Saturday, February 12, 2011

Psychic Defense

This case report comes from TAPS.COM

Article by: Al Tyas

When I first got involved in the paranormal two years ago I have to admit one of my main purposes was experiencing something phenomenal that would blow my mind. I have seen many unusual things, and learned many important lessons about what to do on an investigation. Most of the time I learned the hard way, but I’m glad I learned.

I know now that psychic self-defense is vital for the paranormal agent. There are times when the entity in the area will make things very difficult for the investigative team, and this can really do a number on the psyche and lead to illness, psychological damage and possibly possession. If someone told me this just one year ago, chances are I would have scoffed it. Now I know how vital it is to protect yourself from entities while doing this kind of work, and how important it is to remember to protect yourself every time you enter a haunted area regardless of activity. From the smallest cold spot to the most disturbing non-human entity you must be on guard. Allow me to share my mistake with you:

Recently I was on an investigation where the entities have been becoming stronger every time we have returned. One entity in particular has become quite hostile. In my rush to pack equipment, call investigators and jot down weather patterns, I failed to do one very important thing, safeguard myself. The night became very active, and both resident ghosts were heard. The female was singing in the basement, the male was upstairs talking. To get better data, we all left the house and entered two at a time. As my and my partner explored the upstairs, I inadvertently stepped on a “hot spot” and was frozen on site. For what seemed an hour, I couldn’t move, not even to drop my flashlight to attract my partner Terry’s attention. Seeing me just standing up quiet, he didn’t think anything was wrong. Completely conscious but still, I began to feel myself move forward, and I fell completely forward flat on the floor on my stomach with only an arm breaking the major fall at the last second. By this time my partner came running after the sound of 200 pounds hit the hard wood floor. I went into a trance, and wasn’t able to get out of it until I collapsed.

This happened twice that night, and I eventually had to stay outside because my energy was so drained. The fall resulted in a bruised arm and some pains to the head, but physically I’m OK. Mentally I’m smarter. It’s very possible the male entity wanted to enter my body. Experienced investigators have seen this happen and the results can be catastrophic.

What I strongly suggest before entering any haunted location is to prepare yourself spiritually. Obviously not only good people die, and what happens to the bad people?

They die too, and they don’t get halos and wings. Toss in some non-human entities and you got yourself a smorgusboard of danger. What I’m about to say is what I learned from my experience, and I can guarantee that after awhile if an investigator is not protected from malevolent entities severe psychic breakdown can occur, especially those with latent psychic abilities.

One can prepare themselves in many ways. Some may choose to go directly to their god, others to a saint, guardian angel, or a spirit guide. However the bottom line is you have to petition something good to combat any darkness which might come after you. Top paranormal investigators will tell you this isn’t a joke, and usually they learned things the hard way as well. Meditation is another helpful method. Spend about fifteen minutes alone or with your group and envision a white light of protection.

Visualization is very helpful in these situations. Also, prayer is, of course important for staying safe. Never underestimate the good powers in the universe or you may be harmed by the bad ones. Finally, I recommend a protective charm or talisman. I have been very lucky in this realm since I have a set of beads consecrated by a voodoo queen, a St benedict relic medal, a Celtic cross blessed from the fountain in Glastonbury, and a rosary handed down to my from many other family members. Remember, it’s not the object itself, it’s the faith behind it. And don’t forget to protect yourself after the investigation since an entity can attach itself to you and follow you home!

So before you pack up the EMF meter for another investigation, protect yourself, because you never know what you’re up against when it comes to the astral limits.

Thanks, Al

Al is with the DC Metro Area Ghostwatchers

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