Monday, July 11, 2011

Possible Signs Of A Possible Haunt

Article from W-FILES.COM

The following are some signs that are often associated with a haunt. It is not meant to be the complete list by any means. A location could be haunted and have none, one, several, or even all of the following occurrences. It could also be occurring by natural means and not be a haunt at all. Geological, electrical, plumbing, and environmental factors must also be taken into consideration. Often times investigators will try to decipher the type of haunt according to the phenomena that is occurring, Many things can be associated with several different types of hauntings, so this is not always an easy thing to do. The major difference and break in types of haunts falls within the interactive and non-interactive (residual) type of haunting. The most important thing to remember is to try to find a cause for the occurrences before ruling them unexplainable and labeling a possible haunt.

Hearing Unexplainable Sounds:

  • footsteps or footfalls
  • voices or whispers
  • music
  • banging/knocking
  • slamming doors

Unexplainable Feelings:

  • cold/hot spots in a room or location
  • of being watched, followed, or not alone
  • strong presence
  • feeling touched with nobody there


  • things out of the corner of your eye
  • moving shadows/fogs/mist
  • visual appearance of apparition
  • glowing balls of light
  • unexplainable images


  • odd scents that do not belong

Other unexplainable activities:

  • children with imaginary friends
  • pets behaving oddly
  • objects moving on own
  • electrical appliances acting weird
  • turning on/off of lights and appliances
  • problems with plumbing
  • windows opening/closing
  • missing or disappearance/reappearance of objects
  • hearing/feeling breath with nobody there
  • unexplainable fires
  • myth/legends
  • huge turnover of residence

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