type of interference.
  2. Place the recorder in an area you feel will get the best results, and make sure no people will be present during the recording.
  3. Keep conversations to a minimum. When you do talk, speak clearly in a normal tone of voice. Never whisper. This will help you distinguish the difference between an actual EVP and the voices of your team members.

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