Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pictures from the First Ward School House Fright Night Fund Raiser


Me & The Booth Brothers


To see a larger copy, go to my Facebook Page. I also have an autographed copy of this same photo which I will get scanned in and uploaded A.S.A.P.


The First Ward School House, in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

Picture One

This picture was taken during a protection ceremony, before our investigation of the School began. Notice on the upper left corner, behind the woman is a large mist, and then next to her (between her and the man) is a face.


Picture 2

In this picture, which was taken in what was once the 3rd Grade Classroom, notice the Orbs going from floor to ceiling in front of the photo. In an attempt to debunk that it was perhaps a reflection off of the picture frame, please refer to picture 3.


Picture 3

In this photo, an investigator set up a laser grid, and as you can see, to gentlemen stood in front of the painting. But if you look closely, the Orbs from Picture too (see above photo) are still there, appearing in front of the men.


Picture 4

Please notice in this picture, which was taken in what was once the Kindergarden Classroom, on the left side of the photo you see a shadow that resembles a child, wearing a hat, that is is like bending backward.

Also notice on the right, just in front of the flowers, if you look carefully, you can see what looks like a little face, like a little child or doll laying it's head on the table, while the rest of it's body hangs off the edge of the table.


Final Picture

In this picture, also taken in what was once the Kindergarden Classroom; if you look towards the upper left corner you can see the outline of a face, with what to me, appears to have "fang" like teeth in the mouth area.


To see a larger copies of all of these investigation photos, please go to my Facebook Page.

Also be on the look out for E.V.P.'s captured during our investigation at the school house.

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