Monday, July 25, 2011

Ghost Hunting Tips

Article from W-FILES.COM

This is an antiquated list at best. We will be updating this section to better focus on procedures, such as the scientific method when resources allow. Until then, enjoy what someone wrote for us a decade ago!

We’ve Recommended Because
Have a map of the area You don't want to get lost, and will want to mark areas of interest
Bring extra batteries It seems they can sometimes be mysteriously drained of energy
Remember the flashlights, equipment, and extra film You can't get far if you can't find your way or document any evidence
Delegate equipment People could potentially get overwhelmed or over worked
Know your equipment and how to use it You should be able to use it in the dark without fumbling
Wear appropriate clothing and bring extra What starts out as an 80 degree day, could end up very cold
Carry at least form of picture identification If asked to leave by police-go
Have an open mind Expectations could tamper results
Don't have anything rattling like keys or change Could potentially sound odd on tape
Be aware of everything around you Note anything that could potentially be viewed as anomalous
State the obvious for record A sneeze now could sound odd later
Show respect for all and the property You may want to return, and don't want to make anyone angry
Never go alone and tell someone where you are What would happen if you got lost or hurt? What if you experience something, having another person (or equipment) to verify is key!
Have a first aid kit handy Don't want to leave for a scratch
No Smoking, alcohol, or drugs May alter perception, smell, and photos
Have client sign affidavit of truth A hoaxer would unlikely sign
Bring water and snacks for a long investigation Can be long and boring at times
Take everything you bring in out with you Again just showing respect
Cell phone in a locked car, just in case Just common sense
When possible, have written permission to be there Why get a ticket for trespassing?
Rule out all natural and/or hoax first Sometimes natural things can seem very paranormal
Avoid prior media and publicity Could alter an investigation
Look for any patternsCould show natural causes, or a residual type haunt
Try to blend into background as much as possible Makes witnesses feel comfortable
Do good detective work Helps in gathering evidence and ruling out the natural
Stick with known members Keeps a smooth investigation
Take really good thorough notes Nice to look back on later

Do as many field experiments as possible

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